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Relentless ‘This is the Order’ Party

February 13th, 2009 by Crossfire

Photos: Phil Procter

It’s a freezing February (11th) evening in the East End of London where the infamous York Hall played host to the latest Relentless Energy Drink party to launch ‘This is the Order‘, their new magazine.

Shady geezers lurked in the back end of the hall, in flatcaps and tracksuits, wrapping knuckles and covered in grease. Buckets were carried to the canvas as the fighters made their way to the ring whilst rock & roll blew through the speakers before blood spilled onto the canvas.

Haunts got the Underground rocking after the blonde with the big bazooka’s rolled to ‘Girls Girls Girls’.

Was it just us or did the hangover last for 2 days after this party?! Crunch.


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