Robin Hood

From Sir Ridley Scott, the Director of Alien and Hannibal comes the much-anticipated Robin Hood, based on the legend of the heroic outlaw.

The action film stars Russell Crowe as Robin Longstride, an archer in late 12th century England who alongside three other soldiers, find their way home after the death of King Richard the Lionheart. Upon arriving in England, Robin assumes the identity of Robert Loxley to prevent the family land being taken by the crown, which has now been given to King John (Oscar Isaac), the younger arrogant brother of Richard, who has no remorse for the poor. When Sir Godfrey, an English Knight deceives the King, everyone must battle together to prevent a French invasion. This climax of the film is one of the most exciting scenes. The scenery is consistently beautiful but ever more so here. It quite literally takes away your breath as you try to follow the good guys. Synchronisation of the archers and horsemen while taking into consideration those on the beach is tremendous.

Upon hearing Russell Crowe has been cast to play Robin Longstride a.k.a Robin Hood, doubts are inevitable. Can he or anyone for that matter do the character justice? The answer is a sure fire yes. This is Crowe’s fifth collaboration with the Director and with a passion for the character since childhood on his side, there seemed no one more fitting. Likewise, Cate Blanchett as the cleaver and very strong-willed Marion, gives another shocking and very impressive performance and portrayal.

For someone that has seen the 1991 Kevin Costner take on the legendary Robin Hood, there may be some conflicting elements to the story, such as the introduction of Marian (Blanchett) and Little John (Kevin Durand). What you must take into consideration is that both films must stand-alone, neither is meant to reflect of the other. So if you are heading out to see this one and have some recognition of a past movie, forget all you know, sit back and take this one in full swing.

Michelle Moore