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Broken Bottles

Broken Bottles
(TKO Records)

As on their debut album from 2005 (In the Bottles) this Orange County quartet continue to mine the rich heritage of their SoCal roots. In 1981 Broken Bottles would have been found on the latest “Rodney on the Roq” compilation, alongside their peers Shattered Faith, Social D, Agent Orange, et al. With “Hospital” they’ve produced another shot of straight forward and well-tuned Punk tunes that peel back the lid on the plastic realities of life in Suburbia, and failing to attain the American Dream.

This time around they’ve switched their fixation from “Gothic Chicks” to “Psychobilly Girl’s“, recall days getting drunk in the “California Sun” and hanging out under Santa Monica Pier. And they strongly advocate the practice of Skate and Destroy. There’s also a reprise of “Poor Me” that originally surfaced in 2002 on the flipside of killer seven-inch “Radioactive San Onofre“… which incidentally liberates the distinctive riff from epic D.I. anthem “Falling Down“. Yet another direct link to their ancestry… there’s no doubt, Broken Bottles are products of their environment.

Pete Craven