Cantelowes Skatepark is Go!

Take a look at these plans and tell me you aren’t hyped. Thanks to some very hard work by Matt, Hareth and Jeremy the Camden area skate hub that was Cantelowes will get a facelift this summer of epic proportions.

Building work started on July 5th and hopefully everything will be done and dusted by mid-August. The boys are working hand in hand with the skatepark contractors, Wheelscape and are making sure the park is built to the best standards. News has just come in that says skaters will be able to enjoy the concrete this summer, even if the main bowl looks like the largest labour of love to get done.

A big board slap on the coping for all those involved. Happy skateboarding! To comment on this park build, go here.

The Measures

Circus Town

The Measures were formed around writer, singer and guitar player Paul Hollingsworth in the early part of the current Millennium. Driven by his passion for melodic music of the psychedelic kind, he set about recruiting band members worthy of the project. After a handful of personnel changes, The Measures settled in to their current form, with Paul Williams on guitar, Jimmy Taylor on bass and Simon Prockter completing the line-up on drums.


If You Don’t Try…

“KunK are an Alternative Rock four piece based in Norwich featuring brothers James and Wayne Davey on vocals and guitar, Hannah Veale on Bass, and Will Marshall on drums. The band draw influences from a wide range of Alternative, Rock and Indie bands ranging from Queens Of The Stone Age to Pavement, The Fall to the Foo Fighters.

2005 saw the bands reputation for their energetic live shows grow, earning the band rave reviews from BBC Online and We Want The Airwaves Back. The band continued the momentum with numerous local gigs, including a headline slot at the Waterfront and gigs for top promoters Wombat Wombat and Wilde Club at the prestigious Arts Centre venue in Norwich along the way supporting national acts such as Dive Dive, The Mutts, Antihero, Locus Of Control and Howard’s Alias. KunK are now looking forward to their first record label release in early 2006 with “Sara Wishes She Was A Robot” being included on Wilde Club Records EP no.5″.

Oki Dog

Saturday Night

Oki Dog is London’s answer to “Psychiatric Chic”! They invented themselves by accident a while ago. They make shouty music to shout to, with shouty guitars, shouty rhythms and ever so shouty vocal -“STIs and P45s, you’re gonna get either one of them at some point in your life” becomes the band’s motto. Oki Dog do smash-and-grab ditties to ram raid East end boutiques, with evil glint in eye and pointy scuffed shoe aimed at groin. In other words, they are much fun – so much fun that they even played in a REAL toilet in London Fashion Week. Oki Dog is the brutal bitch.

The Weather Underground

Rocket in My Hand

The Weather Underground came together in an atmosphere of good-natured rebellion on New Year’s Eve 2004/5. Their songs are tragicomic bouts of joy and rage, bristling with the energy, poetry and sonic invention of a band who know that nothing is out of bounds and know that surprise is to be expected.

They have already earned themselves an impressive live reputation, with gigs at, among others, Ryan’s bar, Barden’s boudoir, The Underbelly, The 491 Gallery, Rock Satellite and Utrophia. one recital prompted darktownstruttersball to write: “Live favourites The Weather Underground are an awesome two-man-band spectacle to rival the White Stripes, with the politico-poetic vocals of Jello Biafra and post-punk tendencies of the DFA to boot.”

Russell was invited to join as a special guest for a one off gig singing and playing his trusty melodica. he was so irresistible they couldn’t bare to let him go. Basically, three angry jazzbos playing perfect folk songs in a rockin’ stylee. Fight music for lovers.

Not Your Hero

Forget it

Not Your Hero are a pop punk/rock act from the south of UK, fusing many different influences and styles to get their own unique sound, which if you listen to the tracks, you can see why! The band took form in the early stages of 2005, and with very fast progress have achieved a lot to date, if this continues Britain’s freshest faces in pop punk could very well be going places. With songs and stage presence as good as they are, Not Your Hero are definitely a band to keep your eye on.

The Direction

Mother in a Headlock

“The Direction are a rather nattily scruffed looking band from London. Remember that scene in Get Carter when Micheal Caine goes into the rough as f**k local boozer in Newcastle? Well, imagine there was a band playing early Who covers in the corner. That’s what they’re like.” XFM


How You Make

‘Fatels’ are a north London three piece pop punk explosion. Forming only last year they have already forged their energetic chainsaw guitar set on the live circuit.

‘Fatels’ have gigged with hotly tipped new bands such as The Bishops, The Suffrajets and The Stetsons across London’s main alternative venues such as the Rhythm Factory, Nambucca, the Metro and the Camden Barfly. Future dates include 21st February at the Camden Barfly supporting hot new Sheffield ‘second favourites’ Little Man Tate and 2nd March supporting White Rose Movement at Loughborough University. The current recording includes the tracks ‘How You Make Me’ / ‘Lockdown London’ and ‘Stitch Me Up’. These tracks can also be heard on Myspace where you can find news, photos and updates.


The Guild of Taxidermists

Narwhals are found northwards from Ashford through much of London. The population found here are most abundant. However, the Narwhal is rare in Siberia and Alaska. The Narwhal is one of many hardcore/screamo species. The species features ex members of Soon the Darkness, After Every Tempest and Sea of Shit. It resembles City of Caterpillar, Breakwater and other early ‘Ebullition’ style bands in appearance and is considered a relative of this mammal.

The Narwhal is a social animal. It is known to live in small groups of 5 individuals. Sometimes, males gather in a pod of bachelors. During the migratory season, Narwhals tend to lead other groups, which results in hundreds and thousands of species going in one direction

Narwhals make use of pulsed calls. They are also known to whistle, yet it is rare. It is believed that individuals may have specific calls. They produce these sounds to communicate with their group members. The sounds can be pulse and tonal. Pulse sounds can be as high as 20-40 kHz. Tonal sounds made by Narwhals tend to be about 0.3-18 kHz. Field recordings of these communications have been posted above but are of fairly poor quality due to squally conditions at sea and the reclusive nature of these creatures around humans.


I Quit

In 2001 Belgian singer songwriter, J.P.Risse moved to Scotland. The placement of an advert in a Glasgow music store led to him meeting Rodger Hughes. Inspired by their love of music they started writing songs together. They approached Gary McMillan and Daniel McGuire and formed Solarise. In 2003 the band released their debut EP, “Songs for the Devil.” It immediately caught the attention of the Scottish media, inspiring one radio presenter to proclaim Solarise as “One of the most exciting & innovative bands of the year!”

They soon attained much international interest through increasing airplay throughout Europe, and were soon approached to perform at a range of festivals. Performing extensively throughout most of 2004, Solarise quickly earned themselves a reputation as one of the most interesting and exciting live bands in Scotland, combining their eclectic blend of music with stunning visual images, produced by artist Tom Elliot

In autumn 2004, the band started recording their debut album, “Still The Same Dream”. Album preview tracks impressed BBC Radio 1’s Jo Whiley so much she included the band in a weeklong ‘Best of new British’ feature on her show. The Album was recorded in Scotland and mixed by Producer, Rudy Coclet in Belgium. In spring 2006 Solarise will be playing a series of dates throughout the UK to coincide with release of the album. Solarise are currently looking for a manager to take their band forward and during this search they are hard at work on their follow up album.