Night Raids

Here comes Charlie!

Never walk backwards into a mad mans nightmare. You never now what you will find.

Friday 13th is the most apt date to start an art show of one of Her Majesty’s most notorious guests. Charles Bronson has been the tabloids “face of evil” for as long as I have been alive, and it wasn’t until the media hype of his movie that I even thought to think “what is he inside for?” Do you know? Does it matter?

If ever art was a tool of expression, look no further than Here Comes Charlie. This is the largest collection of Bronson’s art, and its all here at the Amuti Gallery to see and is very open to interpretation. Oddly he has been dubbed “the ultimate outsider artist” but since he hasn’t spent much time outside solitary in the last three decades, he should take the crown of the ultimate INSIDER (con) artist.

The works on show here are akin to a comic book like Viz, but make no mistake, this isn’t mere scrawl. Since realising the pen is mightier than the sword, Bronson has turned his energy towards, writing award winning books, poetry and art. Having pretty much 24/7 on his hands gives him plenty of time for these pursuits, but having the mental strength to stay motivated and produce so much work is a feat in itself.

One almost constant feature is his nightmares and madness, Bronson constantly pokes fun at the fact he is a “loony” even penning a book “loonyology”. His visions take on an almost Monty Python style quality with thoughts jumping out of heads being just the start of the surreal scenes.

Most of the pieces are based around being in a maximum secure unit, hardly surprising as it is the only reality he has know for half his life, highlighting the constant security camera presence leads to wonder if he knows society has resorted to existing underneath big brothers watchful CCTV eye too…….

The Amuti Gallery is showing the work until the end of the month, and although a small gallery, they have plenty of Bronson’s (and others) work to view. Some pieces are available via their website and there will be some limited prints available any time too. If you’re a fan of art, or the notoriety of Bronson, the work is definitely worthy of checking out for an amazing insight in the creative mind of one of history’s major “hardmen”.


The Amuti Gallery
10 Woburn Walk

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