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Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris
I Created Disco
(Fly Eye/Columbia)

Claiming that he has re-invented disco music, backed up with his forthcoming album’s sly title, “I Created Disco“, Calvin Harris has produced some prime examples of success on a budget. Vinyl spinner and soon to be CD release, Acceptable In The 80s, is no exception.

It contains all the synthesised beats and homegrown vocals you’d expect from a lad hailing from Dumfries in Scotland. Especially one who’s reminiscing about an era filled with skintight jeans and huge hair. Wait a minute…

This track does just that, paying homage to club bangers of the decade of cheese. While it seems self-indulgent at times, it’s a grower. I’m yet to decide whether this is a bad thing, but I must pay the man his dues for plugging a song into my head and sticking it on repeat for the past 4 days. Listen at your own peril!

I’m almost certain that the nanosecond this song comes on in a club, my head will be relieved and I will bop along relentlessly feeling like a GOD. This is eau de fromage to the extreme, and as much as it pains me to say it, I love it.