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Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats
‘Hail Destroyer’

Christ almighty. Cancer Bats have never exactly been musical lightweights, but even the bass-heavy hardcore rumblings of their excellent 2006 debut ‘Birthing The Giant‘ couldn’t prepare me for the sheer size and ferocity of ‘Hail Destroyer‘. It’s as if the Canadian quartet have put themselves through the musical equivalent of a boot camp, and emerged sounding heavier, yet also leaner and more muscular than ever before.

Guitarist Scott Middleton has upped his riff ante into the Stratosphere, and the rest of the band are no slackers either; vocalist Liam Cormier roaring like an insane lion throughout. And whilst the band’s hardcore roots are by no means severed, it would be inadequate to describe ‘Hail Destroyer’ as a great hardcore record. Genres be damned, it’s a great record, full stop. Check out the title track on the link above, especially if you’re feeling a bit sleepy at work, and need something to blast away the cobwebs with the force of a jet-propelled nuclear warhead.

When this lot aren’t in the studio, they’re usually out on the road; and sure enough, they’ll be over here to level UK venues next month. Get in on the action at the following shows:


Mon 12th – Cardiff, Barfly
Tue 13th – Birmingham, Barfly
Wed 14th – Glasgow, Barfly
May 15th – York, Fibbers
May 16th – Cambridge, Barfly
May 17th – Brighton, The Great Escape festival May 18th – Leeds, Cockpit May 19th – Nottingham, Old Angel May 20th – Sheffield, Corporation May 21st – Manchester, Satan’s Hollow May 22nd – London, Camden Barfly

Alex Gosman