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Bus Driver

Bus Driver
Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia Is The Sport Of The Now)

Clap your hands say Farquhar! Regan Farquhar that is, better known as LA’s acclaimed emcee, Bus Driver. This month sees the welcome follow up to 2005’s nitro charged “Fear Of A Black Tangent“, in the form of what sounds like another surge of funk rap bliss, “RoadKillOvercoat“.

Kill Your Employer has been doing the rounds in his maliciously frantic live shows and been on the receiving end of the prop stick. Regan’s vocal skills shine on this. Syllables jumping at you faster than a cat with a dollop of mustard shoved up its arse, oxymoronically soothed by BD’s uniquely recognisable jeer.

Lather that amongst an electro fuelled, throbbing bass line, spiced with dance floor beats that loosen up the sockets and you get a clean ass beauty such as thus. This Bus Driver aint stopping for no sucker.

Bearing similarities to the French ensemble, TTC, the production, which was taken upon by Nobody and Boom Bip, swings the momentum from poppy club rap, to psychedelic trips and then jolting you back again without settling. It’s this unpredictability and innovative flair that makes Bus Driver have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Mais certainement tres bien merde (‘But definitely hella good shit’ you uncultured swine). RoadKillOvercoat is released on 30th January on Epitaph records. Get to it quick like Mayfair in Monopoly.