Night Raids

Crossfire Sound System – Download 07

Photo’s courtesy of Jessica Morris

Crossfire regulars will know that we are usually at the Snickers Bowl at Download playing records all day long but due to the brand pulling out of the festival after 4 years, we were asked to take our set over to the Duracell Powerhouse – and boy were we not disappointed!

The tent itself was a Duracell battery cut in half and laid on it’s side – as soon as we got there we slammed on Nailbomb and Slayer and over 1000 started moshing, it was straight out of the box, instant party.

With DJ’s Talita TwoShoes and Emma Johnston on the decks killing it on Thursday, the Crossfire Sound System was jam hot on Friday night with a packed house and Enter Shikari with us as special guests. Nobody wanted to go home at 2am when it finished, not the crowd, not the staff and certainly not us – it was electric in there!

With the carnage of Friday, we had to raise the bar once again on Saturday! Gallows came down to play guest roles as we slayed 3000 people from the first to last record. The pit was foaming, in fact we had to stage dive from the decks just to get closer to the audience. We fed everyone beer and water and left that place utterly destroyed. Tunes from Pantera, Prodigy, Pendulum, Machine Head, Chili’s, RATM, Dead Kennedy’s, NOFX, Green Day, Operation Ivy, Head Automatica, Slayer, Anthrax, Public Enemy, MOP, Madness, Metallica, ACDC, Iron Maiden, MC5, Black Flag and many more was the poison. They fucking loved it.

On Sunday night it was DJ Iain Baker formerly of XFM who took the crowd out with a bag of tricks followed by a debut DJ set from BBC Rock Show head Daniel P Carter who managed to pull of a corker for his first ever live DJ set in the UK. Look out for the next Crossfire Sound System night, we have new plans and will unveil them soon…- Zac