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100s – Ice Cold Perm

Ice Cold Perm

(Free Download)

I love rap that talks about being a gangster, I love backpacker rap that talks about life and social consciousness, but sometimes, just sometimes, I get a need to listen to filth. Back in the day there was Too $hort delivering unutterable smut but what about the new generation? Well, thankfully it looks like there’s a new kid on the block that’s going to take that crown, get it drunk, lay down with it and do something most definitely X-rated to it.

100s is a 19 year old from Cali and has a mouth on him that would make even the most hardened pimps blush. His mixtape, Ice Cold Perm, is one of the best albums of the year without a doubt, showcasing both his lyrical talent and his ability to flow elegantly over the beat. The content is mostly about bedding ladies, but at no point does it get one-dimensional.

Whether he’s talking about Romeo and Juliet getting down or the difference between his old hood-dwelling flames and his new mink-coat wearing, expensive carpet having conquests, 100s is a rapper you’ll immediately be down with. He has character, swagger and let’s not forget that hairstyle of his. The record is free to download and you can get a sample in the video below – It’s not politically correct, you have been warned, but it is brilliant. Get involved.