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Mum and Dad

Revolver Entertainment

British horror flick Mum and Dad is possibly the most sadistic film I have had to endure watching. The story tells the tale of a polish airport cleaner Lena and her mental hell when she is kidnapped after a late night at work. She thinks she is playing it safe by accepting help from chirpy co-worker Birdie, but is unaware of the family her friend comes from. Lena is catapulted into a sadomasochistic household where torture seems to be the main source of entertainment and pleasure.

Within this perverse family is a couple who insists they be called ‘Mum and Dad‘ and their two “adopted” children, not to mention a skeleton in the closet. Lena has two options while imprisoned in this House of Horrors, become part of the family or fight for her freedom, which is probable going to cause her death.

This is writer/director Steven Sheil‘s first feature film and I’m not sure whether I want to see any more of his work after seeing this. I absolutely love horror flicks, so thinking this one is full of brutality and terror I had high hopes. Firstly, the film takes places in a house near to Heathrow’s runways; pastures way too close for my liking. Secondly, even though this flick may seem well made with creativity in the scenes (a house of torture chambers and prison like bedrooms with some rooms like those present in your grandparent’s house), there is too much revulsion that a viewer must endure; the scenes are gruesome, stomach-churning, shocking and the script is complete filth. Lastly, the narrative is one of disgust and uses this rather than shocking blood scenes to put its storyline across. I do not find sexual acts regarding freshly cut human flesh entertaining in the slightest.

There should be a ‘This Film Contains Scenes Which Some Viewers May Find Disturbing‘ sign at the start of this film so those watching are aware that they may be seeing the return of their last meal. I was left sick to the stomach after watching Mum and Dad. This is the least enjoyable film I have seen, ever!

Michelle Moore