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You have likely heard all the hype regarding Avatar, but to fully comprehend the magnitude of this film it is best seen for yourself, as there are no words to describe just how unbelievably enjoyable, realistic and enthralling it really is.

Written and directed by James Cameron, the film centres on a place called Pandora in the year 2154 where humans are engaged in mining a mineral while the Na’vi, the indigenous blue-skinned feline humanoids resist their presence fearful it destroy their sacred bond with nature. Sent in to make peace and learn the ways of the Na’vi is former marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a wheelchair bound man substituting for his murdered identical twin brother. Since Pandora’s atmosphere is fatal to humans, genetically engineered human-Na’vi hybrids called Avatars are created. With Jake’s loyalties split between the RDA (and the prospect of new legs) and the Na’vi, he fails his task to convince the Na’vi to relocate, instead gaining their trust and helping them in a coming battle – Human vs. Na’vi.

Avatar is an onscreen hybrid of full live-action shoots, computer-generated characters and live environments; this makes distinguishing between onscreen images difficult yet incredible to watch. Throughout there are scenes of combat, romance as well as fighting for what you believe in. Visually, the environments are spectacular and some of the finest you will ever see on the big screen. From waterfalls to trees reaching through the clouds and landmasses suspended in mid air, they are like images from a dream being bought to life on screen. Making the images that much more impressive is the 3D effect, which may be less impressive as expected but does engage a viewer more than an everyday 2D film. There has been so much thought and creativity placed into Avatar. As well as scenery there is the look of the Na’vi characters, which are supposedly inspired by a dream Cameron’s mother had long ago of a 12-foot-tall blue woman, with added physical strength exceeding that of humans.

It was brilliant to see Alien heroine Sigourney Weaver back in the limelight and working alongside Cameron once again, but it was Sam Worthington who impresses. Being a relatively newcomer to Hollywood and the big screen, Worthington gives Jake a very ambitions personality and a strong determination to do what is right. If you haven’t seen Avatar yet, you are missing out on something historically epic in the movie industry and will be kicking yourself if you don’t.

Michelle Moore