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Band Of Horses

Band Of Horses
Everything All The Time
(Sub Pop)

I think I discovered Band Of Horses about a year ago when a friend gave me one of their singles, but it’s taken me until now to fully appreciate how epically good they are. In the last couple of months I have listened to their debut album Everything All The Time countless times and seriously can’t get enough of it.

Delicate guitars that descend into epic endlessness so amazing it makes you genuinely beg for more, and lyrics that you want to sing as beautifully as Ben Bridwell does. Comparisons have been drawn with My Morning Jacket, Flaming Lips and early Neil Young, which probably explains why they are so good.

I was stupid enough not to get a ticket to their recent show at Scala and I know for a fact it would have been a ludicrously good show. It’s not often that I get an album that I listen to every track on it, love each one, then put it straight on again when it ends, but Everything All The Time did that for me.

You get a bit hacked off when a band you feel passionately about have their music used on some stupid American teen-soap, then fans of the show keep saying to you “Have you heard this song by so and so? Its fantastic!” and unfortunately Band Of Horses best song has been abused by TV and film already. Yes, I have heard of them. Yes, I know ‘The Funeral‘ is so ridiculously good it makes me want to glue my headphones into my ears permanently.

Tim Mogridge