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Black Helicopter

Black Helicopter
Invisible Jet
(Ecstatic Peace)

There are some record labels that you can always trust to deliver the goods.

Before the wonderful invention of the internet made it easy for us to hear every bad we could possibly ever want to check out, we trusted labels to feed us with good music, buying everything the likes of Sub Pop, Dischord, Epitaph and many more put our way and they rarely let us down.

Ecstatic Peace, run by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame, is one of these labels, issuing a never ending stream of strange and challenging records.

Black Helicopter are remarkably more accessible than many other releases on Ecstatic Peace. They’re a comfortable listen, taking me back to the early nineties when the twisted indie sounds of Pavement, Small 23, Big Trouble House, Archers Of Loaf and Built To Spill were making some of the most exciting and addictive records of the period. Their sound is dark and quirky yet the songs are gorgeously melodic and accessible, propelled by layers of explosive Sonic Youth guitars.

Perfect Boston indie rock. Get it.

James Sherry