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Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Worst Nightmare
(Domino Records)

The Arctic Monkeys don’t know Brian. Well, they might do. “I can’t remember Brian now… I dunno if he were in me imagination or what… it’s a blank spot in me brain… I think that’s what he wanted.” Fair enough, Alex.

Either way, the Sheffield lads are back with their new single Brianstorm off the eagerly anticipated album Favourite Worst Nightmare. Galloping off with dirty, heavy guitars and dancey drumbeats, this is a definite change in sound for the band. Heavier and edgier, but still staying true to the Monkeys sharp look at those characters that we can all identify with.

Catchy as hell, Alex Turner again manages to deliver his own brand of Yorkshire vocals with just as much as passion as before, Brianstorm seems set to be another frenetic indie anthem. Seriously, I’m dancing like I’ve had one too many on a Saturday night whilst writing this. This is going to be played in my head-jukebox all day, probably longer.

And whilst no-one, not even the band, knows who this Brian bloke is, or even if he exists, I don’t think it matters. This is sure to get the “t-shirt and tie” kids dancing in indie clubs all across the country.

Tim Mogridge