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More to Life

“Hotel California”

The tales and journeys of Maxwell Woodger Esq

All I can remember was a Moroccan pimp in a polyester beige suit screaming, “Fuck! Yeah! You wanna dance baby? Fuck!!!” at the top of his lungs over the disco beat of ‘Young hearts run free’- the swan song of one-hit-wonder Candi Staton…

I had received an invitation to drink expensive wine and eat foreign cheese at an Indian Embassy. Surrounded by beautiful women and eager men, the hostess worked in politics and knew how to throw a party. Needless to say the crowd was mainly made up of senior aides for various diplomats and politicians, except a wild group of female physicians who thought an extra layer of foundation could help cover-up the last nip and tuck op. Alone, I was ambassador to the 4-wheeled youth and general street culture.

Over a lovely glass of Greek white wine, I made idle chit chat with a couple of men cowering behind the leather couch. The topic of the evening was politics. I could tell a few people loathed this as it was like being at the office, but with a sex-crazed Moroccan screaming at the Xerox machine and alcohol in the water cooler… Apparently French politics was in a bit of a shambles after President Jacques Chirac’s heart flutter, and raw eggs being thrown at a certain Mr. Fabius. This hatred was directed at Mr. Fabius because he had schemed and backstabbed his own party in favour of the opposition and a front row seat at an exclusive strip joint on the Champs Elysées. Goddammit!

I broke the ice with my own version of current events: An American man was being charged with hate crimes and having his name added to the sex-offenders data base for urinating on a woman. Ha! Like an old 8 track slowed to a stop, my audience groaned and silence prevailed…

Even the music had stopped, but the polyester pimp kept dancing. I attempted a laugh, but I could tell these politicos were deeply touched and in shock of such news. Whammo!

Don’t these people see what goes on out there in the city streets??? The tinted windows of their high-rise offices protecting them from the evil realities of life that lurk below…

Then one of the two men behind the leather sofa spoke: “Oh la la! I remember when I used to live in Amsterdam, there was a club I once visited that specialised in ‘water-sports’, so to speak”. Suddenly the cloud of nervous tension rose and the party took its due course again. One man had bravely admitted to the sordid knowledge that many powerful people grazed and dabbled in on rainy Sunday afternoons. It was as if everyone at the party had testified to their home truths and hidden agendas.

When the cheese was finished, a golden platter of truffles and Belgian chocolate was laid upon the dinner table as dessert. No Ferrero Rocher here- No Sirree! I took a couple of tender chocolate truffles and made my way to the enormous penthouse terrace out back. As I daydreamed over the city skyline, I could smell a distinct smell of sweat and heavy cologne. It was the pimp who had decided to take a break from the funk. “Fuck! Suck beautiful woman, no?!” he smiled. I think he meant “su-ch”, but his accent was thick and the wine was taking effect. “Oh yes!” I replied whole heartedly. “You smoke?” He said as he offered me a thick joint rolled in pink Rizzla paper, with the tobacco filter- Moroccan style obliged.

I turned down the offer, but I knew this man had the right stuff to go with expensive chocolates. Over each of our desserts we introduced ourselves. He was here to accompany a very lady whose husband could not make it. His loss… Apparently the Moroccan was a good friend of the husband and only standing in a service, sort of like a chaperon. I mentioned I worked with the youth, mostly skateboarders. His eyes lit up, slightly glazed from his stick, and he confessed:
“I once knew a skateboarder. A very bad man… He thought he was king and his wife was trophy, you know?” I tried… “On his skateboard he would sing silly and dress like spaceman, but never sing for his woman. He was very envious of his lady. Fuck! He would beat her at night…” Suddenly the Pimp’s voice had turned deadly grave. If he was a pimp, I guessed he knew how to treat women, right..?

“So what happened to this horrible charlatan?” I asked.

The polyester pimp was quiet for a moment- perhaps the hashish smoke had blurred his train of thought… “He run away like a wild dok! His beautiful woman with the big boobies,” he made voluptuous round gestures with his hands, “She is with me now!”

He touched his heart and looked towards the heavens in gratitude.

Holy Monoly! What a story… It had to be true. I couldn’t connect the dots to think of any skaters I knew that would behave so awfully, and the thought gently slipped from my mind. My new friend stubbed out his joint and flicked it over the edge of the terrace. A distinct drumline from a 70’s disco anthem started up indoors, so the pimp bid me farewell and trotted off to the dance floor again.

“Fuck! Sexy woman, you want to dance? Yeah…”

I speed dialled for a cab: “Yes, one cab for Hotel California please?”

Maxwell Woodger


Never Been Loved

OG Distribution

Isn’t it great when something simple and sweet comes along, possibly for free, with no frills attached?

It isn’t everyday that you see a video put together by a distribution company, either… Well, OG Distribution made another contribution to skateboarding with ‘Never Been Loved‘, a DVD that showcases the talent of Rory Milanes, Mathias Nylen, Chris Oliver, James Gardner, Simon Skipp and Ross McGouran.

The video is called a ‘promo’, but judging by the quality and quantity of the product, ‘promo’ is an under-statement. So, who did what? Where? Why? Blah, blah, blah… All you need to know is Ross McGouran definitely has a place among the new breed of UK skaters. This kid can ride everything! James Gardner is also on the up and doesn’t worry about getting tech despite the crappy British spots he’s served. Needless to say, when James goes abroad, he takes care of business. Rory Milanes makes a debut and takes care of some London Street skating for your viewing pleasure. His last trick is a banger! Simon Skipp hucks his older, yet nimbler, frame through peculiar transition and odd spots. Simon is a steadfast piece of UK skateboarding, so his part needs particular attention.

Finally, I can’t decide between enders for this video: Mathias Nylen is beaten to it by Chris Oliver, but they both have amazing parts. Mathias kills the ‘crete at Harrow, Romford and elsewhere, whilst Chris takes it to the streets of Spain, Australia, London and anywhere else he can drag his mad pop around with him.

Seeing as ‘Never Been Loved’ is a promo video, you can sort of tell that production gadgetry was kept to a bare minimum. This is good because it doesn’t distract you from the sick skating. Also, as a distribution company, the way in which OG pays it’s dues to it’s clients by putting forward such a well-rounded group of individuals works because the sponsors get a mention, and the viewers get to see who’s killing it in the UK at the moment. Good stuff!

Draft Events

MK Plaza Official Opening

Letter Bombs

Drop your bombs by clicking here

14th May


Trick of the Week is great but probabaly not for Kris Vile when he sees his name spelled wrong!? I love this zine, you guys do a great job but surely you have to spell people’s names correctly no?

Nope, we dont, in fact, we did it on poipoise. Vile is sueing us, it’s gonna get messy, expecially when we hang Alan Christensen for the mistake at the next event. Until then just pretend his name is Chris.Z-Ed

14th May


Hurry up with the Gap Jam feature perlease! These edits on yoiurtube are whack, we know its gonna be good! Harry

It’s coming! There’s only so many hours in the day and we live in a broom cupboard! Z-Ed

12th May


Your zine is sick, thanks for all the hard work that goes into it, i check it weekly here in San Fransisco. I just wanted to say that if you wanted any music reviews from up here the punk scene is amazing. The bay area scene is always producing good shit, so holler back if you want us to chip in yo.Adam Battle

Hi Adam, we are always looking for more people to contribute here so feel free to send us live reviews for sure, SF has an amazing scene, we have seen in it first hand and it never let us down. Thanks. Z-Ed

10th May


Hello, just seeing if yoiu had any more of those crossfire stickers you threw out at the meanwhile jam? If so, please could you send them to our address below? Peter Craen

Yes, we have more, in fact when the new site launches soon you will be able to get them in packs alongside the new t-shirt range we are designing. Hang in there, all coming soon. Z Ed

8th May


Hi Crossfire, i read your zine every day, but would like to point out that i am looking to do a similar skate zone on the interneyt and wondered if you could send me any advice on how to get money in for the costs of setting it up. Will skate compnaies send you meny to do such a thing. Keep up the good work.

This zine cost us a quite a bit to set up with technical stuff and server costs but we do it because we love it and this is not set up just to make money. Advertising will come to sites who generate a lot of traffic. We have advertising on our site and yes, it does bring in some cash to help cover our costs but we try and make sure that they are all relevant and not just crap to fill pockets. Good luck with your zine, feel free to send us your URL and we will support you in our news section etc Z-Ed

6th May

Tube, skate, ollie curb, arrive, chaos, game of skate was dope, gap jam was electric, pies in face, leave, skate, home, boredom, nothing compares, many thanks. Clownface

That’s the review written then! Z-Ed

6th May


Just wanted to say that i went to your skate jam at meanwhile 2 yestedray and it was my first one. I heard a lot about your events but did not realise how good it would be unti we got there. Thanks for a great day, it was amazing. Stephen Westlake

Good to hear you had a blast, thanks for your support. Z-Ed

2nd May


Hi every1, My friend craig coombs is only just turned 13 years old and he has just learnt how to do a BLUNT KICKFLIP to FAKIE. Im only 15 years old me and my mate have been skating for 2 years and we always go out skating every day. I have just learnt how to do a FRONTSIDE FLIP. Me and my mate cant wait till the event on saturday. We think that you are well good and we have seen all your videos. Your our fav team. cya. – Happy Skateboarding!!! matt parkin

This made us smile this morning, i want to be 15 again! keep it coming it keeps us going knowing this happens!..Z-Ed

2nd May


guys, please never stop posting on your blog, makes my day every day! Keep up the good work. – Adrian

30th April


Can you please do an interview with Daewon Song? He is my favourite pro skater and i have been waiting for him to appear on here for a while now. Also why are girls appearing to be interviewed on this website? I mean most of them can hardly kickflip! – William

OK, lets start at the end of this and work backwards. The gorls that are interviewed on this site have a right to be on here for sure. They are featured on here because they would probaably skate your little sorry arse into the ground! Most magazines have forgotten that a lot of girls are skating these days and we also have a lot of girls visiting us whether they skate or like music, so its a natural reaction to what is going on out there and they deserve the coverage if they are ripping. Also, covering more girls skating in this zine will inspire more girls to get on a board and there is always room for more. Learn a quick lesson from this response please it was a very silly question. Secondly, we would love to interview Daewon and was hoping he would visit us with his Almost team mates but unfortunately he had DVS commitments so no DS over the gap. He knows what we are up to here though as we have met him a few times, so only time will tell.. Z-Ed

20th April


The Gap Jam looks fun but i was wondering if im going to get to skate down there on the day, is it worth bringing my board? Will it be for pro riders only? Please let me know. Thanks Steven.

Yes, bring your board, it’s a jam, it’s for everyone. I’m sure there will be enough going on during the day though for everyone to do whatever they want as long as we respect the spot, all chip in and clean up afterwards. There are many people travelling for this event so book your tickets now if you are out of towen, it’s a lot cheaper. It’s also Bank Holiday Monday that weekend, so plan ahead and skate London’s spots, make a weekend of it.Z-Ed

20th April


I want to do a piss and send it in, is that possible? – Deano

Yeah of course, send it by email.Z-Ed


16th April

I’m writing in to mention that your article on on ‘self harm’ actually made me think before i went skating this weekend. I’m not sure if it is a good thing running articles on injuries because it really puts the jitters up skaters before they go out to skate. It’s like when websites run links to slams, i can’t deal with it. More positive stuff please, leave the slams to others. Darryn

Hi Darryn, sorry you feel that way. I guess this zine will tackle everything and anything it decides that could be interesting to skaters or people into music but one thing i have to mention is that it’s only words. Articles like this are positive even though you may think they bring up the darker side of skateboarding. I suggest you get your whizzplank out and get stuck in regardless, you gotta pay to play sometimes. Z-Ed

10th April


Its over. I’ve spend 4 and a quarter hours trying to find this cunt of an egg! I’ve been on every section on the top, every single sub section, and every single fucking page of links on the left and I can’t find it! I’m going to bed. Give us an email when the comp is over telling me where it was. – Max Palmer

Haha! Every year, people email us in rage! The beauty of the hunt is now on. Turn up your stereo!… Z-Ed

10th April


Was good to see the Crossfire people at Cantelowes on Friday for the opening ceremony, thanks for coming sdonw. It made me realise that the London skate scene has a great ability to join forces every now. Well done to whoever was involved in the park design, build and opening session. Great to see a decent skatepark open in the Capital for once, hopefully it should set an example. Well done. – Barney Clay

Says it all really doesn’t it – build great parks and it creates a great atmosphere. Well done to all involved. Look out for a feature on the park soon. Z-Ed

9th April


Your all a bunch of bellends! Give me 3 hours of my life back! Been trying to find the page the egg is on because finding the url of the actual image probably dosent count. – Max Palmer

Yep, that is correct, we are all bellends here! Good luck Max!Z-Ed

26th March


I just saw the gallery from Koko and realsied we were not in it and you took our photo on the night! Why were we left out please! Great night though, so thanks. – Stu

I dunno mate, i don’t know who you are you are, but sometimes not evbery picture comes out good and i guess that’s all i can say. Run round the Klub naked next time and i gaurantee your photo will run! Z-Ed

24th March


Thank you for your review of True Testimonial. This is a movie I’ve wanted to see since reading about it, what, 4 or more years ago. I’ve hunted for a boot DVD. Could you PLEASE tell me where you found yours? I assure you I have no affiliation with the band, the creators, the distributors, etc. I’m just a longtime MC5 fan who has waited way too long to see this. Thanks again! – Joe

Hi Joe – your best bet is to search ebay for one, that’s where I got mine. There were some promo dvds made before the film was pulled and they turn up on ebay every now and then. There’s also people selling boots of it on there which you should be able to get. Ebay is your best bet. It’s an amazing film. Hope you find it!

23rd March 2007


Stoked on the Gap Jam and thanks for doing an event on bank holiday, usually i’m bruised and battered afterwards. Having Monday off will allow us to travel from Manchester and have a weekend in London. Bring it on Haslam! – Chris J – Hulme, Manchester.

Yep, this one looks fun. Monday will be a write off if all goes to plan, get down here! Z-Ed

23rd March 2007


You guys are knobs for leaving this page since Xmas, i always used to have a mosy but you stopped it. Stupid Crossfire people. Anyway, glad it’s back, now bring on the bullshit! – Jake

Yep, we are total knobs… i’d forgotten since New Years Eve, just how much! Z-Ed

4 Words

Triple Shot fucking rules! – David Heller

If i had the word Hell in my surname i would feel good about it too! Cheers Z-Ed

Get Over It

I wanna ask why the hell people piss and moan about getting mugged and beat up by pikey wannabe scum. Get over it and tell the police if anything. I lived in Chatham for 16 years, the town that coined the term chav (its in the dictionary too, chav – a youth from chatham) and never had any serious trouble my whole time there. I moved to london for work and all was good. I go back to Chatham then get trouble going to unit 1 cos one of my mates was dressed like an extra from Aiden (more fool him) we had trouble, but all they really wanted was my dirty emo mate. I knew the lads from school too, and didnt have any hassle, but the little kids picked up rocks and chucked em at us. Its a daily thing for skaters down there, simply because the crews from medway (Kestral, luton, weeds wood, white road) i know i sound hypocritical about telling my story, but seriously, just get over it, it happens, its sad that it does. just move on, and if you see one by himself, confront him. get your stuff back off him. and if he hasnt got it, do to him what he did to you.

Well done with the none more punk show, loved it last time with the american hardcore drop and Leave me alone at the end, quality everytime, and got the new one on while typing this. Good luck for the future – Jason

I changed my mind, just buy an AK47 from your local junior school playground and shoot the cunts! Nivce feedback on the NMP show, great to hear you are stoked on listening to it, request us a tune for the next one and if we can find it we will play it for you.Z-Ed

Shooting Mud

i got mugged at mudchute skate park coz all the chavs think there fucking hard well there not and i was at woolwich skatepark and 2 adults with pelet guns told every kid to empty there pockets the stupid wa*kers they have nothing better to do. you know what crossfire should organise a special meeting were all the skaters can go to and then have some thing were if people mug us we hit a panic button and hen all skaters come and beat all the chavs up. stupid people cya! im only 14 to who do they think they are! – KKI

I was there this weekend and the little runts through airbombs at skaters. I also believe in karma, so they will get what they deserve one day.

Chav Roast

So, i was out skating last night and was mugged by 2 rudeboys who had a fucking knife and left us with no money, phones or watches. I just wanted to say that if you get into this situation try and kill them, cos that is what i wanted to do when i woke up this morning but didn’t at the time, i just froze and i regret it. It’s gettng beyond a joke now, so many of my friends have been mugged by chavs who have nothing better to do than fuck people over that want to just have fun. I’m sick of it, end of rant. Dave P – Newcastle

I know how you feel there Dave, i have been mugged 5 times, all in skateboarding situations when i was younger and it’s not fun. But trying to kill them may not always be the best option as er..they have a knife! Best option is to have a friend with a rocket launcher in a nearby car that is employed to disintergrate chavs at will if they get 5ft from your libido. It works a treat and the smell is better than your Mum’s roast i tell ya! Z-Ed

Mispelt Yoof

It’s half term n i’m bored. I live in London and wonder y u have not organised an event for us dis week? No Crossfire now since the Southbank Jam? Is dat it? – Wayne

We only do events for people that can speak English, sorry, we must have missed you off that mailing list! Z-Ed

Moving Forward

How do i get my footage on Moves page? – Tony – Essex

Send a link to RLD of course. – Z-Ed

Pissed Jeans?!

Hah, is that really Zac with pissed jeans on myskateordie? – Charlie Turner – Leeds

Nope, i wished i had a night out like that recently, pissing myself and looking like a werewolf is something i must get better at! Lev 1 – Zac 0 Z-Ed

Stunt Kid

Dear Crossfire, this is some old footage of me but id still like you to tell me wot you fink and wen ive finished on my current video ill send you the link…. i want to be a stunt man and im willing and i will do anyfin! Thankyou. What you do is amazing and the site/ magazine kicks ass!!!! BIGTIME……………………………………………Dean Ragan (dcrow10)

Move over Hooper this kid is in town!Z-Ed

Triple Stoked

Just wanted to say how cool these photographer interviews are, in fact, they are a big help to. I have been messing around every weekend with my Dad’s camera and have decided that i am really getting into taking photo’s of local skaters round here. Your triple shots have inspired mne to save for a Nikon and do it properly of course for the love of it as it looks like people don’t really get paid for taking skate photos to call it a living so far, they all seem to do it for the love of it. anyway, just thought i would say keep it coming, very inspiring and i wonder who is next. James – bristol

Thanks James, the feedback is always welcome. This week Fred Mortagne from Flip Sorry fame (and much more is our guest. Everyone in skateboarding works within for the love of it, but people do become famous for their photography and some do make a living on a monthly basis. Get in there and send us some snaps. Z-Ed

Weener Hell

Last week i split my ball sack open on a rail and now i’m sown up again but can’t walk. U have any free stuff? – Jerry Gersh – New York

Haha!, sorry for laughing, it’s just the way you came straight out with that one! Answer is no, unless you have it on film? Z-Ed

Level One

Reading these last 2 posts on here, it annoys me to think firstly that someone that comes on to this site thinks it is just a skate site – you obviously have not been on checking CF for much time and secondly, it annoys me to see mindless bickering on what usually is the most chilled and creative website i read on a weekly basis. Please chill out. More skateboarding, more music, more of more of please! Steve – Leicester

Damn, and there’s me thinking i could get into a ruck!Z-Ed


Dear Stevefurther

I have skated for 10 years and you are one of those dickhead skaters that thinks the world revolves around himself. I thought that Jet Set photo feature was great fun, and to be honest, you get the best skate stuff on this site in the UK, hands down EVERYDAY……fuck the negative idiots on this site, go fuck off somewhere else. Keep up the good work Crossfire. Ali – London

No need to answer this then, sorry SteveZ-Ed

Bar Humbug

Seriously who gives a fuck about your jetset shite?
thought this was supposed to be a skateboard site.

In response to your comments you left us this site does represent skateboarding Steve and that is probably why you visited us today, but one thing you should understand is that a third of the 45,000 people that visit the site every month don’t come here for skateboarding, they come for parties and music which is something else that we are into and always will be. We have always run parties and did so for skaters before we had this online mag and the skate events we run. If I had a policy on the door that said ‘if you were not a skater you can’t get in’, I would be alienating so many good people who give a fuck about having a good time. ie what is your problem with what we have on here?

Basically, go visit another site if the skateboard purist thing is all you want rather than complaining about the fact that we have documented something that exists in London and is run by people (including people that skate) who want to have a good time. They say “there’s always one” and this month Steve it’s you. Sorry mate but you should learn to lighten up…Bar humbug Z-Ed

Life is Shite…

I’m so bored today that i decided to write into this Letterbombs page. It makes me laugh sometimes and to be honest i could do with a lift. The thing is, i just don’;t know what to do with my life right now. I have just finsihed college and don’t want to go to Uni, i have a crappy job in Derby that keeps me in new boards but i have come to a crossroads where i have to get a full time job and the idea of doing something shite is not appealing. To make it worse, my mum and dad are asking me for rent which i don’t have, they want me to get a job in the local high street in insurance or banking and i just can’t face that everyday, i would turn into them and they seem to have the most boring life ever.

Some of my friends are now going to Uni so i will be losing them even though of course i’m welcome to go and stay with them like and the skate spots will be different, it still sucks that they are going to be out of town and i will be here on my own i guess. I don’t know what to do with my life, i have no idea what i want to do for a job. I love skating, playing video games, getting pissed, and having a laugh but the thought of doing somehting i don’t want to do is hardly appealing.

So, if you have any jobs going at Crossfire, i could help out and that and it would save me from all of this rubbish. I’m pissed off with it really and the thought of it all is starting to really get on my nerves, even my girlfriend is getting pissed off with me, at least she is staying i suppose. Anyway, if you get to read this, please give us a job! – Stephen – Derby

Oh mate, it sounds like you are down in the dumps. But you know what, everyone has to go through this period of chabnge where you suddenly realise that you could have reached the end of the line when it comes to cruising in life. I’m sorry to let you know that we have no jobs on offer here and you are not the first to ask over the last week either as it seems there are a lot of people your age all moving along in the same direction, but stick to your guns and enjoy what you have right now. You may not feel as if it’s enough but all that matters in life is that you are able to enjoy it, so start to think about what you really have passion for because 9 times out of 10 there will be a job out there for it. Remember that anything that is good in life is in demand which means others make a living out of it. Working jobs that you don’t want to do sucks. There is nothing more depressing at times, but apply your time in finding out how certain industries work and then see if there is a position that would apply to your skills. It sounds obvious but the best things in life are right under your nose if you stick it in the right places for a reason. On the other hand, here are 3 other options for you:

1. Become a bed tester – remember, someone has to do it – top doss job!
2. Survive on monies donated by sperm banks
3. Blame the government for your probems, join Al-Qaeda then blow yourself up on a bus on Oxford Street.

Chin up my friend, send us your address and we will send you a CF T-shirt in the post.Z-Ed

Birds Eat Cheese & Crackers

I’ll tell you what I thought of this video: It was insane, ridiculous, amazing and VERY creative.
It is nice to see some mini-ramp support in this day and age of skating…I highly recommend this video. – Todd Falcon

Yes, it is a wonderful skate dvd and tastes better with a dash of Sancerre in ones handZ-Ed

Moving Unit

Hiya, i live in Kent and check your site daily as it’s definitely the best skate site on the web. I’m going to Uni in September in Bristol and wondered if you knew much about the skate scene down there as i have been a couple of times but not to skate. If you have any information about the local scene i may not already know about then please post it. Thanks. Alan Young

Bristol is one of the most vibrant places in the UK for skating and music. On a skate tip you have Danny Wainwright’s skater owned shop 50-50 as the main hangout, he also has a new shop down the road from that to called Workshop that specializes in art, books and magazines, designer toys, and other curiosities. There are skate spots such as the legendary Lloyds building, St George’s concrete skate park, Dame Emily Smyth Skatepark in Bedminster, and Hengrove’s concrete bowls and banks. But 50-50 is your scene, go visit Sid and the boys, they are sound people. Z-Ed

Sounding Off

What’s going on, you guys were shouting to the hills about how important it is that we skated the mayors to raise awareness about skateboard parks and all of this hoo-ha, getting all of the action caught on tape, millions of photos taken, even the Extreme TV girl raping some security guard, and then you haven’t shown or even mentioned any of these shinanigans from that day forward. I’m so ashamed of you guys for doing this to us. That’s right, US, the whole skateboarding community. Peace Out. – Charlie Francis
(what I’m really after is the pic of me doing a banging hardflip off the ledge, think you can send it my way?)

Oh shucks, the whole skateboarding community is let down by Crossfire again! (yawn) Just to put the record straight, we were unable to attend the Mayors office run after the jam because we were at the Southbank cleaning up the day’s mess that people left there after the jam. By the way, just so this is clear, the mayors office 5 minute skate jam was not a masterminded plan from Crossfire whatsoever. It was devised and carried out by the people at GENEX and we were there to plug it for them, that is all. If Crossfire wanted to raise awareness about how bad our skateparks are and start a petition to take to the Mayor of London, it certainly would not be done in 5 minutes flat on a Sunday afternoon when no one is actually there! I think you will find that this experiment was partially for TV purposes if you want to know some truth.

So sorry buddy, we can’t be everywhere all of the time and we can’t step on the toes of what the UKSA are set up for either. We can of course back them up and join forces to raise awareness and i guess in the future that will probably happen as we know we can reach most of the skateboarding community in the UK via this stupid site. But there are only so many hours in the day and unfortunately the likes of Crossfire and the UKSA are run part time to add something to the UK skate scene that has not been there in the last decade, let’s hope we can continue doing whatever we do as we are all still having fun and making somesort of difference for people all over the UK in one way shape of form for the love of it, – now where’s that hardflip photo?Z-Ed

Gimme Action Sports!

Hi,I am a big fan of skateboarding and want to develop a similar portal myself pertaining to such extreme sports. Hence I wanted to know:

a) What exactly are the revenue sources for your site (advertisement,e-commerce etc)? Huge
b) How much is the approximate revenue you generate? Millions
c) What have you extracted about the present scenario of action sports (especially in Europe)?
d) What future do you foresee of such sites?

Kindly respond. Best Regards Siddhartha Pandit

If you were a big fan of skateboarding, you would not be asking such questions. The word action sports and extreme sports have nothing to do with what we do here. These are terms made by marketing idiots and money grabbing suckers who like to think they can cash in on a scene that is pretty much self sufficient. When people like you come along, people like us go inside and continue to play where it’s safe. My Mummy always said I should not talk to strangers so I have to go now, but one last thing – Did you know that rock music makes termites chew through wood twice their usual speed? See, you learn something new everyday. Chuck Bangers

Poop Omelette Incoming!

Hey you smart ass cunts, let me know how to make the best omelette ever or we will send a shit to crossfire hq in a box.. Graham – Bradford

OK, i gotta get this right. Mix the eggs with a fork in a glass or plastic cup or bowl. Heat a pan with a smigeon of vegetable oil, if you use olive oil you will fuck it up. Add the mix to a hot oiled pan but only when you have prepared the omelette mixture. I would go for a simple mix of cheese, sliced mushrooms and tomatoes if you are skint…if you have some dough, buy rocket salad, king prawns and semi sweet sundried tomatoes for a good result. Blend these onto the omelette but make sure there are no big bubbles, prick them with your best mates penis if he can make his member reach. Make sure the heat is down to fairly low or you will burn it you retard, then flip the thing over and serve it with a pint of your mothers vaginal blood with some tabasco sauce, black pepper and worcester sauce! Perfect! Chuck Bangers

Punks not dead!

What the hell is with the new None More Punk show? I listen to it everytime you drop one but this “psych garage” stuff has nothing to do with real punk like Rancid and Pennywise. I mean who wants to know about what happened in the 60’s anyway? I want to hear Less Than Jake, Rise Above, and Anti Flag. – Geoffrey Heston – Cumbria

Oh christ, you are the stupidest person ever to write us a Letterbomb and we have had some real dimwits on this page! If we decide to run a show with some classic, kick ass tunes on it to educate you in the roots of modern so-called “punk rock”, we will and if you don’t like it you can go piss up a rope. You sound like the sort of kid who listens to Fallout Boy and think they are a punk band, spoon fed by major label advertising led magazines. I bet you think skateboarding is all about Tony Hawk and read Big Cheese Magazine! Please write back and let us know, pleeeaasse!!!Z-Ed

Are you having a Giraffe?

Crossfire people, please drop the Boulala interview you keep mentioning, you total bastards! I can’t wait any longer. – Steven – Luton

Wait, wait wait zit face, it’s coming.. Z-Ed

Hip Hop Radio Is A Fresh Fest!

Yo! The Hip-Hop show is what the ‘tinterweb needs! Fresh beats, fresh sounds, Fresh MC’s, Fresh DJ’s – Basically so fresh, we’ll ALL piss Listerine. Keep up the freakin’ awesome work, can’t wait for the next episode! Hip-hop is dead. Long live REAL Hip-Hop!

P.S Pure genius kicking it off with Skeelo AND Dead Prez. Unbeatable – Gav

Glad you’re feeling the vibe Gav, we aim to please. Make sure you keep your ear to the ground for the next one and make sure you pimp The Mix in the meantime.Abjekt

Pylons or Signposts?

Demonstrating, suggesting, pressuring, guiding. He flew with them through grateful mankind and he will never forget you! Rest of the flock – Jon? Why can’t you leave low flying to the pelicans?

Er…yeah, are you a hippy?! Z-Ed

Phil Your Pants…

Hey Yorkshire, you give it the biggun but where was your sorry face in the crwod eh? Support UK events and turn up instead of talking shit in here about Southern skaters, you are just jealous Crossfire are in London, and you know it. – Tommy – Surrey

Ooh, check out the catfight!Z-Ed

Southern Shite

Is that all you Southern gits got down that 7-Set? We would have easily taken your money! Phil-Yorkshire

haha, this sounds like Silent Will to me! haha, but if it’s not, then then it’s too late mouthing off now mate, you should have got yourself a ride and shown face….ther’s always next year chuck. Z-Ed


Hiya crossfire, how do you organise skate jams? my mates have a local skate park and we want a stair jam like at southbank down there because it looks like amazin funb – could you let me know please as we have to have this down in yarmouth. – Dave

Well, local scene people hang out in skate shops so start there, ask for some freebies in return for them being handed out as prizes, use the internet to stir things up on forums and send the news to as many places as possible that are related to skateboarding, use the uk skate mags to get news in there event sections and most of all – make sure your friends help you and you will be able to learn by your own mistakes from there..but DO IT. Z-Ed

Geoff fucking Rowley!

I can’t believe you guys have this interview, it’s one of the best i have read over the last 8 years. Thanks – Nosewheelie – California

Bring it on! Thanks Z-Ed

Heavy Shit Hits The Fan

Hi Letterbombs, i have just discovered the heavy shit radio show on your site through another site and want to say that it was the funniest radio show i have ever heard! I’m into the darker side of metal so i was expecting the most unlistenable stuff imagineable but after the first listen i actualy got into loads of other bands i don’t usually listen to so thanks for that. In fact, thanks for Goatsnake! Thanks for the show, keep it up! Warren – Bristol

Sometimes we all need to take a dump of the finest rocking tracks and we are stoked to receive such mail! Thank YOU. Z-Ed


Grollocks = Granny Bollocks – do you like it? Daniel – Boreham Wood

er..(laughs) yeah…thanks for that! Z-Ed

Southbank Demolition

What the fuck! THAT SOUTHBANK JAM WAS AMAZING! – I have been on this site for the last 6 months everyday and i’m really into what you guys are doing. This was the first crossfire jam i have been to and to be honest it was by far the best i have ever been to. I did not want it to end. So many pros, so many people, so much attitude but all good. Thanks, i had a great time, please do another one soon. Jake – Cambridge

The next one could be at Meanwhile 2 – Gap Jam and game of S.K.A.T.E…watch this spaceZ-Ed

Big Ups!

Great ‘do’ at southbank…I had a wicked day out! Respect to you and all that Crossfire is doing. Word. Lalo

You are welcome monsieur..comments like this keep us going, nothing else.Z-Ed

There maybe trouble ahead…

Hey Zac – I think I need to address something we are all aware of, but never really get round to doing anything about. Let me tell you what I saw yesterday.

I was riding Royal Oak, and the place was quiet – I was with a mate and there was already one ginger kid rising there. I was leaving when a group/gang of urbanites walked passed and said “give me a go of your board” to the kid, who said “no sorry” and skated off, I stood around to make sure the ginger dude didn’t get his board taken – before I know it – the ghetto kid has chucked a stone at the skater and rather than the usual “chuck a stone and run off” he stood there and the skater mouthed “what are you doing you f*@£ng C&*t – and then it was on. I was on the other side of the park and skated over to calm it down, but by then theghetto kid had half a breeze block in his hand screaming “what did you say?” and hurled at the poor ginger skater – I saw behind the pillars, about 30 other ghetto kids, so I thought better of kicking the little 50cent wannabes face in – I shouted to the ginger dude “RUN” which he did, and the ghetto guys let him just run off and left me and my mate alone.

Id like to think this is an isolated case, but ive lived in west London for 5 years now and I see it all to often – even at the bowls (meanwhile) hostilities have happened recently, and more and more urban types (I want to say ghetto scum) have drifted in to the place and I hear loads of stories from skaters scared to come up here – im 30 years old, 6foot tall and less than skinny, so people think twice before they try their luck – but for the emo/weedy skater rats coming up – I used to fear for their property, now I fear for their lives/safety. I think the loose grounding that skaters have enjoyed in external subcultures is coming to an end in this town. The urban kids have related to the skaters previously through stuff like hiphop and the baggy way of dressing – and the metal heads/punks always were down with us coz, well, they are/were us.

But now all the little sects of skaters with their (once) individual styles are maybe too diverse for the bind to sustain – is great that’s skaters are becoming more individual, but it’s the tribal element that’s suffered and I feel to these new breed of urbanites we are no longer “off limits” to the violence inherent in the streets.

I don’t know the solution to this – but its gonna get worse before it gets better – vigilance and awareness is more essential now than ever. Skate safe – Phil

It’s all gone wrong. These pikeys are nothing but cunts. Just today ( and this is no shit) 2 of these chavs mugged a girl for her rucksack outside the windows of HQ. I have spent the last 2 hrs in a police car looking to ID the pair who stabbed her repeatedly in the leg to get her rucksack off her back…they left empty handed and she is now in hospital traumatised. It’s disgusting. Stay tough and always help skaters out of trouble. Z-Ed

Meanhwhile , people are unhappy!

I see you are doing the Southbank Jam again this year but no mention of MEANWHILE again? What is with that? It is such a good event and i feel as though you guys should be doing it. – Stephen – London

We should do a lot of things but you have to realise that the UK skate scene is not funded by companies in the way that it used to be. You have to understand that you need £5000 to run an event like Meanwhile and that is how much it costs to BREAK even. Brands in this country have their own shit going on, some oof them are not even worth speaking to as they feel that £2000 sponsorship is too much for a core event that gets televised and gets features in skate magazines and that is what they want, they want association and publicity from it. This is due to small events not charging the brands enough and allowing the brands to feed their events with product and small amounts of cash and unfortunately we will not be put into the same bracket as all of our events are run with serious passion and commitment to bring you the best we can give you whilst covering our costs. Look at the Southbank Jam. No brand sponsors wanted to part with cash but we are still running it but we cannot do the same at Meanwhile as the running costs are soo much more. Also the trust that owns the land there are still harping on about monies owed to them from 2003 when Third Planet did thier 2nd to last jam there. Nothing to do with us. Get off your own arse and try and figure out how to run these jams, as we have done them for 5 years and know when something is not gonna work. Z-Ed


Southbank, Southbank, Southbank, Southbank! Yes, about fucking time you got this up and ruinning again, last year was the best skate i have ever been to.

Excellent, at least someones happy!

C1rca Madness!

Thanks for letting us know about the C1rca Jam at Bay 66 at the weekend. Me and mates met Colt Cannon, Tony Tave and John Allie and got our boards signed! – Thomas Raymond – Surrey.

No worries fella, good to see you being part and supporting your local scene. Z-Ed

Build us a skatepark!

Right i am writing this letterbomb thing cause us at warmley skatepark are looking for ways tio get funding for inprovements to the skatepark any information links to sites that can help anything like that would be helpful could u send any information u think may help us in getting funding to cheers ps check out the website if u want at

The best place to go right now in the UK is the UKSA and speak direct with Kevin Parrott. They will be able to answer any questions regarding how to get funding, how to convince your local council and how to petition for such builds. Visit and you will find a whole new world. Z-Ed

Shameless Ass Sucking!

Hey, feelin like a website virgin about now!! But came across this site, while doing some geeky swotting up on the legend that is Jaime reyes! And thought F*** yeah, other people with the literary talent of a backwards asshole, but pure comic genius in the form of shallow quips and out-right toilet humour, and just had to say ‘you guys all rock’! I totally have a point behind this shameless ass sucking that is so blatant I require knee-pads and a gas mask, I would so love to be a street reporter for you guys, and realised that if you don’t ask you don’t get, so I thought , hey, why not? The worst would be an outright no, maybe even a comical break down of this email, so let me know! For more of my literary talent check me out. – Josie – Clapham

Well Josie, Funny you should mention it as we are always looking for “web virgins” round these parts, especially ones dressed in gas masks and kneepads! Get your bus pass back from who ever won it and head over to HQ as you never know would could be in store here.. Z-Ed

Eggs out of the Basket!

My friends have been going through your bloody site all week looking for the egg and still have not found it. Now i know that this letterbomb will not be printed but the egg is in the Library, so there, up yours, i found it!

Well there you go, it’s in the Library, but you have not spilled the full beans and if you don’t send your email to us with the EXACT link, you will not be in the hat…guess what, it’s Wednesday right now as i typoe this and only 4 people have found it! Be quick, be super quick as you have never had odds this good to win a pair of shoes ever! Here’s a tip – Screaming Hand! Z-Ed!


Can you tell me why the box now appears on the homepage at the top of the page? It’s really annoying me. David – Bury

Tough shit dude, internet explorer does that now. It’s the result of some gay patent filed in America, about interactive media in webpages etc and it means that you have to click to activate content like flash etc now. Ask a pro active, qualified droid for more details if it really floats your boat. Z-Ed

Egg Raid – One Down!

I have found the egg! Yay, gimme the shoes! I want them! Daniel – Luton

patience patience, there are many eggs to go round, now go slay Christ or something! Z-Ed

What No Metal!

im just emailing to say how much i love this site. i love the combination of skate and music because i am personally involved in both activities and love them both to bits. this is just an email to let you know that there are people out there who appreciate your work and we hope that you keep it up. Also, i was just looking through the site and noticed that you have not covered the Khoma album The Second Wave. I usually listen to metal but a friend of mine introduced me to this amazing band cos he had bought the album after watching the video for ‘Medea’. This band is going to be huge and i was wondering why on earth you have no coverage on them!! Anyway keep up the work – Sunny

OK, here we go people, *deep breathe*….All together now… “You bring the sunshine to my life!” – did you enjoy that little sing along? I did. Thanks heaps for the generous applause, send links to friends and share the love…but note taken, we will find your band until we are all laid out in khomas. *RYAN YOU ARE FIRED!* – Z-Ed

How to finger a dogs bum

I had to write this Letterbomb. I was skating a hill in a park last weekend and noticed a dog going a bit mad about 200 metres away from us. We ignored it and carried on skating down this pathway on this hill having a laugh as you do and then the dog went beserk, saw us skating and went hell hound style across the grass barking at us, until it came so close and took out my mate! It jumped on him and started ravaging his clothes ripping them up and he was shitting himself whilst we were trying to get the dog off him, it was fucking scary! He had his teeth locked on his arm so i had to stick my fingers up the dogs arse, as apparently this is supposed to do the job, and it worked! Finally the owner came over, i have dog poo on my fingers and the dog is whining like a mouse! The owner went mental at me and wanted to press charges for fingering his dogs arse! I mean, what the fuck is with that?! Anyway, i thought i would share that with oyu, look out for dogs whilst skating! – Dean Simmonds – Watford

haha!, that is the fnniest letterbomb we have had in ages Dean! Sorry fella, i’m still howling at that one now, but is your mate ok?! If anyone can top that, we will have to start sending prizes out for these in the future! Z-Ed

Phone Me!

Hey im a sk8er and ive been sk8in since i was 5 maybe 4 and im 13 now my b day is on may 27 and ive been learnin tricks since its all i do when i get home im like fuck my homework im ganna go sk8 wit my friends (Brittany,Klay,Jonthan,Timmy,Josh and others)its awsome i would love 4 u 2 call me at my house its 931-528-**** as soon as possible i love sk8tin and i would love some tips from u guyz it would be so fuckin kool so c ya – Alicia Jordan

Here’s a tip – don’t give out your phone number to strangers sweetie, Mummy will be very annoyed!. Z-Ed

Unhappy Nappy

Hey Crossfire, I look at your site and it makes me happy but i am most unhappy sometimes and only things like this keep me occupied in life. School sucks, my parents suck and my friends are dicks sometimes. I don’t skate but i love music and occassionally i look at the skate videos which are quite good fun. I download a lot of music to, will i be arrested one day? But your site makes me happy. Keep up the good work. Sean – Middlesbrough

Chin up chuck, people like you make me get out of bed in the morning! :) Z-Ed

What’s all this Den?

big ups to cross fire for mentioning our web shite on your awesome space. thanks for the support! GoldenBadgerSkateboards

You can’t hide from us wherever you are! Z-Ed

Longest Manual my arse!

Hi, you have as everybody else been so stunned by this “longest manual” by some Russian, but I believe I have seen a longer one and in a US skate video at that! The video is called Underdog (here’s a review) and the credits are shown over one single manual (which even has some ollies thrown into it) and as far as I remember, it lasted one whole song and that would probablly be something like 3 minutes!- I haven’t got access to the vid untill friday, but I could upload the segment on Youtube and you’d have te ultimate proof. – Jurij

Bring it on Jurij, we wait on your big tube for your deliveryZ-Ed

Good Karma comes to all who enter

yeah crossfire thanks for the deck! – Robert Woodward Massey – Preston

Bring it on, thanks for saying thanks fella. Now skate that thing into wood shavings this spring! Z-Ed

Hippedy Hoppoty

Dear people who run this stuff, Holy mother of Mary, the new Hip Hop show is full of bangers. I have some friends who are now doing some live shows and battles, can we get them on the next show? Thanks for this, keep it up! William – Wimbledon

Abjekt has got his sights on you, send him a mail from The Mix, he lives there… Z-Ed

Rodney Clarke does Opera

Dear Letterbombs, great Rodney Clarke interview on your site. I just thought you should know that he is actually moonlighting and failed to mention it in his interview with you lot, but don’t worry becasue we found him and he aint gettin’ away with it. Look here for proof. – Mac Daddy

haha! that was funny shit! Thanks for that, i’m sure Rod will be stoked to know his URL is G-A-Y Mr Daddy. BTW, are you really Mac Daddy or Daddy Mac? Don’t answer that one…keep ’em coming! Z-Ed


So, i have been coming to your site now for about a year and it’s always fun to hang out on and interesting, in fact, it has become my first point of call on a daily basis. I may be letting myself in for soime abuse but i find these letterbomb pages so funny and always look forward to your sarcastic remarks and piss taking, it’s actually quite sweet. I just went to your latest boat party and snogged quite a fit guy who was a skater and wondered when the next party was as my friends are hugley jealous that they missed it and are looking for guys to hang out with. If you could tell me when the next party is without putting this on your letterbombs page i would be a very happy girl. Thanks – Samantha-Surrey.

Hmmnn, maybe we should get a another boat party together for April, maybe we should premiere the new This n That skate video and the new Refused DVD and maybe we should do it just so you can get your oats and skaters are stoked to get some action. I feel a plot coming together in my bowels….must be the Surrey girl up me. Watch this space Samantha, we aim to please…. see, no sarcasm at all, you got away with it. Next...Z-Ed

A wolf ate my mother

Hi, I liked your Marc Johnson interview. As for the Wolfmother article, no rock bands come from Australia? It occurs to me that this esteemed music journalist may have overlooked one AC/DC. Cheers – Max

AC/DC are primarily Scottish. Formed in Australia yes, but the driving forces behind the group were not from the country itself. Not only that, but nowhere in that feature did I say that no bands come from Australia. For more information on not being a fucktard, consult your local library. Z-Ed

Angry, Young & smelly bum

Hey Crossfire people, i read after xmas that Danny Wainwright was going to be doing a hangover session on your radio shows in February. I was so into the idea that i almost shit myself in the process! So, where the fuck is the show? Been waiting now for ages. Miles – Bristol

Er…he was actually so chilled he forgot to turn up to the studio here at HQ, so go into 50-50 and ask him yourself, and whilst your there, give Sid a hug from me... Z-Ed

Sweet Dreams!

Hey zac. I had this wierd dream and you were in it last night…so was j-lo. Yes thats right, jennifer lopez. What the %$@#! It was one of those ones you think are real. JLO was doing this celebrity competition show and she was in the dance sequence category. You and I were watching it on tv at my mums house in birmingham. As the judges were deciding on her score, she came round to the house to see you. I was all pissed off that she had came and she was sitting closer to you on the couch. Is this boring you? It goes on, but I dont want to bore you. Kirsty – Birmingham

I have that effect on women, as soon as they sit down next to me they come…hmmn, ok back to reality…no of course you are not boring me, MORE PLEASE!Z-Ed


Yepo, i full agree with Devons comments below, what a party! Strippers, free drink and the best DJ’s – Crossfire does it again! Thanks for the tickets – Richard – London

We fire and aim and we aim to please. Z-Ed

Pirate Report

Dear Letterbombs, i am deeply hungover from your amazing boat party and want to be sick on your site to repay the thanks! Seriously, i have never been to a Crossfire party before but i am sure not going to miss another one if that is what they are like. That was mental! Thanks for the tickets, you have a new friend, i’m hooked. Bastards! – Devon – Clapham

No comment, i’m so hungover i can’t even fucking type here let alone be witty on this bomb drop today! Peas and goodwill to all pirates who board ye olde parties with us. It’s a mutiny! Z-Ed

Let me in!

OK, if this does not get into Letterbombs i’m gonna kill someone! Firstly, i’m not gay. Secondly i’m 17. Thirdly i want to be sponsored by a skate company and fourthly WHERE ARE MY FREEBIES!, i mean this site used to give out so much stuff and thesedays all you have is a few comics, a couple of decks, some CD’s, where’s the trips to round the world skating with pro’s, win a naked girl covered in chocolate, decks that last forever, wheels that don’t flat spot like my current Blueprint ones. I mean for FUCKS SAKE, you guys are flying the goddam flag in the UK thesedays, come up with somehting fucking mental. If you do, i will want to win it. OK bye. Chris – Birmingham

Chris, seriously take this advice. Are you ready? – OK. Deep breaths…come on, you can do it, hang in there, relax, that’s right….be with me Chris, be at one with your inner rage….OK….whatever you do, don’t click here.Z-Ed

Birds Fly to Goa for the Winter!

Hi Zac,

I just recently returned from Goa – if it was not for your fine website and newsletter I would not have found and enjoyed a glorious christmas day BBQ and skate revelry at the sk8Goa park! I gotta agree – the place is dope and when you aint skating you will be nipping around on those awesome land jetski scooter thingies! Nick is a top bloke and as he does not drink he may even still have the bottle of tequila I bought him for xmas stashed. I will be going back there for another trip in 10 days – bring it!!! Soz if I am ranting but its worth it – g000se..

Aw, i wish i was there right now, supping on cold beer, schralping up the coping whilst the sun sets….oh well HQ does have a heater n it thesedays, we are going up in the world! You heard the bird, get your ass out there and now!Z-Ed

Bitch got Hitched!

OK, i’m pissed off big time. I split with my girlfriend about 2 weeks ago and so far it’s been pretty cool and easy. But this morning i had no cards through the post and we were such good friends. I hear she is seeing another skater now that i know really well and can’t belive that she would do this to me. Anyway, my Valentines day is over and out and i’m now feeling like poo. Send stickers and fast to the address below… Dave Jessops

OOH, that one must have hurt but you know what my friend, what goes round, comes around and to be honest it sounds like you are probably going to be the winner out of all of this unless she was the hottest thing on 2 legs. Even if she was mate, it’s too late, but there are still more fish etc, you just got to get your ship up and running and get over it…, where’s my beer gone…this ones for you. Z-Ed

We Love You to!

Dear Crossfire, as it’s Valentines Day and you guys rock, i must say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing us a wonderfully kept website that always keeps me happy. Here’s to you guys on such a loving day! – Vanessa

Ah, isnt’ that sweet! Thanks Vanessa, that was a nice touch there sweetie. OK i’m to count through my cards, should only take a minute! Happy Valentines Day to you to, in fact HVD to everyone.Z-Ed


I agree with the ed. U really need to just forget about the past, don’t think about the future and live life as it comes. i do and it’s worked for me for 15 years. – June Burgess

Phew, at last, some back up – saved me from calling the old bill! Z-Ed

Help – my Birds a Goth!

I’m writing in because i am bored, but i always seem to get some inspiration when i come to your site. I had a pretty shit week. My board snapped, i twisted my ankle and on top of that i have to work at weekends and after school more than ever because i need money to buy records and skate stuff. I never win anything, i’m cold and i want a new girlfriend as my last is now a goth and she looks stupid in her black make up and she listens to Opeth, so when i saw your interview it reminded me of her and they suck, so i guess that’s about it. If you have any free stickers to make my life better, then pleas send them..- Carl

Hmmmn, it sounds like you need to pull your finger out and go and have some. Life sometimes sucks eggs through hosepipes but you know if you have a positive outlook things just seem to happen. It always works that way. As for work, we all have to do it, it kills us but it’s essential. Sorry to hear your ex is a goth. It’s one step past emo on our gaydar so that one must have hurt like hell! Goths have a place in life to and generally it’s in Kingston! Email your address and stickers are on their way. Z-Ed

Penis Envy

To Whom It May Concern, please could you tell me why there is a photo of a man with his penis out on your homepage? This is a skateboard site and my kid comes here everyday. I do not expect him to see a penis. – Mr J. Coleman

Er…there is a penis on the homepage because we lost the picture of you, you old fart. Now get back to being the bland parent you obviously are and let your kid do what he wants, a picture of a cock is not gonna turn him into a raving homosexual or want to hump the family dog!Z-Ed

A reviewer has got my bombs exploding!

I keep getting really turned on by the tag lines of one of your reviewers. I just always think that in some strange way hes actually… reviewing to me? its like he actually knows me… EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE NEVER MET OMGZ!!1

His name is Abjekt, and he can give me a quicktime overview ANYTIME OF DA WEEK. I think he may even be my kindred spirit, I can picture him… IS HE BLACK?! I hope he is, I really hope he is… hes been in all my dreams lately…

Can one of your foreign workers pass dis on to mr Abjekt (or, as I call him, the lord hung darkness) I bet he must be really busy with all his admirers but I think I have a divine right for him to be with me and marry me.. afterall civil partnerships are allowed now.


Roses are red
violets are blue
Abjekt is my dream
my dream CUM true.

Chad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

I have no idea how to answer this incendiary device, for the first time ever i am speechless!Z-Ed

Going To Goa!

OMG just watched the video for the Goa feature…finally you guys actually put it on the site. That place is on fire! I wanna go, how do we book? BTW the Oregon feature was sick as well, good work! Dane Simons

Yep, sorry it didn’t go live when the feature went live, we had a few technical problems, in fact i had a technophobia week and fucked it all up…but anyway, all bookings for the Goa trip can be organised direct from Z-Ed


Hiya. I have just watched Trick of the Year – great idea btw, but i have also noticed that Paul Regan’s mates have taken over the message boards voting for him. I mean, his trick is good, no doubt about it, especially if it was the first time he landed it at that spot as someone has pointed out in the forums but it’s not as if MJ is gonna ask his mates to back him up on here is it? Let’s face it, his trick is far superior to Regan’s but will Regan win it due to the viotes on the forums? Lee Evans

9 days to go my friend, who knows….Z-Ed

Please read – (apology note)

zac, i understand that this apology that i am writing to you is long and overdue, but i thought it would be best if i waited for things to cool down a little before i could say sorry. i am aware of the fact that what i did was selfish and rude, but i assure you that i am greatly sorry for what i tried to pull of. i understand that you are pissed of at me and i can’t blame you for that because you have all the rights to be, but i ask of you to forgive me.

i know that im asking for alot , but i am deeply sorry. i have had quite sometime to think it over and realise that i only did what i did because i wasn’t fully aware of what i was doing, i didnt think it over or rationalise it in my head. it is not something that i would normally do. the box was lying on its side and they were more than i quarter out, greed over powerd me. im sorry for wasting your time with this email but it would put my mind to rest knowing that i have apologised. it would mean alot to me if you considerd my apology and accepted it, but either way; im sorry. – red1

It takes guts to own up to your own mistakes and just so you know, that is considered here. But the one thing you have to understand is that everything that Crossfire represents is done for the passion of it and primarily to help kids have the same fun we all enjoyed when we were 16 years old. To have someone steal from us from one our events is like stealing from your own family as this set up that you are logged into right now is a family. Period.

We put more hours than you could imagine into our events, website and fundraising for the UK’s skate parks in the UK to keep them alive and generally help out as much as we can so that people like you can skate and more importantly become aware that there is more out there for you via skateboarding and music than doing a shit 9-5pm job and becoming a random. Life is too short to wear a uniform to work, life is also too short to forget your morals and the moral to this outcome is that we hope you have learnt something from this as you cannot bite the hand that feeds.

I’m glad you have now visited HQ and apologised in person and that this whole affair is now over. Z-Ed

What the Fuck?

Why is the site dead? I come here every week and its been the same for about 3 weeks now? Is Crossfire dead? – LFA

Nope, we are not dead, just on holiday enjoying a break from all of this chaos…this week the site will return to normal. look out for the Trick of the Year comp later this week. Z-Ed

Trick of the Week

Can we send in our own Trick of the Weeks? My friends and i are skaters in Bath and always check out the site on Fridays to see what trick is up for grabs. We always download them and send them to our friends but wondered if you had to be a sponsored rider as the last couple of riders are mnew to us like Chris Aultz for example, although i read some stuff about him in Document Mag this month about him on the up. Anyway, give other people a chance to show they can skate and open it up..Daley – Cardiff

Send them in by email my friend. is the address. Make sure your trick is on a quiktime movie file and less than 10mb. Z-Ed

Xmas Crackers

Ok, i know i’m not going to get free stuff for this letter but i just wanted to let you know that i need a new deck and wondered if you could help. I had a cool xmas but did not get the board i wanted and instead got some other stuff. My Mum even asked me to write a list of wanted presents and i gave it to her but she decided to get me other stuff and i was gutted. If you have a spare deck, please send it to me as mine is delammed and is on its way out. – Paul Roberts

Hmmmn, we don’t just send decks out from here matey but maybe you should appreciate what you were given and not take things for granted. Maybe your Mum tried to get the deck you wanted and couldn’t find the exact one. If she had got you the wrong one would you have been dissappointed? Always be happy to accept gifs whatever they are…. Z-Ed

Helping The Hillbillies

I’m writting this to simply say youre doing a mint job keepin peeps like me stuck in rural shit holes imformed on good tunes and amazing skating. It’s cool how anyone in the skate scene where ever theyre from can access the stuff thats important to them via such a damn fine website,keep up the good work!! – Roderick Davies

Why howdy Mr Davies, it’s an honour that we can feed your gut more than grits! Z-Ed

Xmas Love

Here’s to you guys, you fukcing rule. No advertising that post up, no stupid reviews, banging tunes and some amazing video and radio…by the way the new radio shows fucking rock! London rules, us yanks have to put up with so much bullshit!. Merry Xmas Crossfire, i will be back every week! John W – Dallas

Well John, it’s a pleasure to hear that we give you a hard on. Merry Xmas to you and everyone who has visited us or attended oour skate jams in 2005, our 5th year in operation. This is there for the love of it and your sup[port makes this work so keep it all coming and spread it like butter. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year from alkl of us here at HQ. Send your bombs, i wanna know what you all got for Xmas! Z-Ed

Xmas Jammers

Dear Letterbombs, i thought i would email you to say that this years Xmas Jam video is once again totally sick. I live in Cumbria in the North so i always miss it and we do not have anything like the scale of comps that you have in London so Crossfire is my only way of seeing what goes on at these events. This years jam looked so much fun and i’m looking forward to being older so i can make one one day. Keep all of this up. Thanks Chris Phillips – Cumbria

Piss Flaps

De4s CROSSFIRE, I’m stoked on the new site and have started to get regular rss feedz to my puter now so oi can keep up to dtae, but fuck you ra ll cos i am reallu pissed right nwo and dont know what elser to sayu.

Haha! The old Xmas spirit is in the air. Best Bomb of the day that one! Rock on!Z-Ed

Got No Bags?

Good on ya Zac. HAHA! – Just reading urethane’s letter and your response – HA! That’s all i have to say…PS great jam, shame there was no goody bags..Whynotsk8

Yep, glad you agree mate. No goody bags? You could have swung by Tesco’s, ripped off a bag off a counter and filled it in the product toss this year. 6 big boxes of clothes, stickers, hats, beanies, t-shirts, wheels, bearings, hoodies, and empty wagon wheel wrappers to choose from. Bay Sixty 6 have just made a statement saying that any one bringing a skip to fill for the next jam wiill be nipple clamped.

Tangy Lamb

I would like to express my disgust as to the way popular beat combo Lamb of God treat their so-called friends in 2005. After making a gruelling 4 hour journey into the abyss that is the dirty north on December 3rd, my bag (which contained my travel documents home for that evening) was placed on the band’s tour bus and consequently stayed there until long after my mode of transportation had departed. The lack of communication shown to me from the band was nothing short of disgusting, and as a result of this dishonour I would like to challenge them to a duel.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, I was then forced onto the tour bus and made to consume copious amounts of alcohol, divulge in mind-altering substances, and have rough sex with 4 men at once. I awoke dazed and confused at approximately 7am the next morning to find myself in Glasgow, and to be confronted with the band’s frontman Randy Blythe sitting on top of the bus, filming people having breakfast through their own windows whilst monologuing. This was in fact so scary and surreal that I lost all bowel control and collapsed back into my designated bunk until approximately 2pm. I was then forced to fly home with Easyjet where I was met by two very metrosexual pilots and a hostess with a wig.

There are many more details left untold about these events, which I am willing to sell to any sunday newspaper for a hefty sum. Alternatively, you may give me some shoes for my troubles, because I know you have an unlimited stock.

Yours – Ryanio Birdio

Haha, stuufed in the arse by 4 metal queens – no change there then! ;) Z-Ed

Jammy Git

hey zac my names james and i havent been stoked so much before your x-mas jam which was sooo sick and i am going to say thank you for such a rad event………….Jammy J

Ben licking arse again son?

Hey Crossfire Zac, Good site but why do you stick your tongue up Ben Raemers arse at the xmas jam? all we heard all day was Raemers this, Raemers that? I mean, yeah he is young, but you seemed to name check him all day when people like Danny Brady were killing it, what’s with that, do you sponsor him or somehting? Urethane

haha, this is a funny email. OK, nope, we don’t sponsor young Ben Raemers, not yet, in fact i’m sure next year when we get our range of clothing and boards together we may try and you know why? Because he is probably better than all your mates put together. Unashamedly, we know Ben from skating a lot with the guys from Essex like Munson, Blackwell and Potter from old, but over the last 3 years this kid has come on so much that it’s scary and can now cut it with the likes of Flynn Trottman and Rodney Clarke who both have some seriously good years behind them skating all terrain. If you can’t see this, you are blind mate and to be honest, anyone who put stuff down at this years jam got a mention if it was spotted, Brady was no execption, he killed it and that is why he left with £150 in cash at the end of the day. Raemers would eat you for breakfast…..Get off your high horse and kiss my ass!Z-Ed

Santa Mail

Hello Crossfire people, i was at your latest xmas jam and although it was £10 this year, i must be honest and say it was worth every penny! The gap jam was sick, so thanks for the effort, i had a wicked day and actually got home with a load of new stuff. Tom – Kent

Thanks Tom. I know a few people were complaining on certain forums about the £10 price but we had to do it to cover the event costs. Put it this way, you pay an extra £5 to go to the Urban Games and all you get back from that is a load of marketing rubbish full of extreme athletes and break dancers, i think your money was definitely well spent! Z -Ed


Dear Letterbombs. I’m 15 and at school, i’m getting into music and skating is becoming hard to get done these days when the weather is so cold. Where do people skate in the winter? Why does everyone dissapear? It could be worse cos i have many skate DVD’s to watch and am actually looking forwrd to the Heroin DVD coming out, in fact do you know when that will be in the shops? So, anyway, i just thought you may be able to tell me if i’m wussing out or just tell me places where skaters are skating in tthis weather as i don’t wanna give up but feel as though the lure of the Playstation will keep me in. Steven Parker – Oxford

Hmmnnn, this is an annual topic that should always be re-addressed. Skating never does in the winter, it’s just that people become lazy with it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you will be pushed to find me skating a block in the City on a Tuesday night in the winter if at all, but spots are there if you can find them. Indoor skateparks are there for a reason, support them and they will support you. The Heroin DVD will be out soon, don’t worry, it will br worth the wait. Oh, use forums to find new people to skate with, just avoid those peodophiles!

Freesports Award Nomination

Congratulations. Your website was selected for the short list for this year’s Freesports Awards 2005 in competition with 5 other websites.

People are currently voting online for their:

* UK Athlete of the Year,
* UK Rookie Athlete of the Year,
* Best Freesports Website 2005 and
* Best Electronic Game

They can vote at:

I wish we could vote for Wookie of the Year. Z-ed

Trick of the Week?

Dear Crossfire – How do i get one of tricks onto Trick of the Week then? I mean i’m not Marc Johnson or a pro rider but i can lay them down and could probabaly compete with other people who have had them on your old site. Please let me know as i would like to send in my tricks and see them on your homepage one day. I have sent some footage to various companies with sponso me tapes and i think if i was trick of the week on crossfire it woiuld help me get recognised. Thanks. Paul Eagles – London 21/11/05

Well, anyone can send in footage for Trick of the Week Paul, send a link of where your footage is hosted to but do not send a file to this address. Alan Christensen will have a look and let you know. Z-Ed


So, i followed Tony T’s plug from the homepage and finally checked out your radio shows and i have to say that i thought i would tell you people that i’m impressed to say the least! Just when you think you have been around this site another section takes your fancy. I must admit i’m a skater of 5 years and street skate to all sorts of music i hear on skate videos and download them from the web but your shows are going to open up a whole new bunch of stuff for me to listen to and thanks for that. What the fuck is Radio Russel about, sorry but it made me laugh my head off! Keep up the good work and hope everyhting gets better and better…
Stuart – Leeds

We aim to please Stu and thanks for the feedback. The shows take a while to put together but mainly the shows are the most fun we have around here as we love our tunes. We get sent loads of them to cover the essentials and also a load of searching and finding for the best new stuff. Soon there will be a request box on each page so you can pop in what you want to hear as well.

Riding a Chevy when the going gets tough….

ello zak and co! writing for a couple of reasons.. firstly and foremostly NICE SITE! seriously, v.impressed with it! everything about it very good etc etc. secondly the free shoes thing, i think its a nice idea and would ‘inspire’ alot more lazy turds to write in, but! is that a good thing? as if ur not bogged down with crap loads of stuff as it is! do u need the hassle? and are the letters quality enough to deserve shoes? hmm just thoughts :) felling s**tted on as got suspended from skool today for being on the phone… *silence* Neway, yea. oh yea thirdly.. (i know i said a couple of things but i meant three. ok? ok? i am clever BELIVE ME PLEASE! :D) erm yea the track by ‘ch3vy’ on the hangover radio mix, i want it, plese send me it somehow bcuz luckily for him he hasnt been corrupted by the limewire network yet.. what im saying is. that track is hot! and i cant download it so help? peace – rich p.s as my sofisticated letterbomb indicates – i clearly dont need free shoes !!

Gutted on the phone blow. I was almost kicked out for using a ZX Spectrum in the lads loos at 15 years old but the extension lead to the nearest electricity outlet was too long for it….i think they use them now to blow up Police stations in Iraq or somehting, but anyway, i would have given you a pair of free shoes for that, but now you have made it clear i will save them for another. PS, i think your phone calls in the class room are affecting your spelling! AyeeZ-Ed

Skate or Die!

Good Morning. I just read your More to Life article on the riots in France and was surprised to see it on a skate site to be honest. I know you guys cover all sorts of stuff but does this really affect us, should we be reading this on a skate site? By the way, I’m in for voting on the letter of the week to win shoes, does this one get some? Mark – Bradford

Haha…this letterbomb win shoes? Me thinks not Mark. Thanks for writing in but to be honest this is one of the most blinkered letterbombs we have seen to date! OK, yes, we cover skateboarding but why not cover all angles of life that affect us on a daily basis? The French riots have been started for reasons that affect every country, it will be interesting to see if they spread and end up on our doorsteps. The daily grind is a tough one and can sometimes wear us down, at least have an insight on how it will affect yours because one day you may be asking those same old questions that usually start with the word Why? Z-Ed

Gimme Free Shoes!

Hey Letterbombs, i’m just writing in to say thanks for the new site, i’m sure i will be on it a lot more than the last one but the reason i am writing in is because i’m in need of some new shoes and you guys should have shoes for the best letters every month like the magazines. Good idea? – Barney – Oxford

Well, thank Barney for the tip, it may be possible, if anyone else thinks its a good idea, then write in and let us know. Z-Ed

Holy shit!

Dear Crossfire. Holy shit, this site is the best thing since sliced bread! So stoked that it is as good as what people had been talking about over the last few months and finally we can now download all the footage! Good luck with what the future brings and keep it real! Danny – Watford UK

Thanks for the feedback Danny, these letterbombs keep us going.. Z -Ed

Zero or die trying

Hi, cant wait for the new site but thats not what im typing about. I’m 16. I’m o.k, I can do basic flip tricks, grinds and even the odd 360 flip if ive had my wheatabix. But I have a problem. My ultimate dream is to be a gnarly rail battering zero rider. I am wot a lot of old skaters hu havent got the knees anymore would call, a billy backlip. I love that type of skating and although im not exactly going to bomb a 20 set or massive handrail (6 is my limit so far) I am getiing there. And before u ask, yes I hav loads of fun. Why can’t gnarly skating be fun? You dont hav to do a kickflip nose manual nollie bigspin out to smile. I think u were really harsh with ur review of the zero video, there doing what they wanna do and there living it. You call garett hill a ‘drone’ i bet u can’t make half the tricks he pulls in his part. stop hating on skating. When wos the last time u bombed a hill, or 50-50’d a curb? I did yesterday and if that makes me a ‘barry bigstairs’ or ronald railbanger’ then i couldn’t give a f**k. Skating has enough problems without us picking on each other and people in the media saying ‘this type of skating’s cool, this isn’t’ ‘this tricks cool, this is whack’ u do it and tell them its not skating. I think ive pissed u off enough now with my inferior knowledge of skating so bye.


First of all, thank you for writing. I admire your honest opinion inre: my honest opinion of the latest Zero DVD. I do, however, have the following remarks for you to think about.

When a journalist writes a review of something, they have a duty to explain and introduce the product, but more importantly they must tell the truth and express their personal feelings. The reason for this being that they don’t want to pull the wool over the consumer’s eyes and simply boost the sales of a mediocre publicity stunt. Sometimes the truth can be a hard pill to swallow; firstly for the people behind the product because they don’t like bad (honest) press, and secondly the people reviewing the product because they could then be blacklisted for going against the grain of their advertisers. This might be why a lot of the reviews you read blabber on about how great a product is even if your own Grandmother knows otherwise. The media keeps their advertisers and the companies shift their stock. Everyone is happy except for the poor sod that spent hard earned cash on the final product… And skaters never have much money, so opinions count.
Crossfire does not advocate the superfluous use of positive adjectives to sell weight, in other words we don’t bend over backwards for nobody.

As for your anger at my description of Garrett Hill being a ‘drone’, and the new Zero DVD being aimed at ‘Billy Backlip’. It’s true. Just watch how many times some of the Zero teams takes time to push, carve, turn and god forbid line a few tricks up. Of course I understand that Zero caters to the thrill seekers among us, so I don’t expect to see hundreds of ledge tricks or manual combos. In fact, if I want to see some proper ‘big-gun’ skating go down, I know JT and the boys will have me satisfied. However, when you see everyone on the team with at least one grab per part, and yet another kid appears on the screen looking virtually identical to the three previous riders you just saw, something smells iffy- to me at least. Where did originality and flavour go?
I mean, I’m happy to know that you skate rails, and the gnarly stuff gets you going, but I bet you push around a bit too, and take time to skate a bit of everything… Don’t you? If not, you should because skateboarding is all around you and has no limitations. When I see a video like the one in question, I feel like the spontaneity and fun has been drained out of skating all in the name of conformity, image and sales.

Oh, and I skate everyday FYI. I have been for many moons and I try at least everything once (that means rails, manuals, steps, ramps, pools, full pipes and hills).


Why do we Brits have to put up with this shite weather every Summer! I was planning a trip to Europe and thought i would stay and utilise the summer heat, but it’s now August, school starts again in 3 weeks and it’s pissing down. Please send me free shoes cos i’m gutted!
Gordon Bennet – LIncolnshireGood Shoes?

Do you know where you can get the Good Shoes track that was used on the Southbank contest video?

Marcus Kenway – Ohio USA

The band have not released any material commercially as yet due to them being in that process of getting a deal with a label, so the tune you heard is a demo. I can email it to you though so just ask.



Just watched the video on your site. They are amaxzing thanks for that!

Troy – Leeds

Q: What makes them so cool? A: They are always looking for Outlines.


Meanwhile, where’s the Jam?

Dear Crossfire,
Gutted that there was no meanwhile jam this year yet, how come it didn’t happen on Saturday?
Fran – London

We are as gutted as you are Fran. 2 reasons why it dod not go ahead. The title sponsor pulled out and did not commit after talking loads and then the trust who own the park have been quite difficult ot deal with and have asked us for a lot of money to put into the park…wihtout the headline sponsor it was very difficult to do everything and make it work due to finacing it. We hope to have the jam fo the first 2 weekends of September but who knows….



North 2 – Port Moody Blues

Straight off the bat, I can tell you that I was so damn happy to secure a copy of this video in my collection! Already the prequel, North, had me pretty stoked on the Canadian scene, so when the second leg, Port Moody Blues, was dropped, I jumped to the occasion to grab a copy. But… To no avail! Due to crappy distribution of certain products around the world, North 2 escaped me for a good 18 months. That is why this review is a little late in the making. Sorry. But anyway, back to the feature at hand. It rocks! Without the funny Beaver skits of its predecessor, North 2 has a lot more space for local talent and highlights this with loads of good footage from everyone including Leks Baris, Keegan Saunder, Sheldon ‘Pirate’ Meleshenski (Sp?), Ted DeGros and a whole heap more. Before I saw this video, everyone who had seen it had one name on their lips: Wade Fyfe. Now, Wade definitely has the skills to pay the bills, but I reckon it’s the Beatles track used in his part that had people transfixed. I’m not saying he can’t skate because he definitely can, but a strong bit of background music can go a long way for some. In fact, on a side note, the music throughout the video is top knotch and bound to be in a few I-pod playlists already…

The kid that REALLY kills it though is Russ Milligan, so it’s only right that he gets last part (after Wade). Russ has style, flow, technicality and a mean fakie 5-0 to throw at you through the screen. He already had a promising part in North, but here he takes a whole leap forward in class. Wade is coming up- Watch out!

I’ll cut this review off here before I start sounding like I was given a healthy back-handed sum for this hype. Port Moody Blues deserves a place in your collection, so get out there and find it!


What are you doing? – 303 Boardshop

Do these names mean anything to you- Nial Frederickson, Gordie Covsino, Paul Azevedo, Jerrod Saba, Derik Milton or Sean Frederickson? No? Me neither. Well, that is until What are you doing? DVD from 303 Boardshop dropped into my lap. This is a very hard to get DVD because it’s from a chain of skateshops based in Mid-America i.e. Not California or New York. So, is it worth trying to get a hold of? Yes and no. Here’s why…

I heard about this video from a friend who seemed really stoked on it and advised it to me. I complied and soon understood why he was so hyped: If good unknown amateurs skating their local spots (which can be unseen or not depending on whether or not the Girl or Zero teams flew through…) floats your boat, then Hey! Get digging! But if you are a bit fazed by the umpteenth teen kickflip boardsliding a rail and hucking themselves down Big 4’s- Don’t bother…

Actually, that is a bit harsh because even if a few of these guys are just cookie cutter types, a couple of them actually have genuine talent. Sean Frederickson is one of them by knowing how to put together lines, mix his manuals and his rails to complete a worthy part. Otherwise there is Jerrod Saba who just seems to be out for the laughs, even though he obviously has good board control.

Overall, this video IS worth checking out for the possibility of seeing what your average Mid-America(n) skater can do with his board. But, don’t expect anything way too epic because kids like that have already been picked off the tree.


Puzzle – Summer 2005

What?!? Yet another Puzzle review?? But that stuff comes for free AND it’s just a Euro video magazine- same old, same old. Well, yes. But, the latest Puzzle was placed in my hands for a purpose, so I’ll fulfill my journalistic duties and let you know what it’s like.

First of all, this Puzzle comes across as being pretty shit i.e. yet another skate trip to Spain, the Globe World Cup in Oz, you’re usual cutting room floor Jumble footy, Aeon G-ing it up in Poland and Chris Oliver. If you actually watch the damn thing though, you’ll soon realise that the video is quite good. The sheer size of the obstacles at the last Globe event, and consistency with which they are skated, still shocks me. Plus, there is no annoying Double D (Dave Duncan) Mcing! As for the Spain feature, I don’t quite know where they went but there were loads of sick spots that I’ve never seen before, so I don’t quite see how that can disappoint. Finally, Chris Oliver comes through with a pretty powerful part that mixes a lot of UK and Oz footage.

Things to keep an eye out for are Tommy Marchal’s banger of a front side 180 switch crooked grind, Chris Oliver’s best impersonation of Pat Duffy on a double kinker, William Phan’s finely tuned steez, Josh Evin’s HUGE front side air and Flynn Trottman’s heel flip. Things you might not like are the impulsive mannerisms that the Aeon team have blurting silly Westwood style Big-ups after each trick.

In any case, Puzzle is free for download at and the only real occasion for you to appreciate the abilities of unknown heroes like Eero Anntila, Severin Von Ow or Lionel Krop. Smell the bacon and peep this!


Instant Winner

Yet another new company. Yet another new video. No, actually Instant Winner deserves your attention because the goods they bring to the table are top-knotch. ‘Nickels and Dimes’ is the mandatory visual presentation from this East Coast independent company that doesn’t seem to bothered with following the herd. In fact, the only person I recognised on this team was Billy Rohan, and even he hasn’t had mass coverage of late. A full part (and last part) from Billy was fresh and packed full of crazy goodies. But, Billy isn’t the only killer on Instant Winner, there is also Alex Turan, Joey Seguna, Brett Abransky and Scotty Moore to take care of the rails, banks, gaps and manuals. If you are aware of a sweet website called, you might recognise those last two riders, I mentioned. Good stuff from North Carolina and thereabouts. There is a nice Coney Island Funfair thread that leads us through this presentation, and a steady soundtrack by indie rock bands. The video runs at a perfect length of about 25 minutes, no nonsense- just skating, well… Except for the Coney Island skits. Instant Winner is still a free flowing small operation, but I fully recommend paying attention because some of their stuff might hit close to home, in other words; take note of the spots these guys skate because a couple of them could easily be on British soil!