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Angels And Airwaves

Angels And Airwaves
The Adventure
Island Records

Having spent the last decade singing about boobies, your mom and making out with your best friend’s sister, Tom DeLonge‘s new creation, ‘Angels and Airwaves’ couldn’t be more different. Bringing together the unfathomable talents of Ryan Siller (ex bassist of The Distillers), David Kennedy (Boxcar Racer) and Atom Willard (ex Offspring) on drums , DeLonge has created a superband.

If you’re expecting the same same tongue in cheek saccharine sweet pop punk – then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Debut single ‘The Adventure‘ is just that – an adventure into a new sound. Tinkering percussion and an extended introduction gives way to swirling guitars, a bright classical sound intertwined with magical synths and electronics. Levels shift with new intensity and Delonge’s wonderfully familiar vocals are stronger and more commanding than his Blink 182 days. With Angels and Airwaves he has become a frontman in his own right, and as he puts it so aptly ‘ it’s no holds barred now’.

The Adventure is an enchanting, atmospheric introduction to a band who are set to dominate the airwaves this year and is out on May 15th with the album dropping on May 22nd.