‘Between Times’
No Self Records

It’s satisfying when you stumble across a new band, and even more so when they’re out on a brand new label. ‘Between Times’ is the debut single from Sheffield five piece Blessa. Due for release on new London indie No Self Records from November 11th.

Produced by MJ from Hookworms, who’s already built a fine reputation for himself working with some of the finest new bands out there right (now like Joanna Gruesome and Crows) ‘Between Times‘ is full of shiny, shimmering vocal inflections matched with some watery licks, a reaction to the current music emerging from their hometown. Offering an alternative to the garage rock and punk influenced acts surrounding them, the band say they draw inspiration from New York School poets such as Frank O’Hara and John Ashbery rather than the musical contemporaries you’d suspect. This being the result of front woman Olivia and guitarist Alex studying English Lit together at University, soaking up all the poetry and prose that was thrown at them at the time. This is refreshing to hear considering most find it virtually impossible to describe music without listing some iconic bands from the past.

If this debut single is anything to go by it looks like Blessa are on to something good and are sure to feature on numerous ‘one’s to watch for 2014’ lists. Grab this 7″ from November 11th.