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Agent Sparks

Agent Sparks
Not So Merry
Immortal Records

If you are into indie rock you are just about to discover a gem in Agent Sparks. This 4 piece from Los Angeles have recorded with Michael Einzinger from Incubus to knock up this wonderfully crunchy 5 track EP on Immortal Records that has just been released in the UK.

If you were a Sub Pop records fan in the late 90’s you would have remembered a band called Hazel whose debut album had a similar sound with 2 lead female/male vocalists sharing the mic duties and creating something very special. Agent Sparks have the same magic creating catchy, almost grungy indie rock that you will be singing along to after the first listen.

All 5 tracks on this EP are fantastic so ignore the NME review that was published 2 weeks ago as they were talking absolute shite when they mentioned the first 2 tracks were rubbish compared to the others. Let’s hope this band come over to the UK soon and tour, we will be there for sure.