Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio
This Addiction

Finally back with another album at the high standard we all know they’re capable of, ‘This Addiction’ is the title track of Alkaline Trio’s 2010 record. The full-length itself is crammed full with their punk-pop style of old but with a beautifully polished production and beefed up sound in general.

The song ‘This Addiction’ is true to characteristic Alkaline Trio form in its dark love theme and simple yet effective driven chord sequence. A rollicking bassline rumbles underneath the punk-standard chords and it’s easy to see this track becoming a live staple for the band.

Punchy drums, percussive bass and guitars and a vocal melody that just won’t quit (in a good way) render this a classic in the making and when you put the album on, you realize that this is not a one-off and that Alkaline Trio have produced some of the best material of their career.