American Pie Presents The Book of Love

The original three films wound up as a complete story, a trilogy of some sorts and it has been dissatisfying to see the franchisee being mistreated in the follow-ups. However, this seventh more amusing instalment titled Book of Love sees a return to the original feel, with these three inexperienced souls even more pitiful than Jim, Oz, Kevin and Finch.

It has been ten years since Jim and his pack of sex crazy boys graduated from High School and it appears there is another bunch of wild dogs on the lose hoping to lose their virginity. Rob, Nathan and Lube discover “the bible” hidden in the school library, but unfortunately for them, the book is ruined.

After a couple of unfortunate, yet hilarious experiences, they take it upon themselves to contact everyone who has ever contributed to the book, including the creator Mr. Levenstein (Jim’s father and advisor to the helpless), to restore the book for future generations of “innocent” yet experiential lads.

There are not as many rude and squeamish situations taking place in this one as the original three, which was a little disappointing. Jim’s original fascination with Apple Pie and the naughty things a boy can get up to with the delicious treat is remembered and taken to all new lengths, with one of your favourite sandwich spreads getting ill-treated in much the same way, with added K9 company.

With the original American Pie there was the over zealous, sex obsessed, obnoxious and quite arrogant Steve Stifler, played by Seann William Scott. From here there has been the introduction of his brother and cousins, yet none were up to taking on the reputation of The Stifmeister. Within Book of Love there appears to yet another Stifler in the making, this one trying to be as promiscuous as his relentless cousin, yet although he may have many of the characteristics Seann William Scott first put into his character, he is unable to achieve the same chauvinist personality and cheeky yet lovable attitude.

What made the first three American Pie films so engaging to watch were the reoccurring characters and personalities that developed a little more into adulthood in each film. Seven films down the line, the only returning character you’ll be welcoming back is Eugene Levy as Noah Levenstein, the man where it all began. There is however the introduction of the familiar Louisa Lytton who plays the role of Imogen, you’ll recognise her as Ruby from East Enders. Other than these two characters, the cast are fairly unfamiliar so you never quite know what to expect.

There have been seven films now and you begin to ask yourself whether there are going to be any more in the horizon (hopefully not!). The franchise was complete after three films, so why continue to head in new directions and away from the original premises is a question that has yet to be answered. Book of Love is not one of the worse American Pie sequels there have been, but it will also not be able to achieve the success that the original three had.

Michelle Moore