Night Raids

Jet Set 2006!

I can hear you all mumbling ‘what’s the Jet Set then?‘ – but by the time you get to the bottom of this pile of pics, you will be enquiring about the next one – no doubt about it!

Put together by an anonomous band of idiots (DJ Ed Pitt’s words not mine!) The Jet Set Club in London is an international mecca for hedonists worldwide and has been going for over 5 years. Every year post summer, the crew all fly out to a European destination and basically ‘have it’.

I missed last years and the year before but this year, i was prepared, but not mentally….The crew had hired an 18th Century converted Water Mill in the Valley’s of Carcasonne, France where vineyards surround the lush green forests, villagers honk for a smile as they pass by and goats graze until they DJ’ing on the soundsystem by the pool!. I will let the pictures do the talking on this 7 day, out of control bender…enjoy!

The lovely Caroline and Mimi shared balls

The Traffic Light Club is incoming!
Carey and Charlotte go straight to green!

Don’t ask! Something about the dude From Dusk ‘Til Dawn and a bar from Star Wars…
We own Renaud now bitches – come get it!

The seductive light of Jen was mesmerising..

Check out Ed’s duck stance! But watch out for Le Bomb, you may know him…

Norway and Paris lit the Valley gangster style, whilst Lauren was caught red handed

Sophie had a Bugsy Malone moment!

Carey, Ed and Luke = Players

Luke in a wig brought smiles
all the way back to Ladbroke Grove!

The champagne taste-off was dope!
But who won? Read on…

Andy gambled and won Laurens heart

Toe protectors are the new rage,
some are unconvinced..

‘Got any Sharpe’s?’
The battle of the Raspberries was mental!

Cute smiles all round from the ladies…
Tawa mate, what gwan!?

Virgil escaped from Epsom and yelled:
“Roy…the magic iron was this big i tell ya!”

Zac & John are ying and yang
whilst David and Kia save the day..

Caroline, Marissa & Sly get jiggy wid it
Mimi, Charlotte & Aleesha pout for Sambuca..

Ricki’s tongue is no match for Lukes!

“Smell the goodness” – “Ain’t that lovely?!”

You heard it here first..
Nadine and Carey’s Bar is the lick!

Whilst upside down on the pool table..
Mind the Gap…..

…..Cos Sly is in Town bitch!

The pool catered for some serious sessions and Sly won the Champagne Supernova!

Cheap Volner still rocks though Cassanova!
See you next year?!

Words and photos by Zac Slack (cover shot by The Daddy)

20th September 2006