To fully pursue the narrative that Triangle follows, you have to watch it consistently from beginning to end, as it is one of those narratives that won’t make much sense until the credits roll. When a bunch of people head out on a boat for a fun trip, a storm hits and the boat flips. Lucky for the survivors, an ocean liner approaches and the people get onboard. As soon as their feet hit the ship things begin to get creepy. Strange happenings begin such as Jess’s (Melissa George) keys being found on the liner when they were lost with the boat and her watch and the clock on the boat having stopped at the same time.

As the mind boggling tale continues, you come to realise that some events are stuck on repeat, especially when there appears to be two and then three of Melissa George’s character on board at any one time; two in a fight and one observing for example. It appears that when each of the individuals that escaped the storm is killed, the entire process repeats itself, with the characters boarding the ocean liner once again.

For the entire movie though, the cameras follows one particular Jess; it is from her angle that we see events. In the death scenes, there are actually two manors in which some of the characters are killed. This is confusing at first as if the process is set to repeat then why are characters killed in two different ways? As it turns out, the way in which the characters are killed depends on which time scale Jess is set in at that time. To explain in any more detail would confuse you being belief.

For someone that is very intrigued by the weather, the sight of a cloudy and quite peculiar looking sky sends shiver down the spine. In Triangle, a dark fast moving sky with lightening such as when everyone is out at sea may be an approaching storm, but looks more like something out of Independence Day, with waves crashing like The Perfect Storm. This is some of the most breathtaking weather scenery you may be seeing since The Day After Tomorrow; images that will subconsciously put an astonished smile on your face.

Melissa George has gone from Home and Away to big screen movies such as The Amityville Horror, W∆Z and 30 Days of Night. In this less bloody yet more mystifying tale she plays a very pale, nervous woman who one minute is on edge and shaky the next strong and up for a fight. She is one of Australia’s most remarkable actresses.

Triangle is not a terrifying tale, but a more human death puzzle for the mind to untangle.

Michelle Moore