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skateboard stickers

Skateboarder and snowboarder Mark Munson alongside Designer Steve Cardwell have just completed ‘Skateboard Stickers’ the first book to document the world of Skateboard sticker art!

The initial idea for the book came from a friend who had no idea just how many stickers existed and how diverse the art form is. A year and a half later the finished book went off to the publishers. Skateboard Stickers shows the full spectrum of skate sticker art, without focusing on certain companies or artists. Alongside the stickers themselves there are articles from some of today’s top Pro’s and some of the most influential artists in skateboarding over the years. Plus a look at some of the companies that have used stickers to their advantage such as Consolidated and the UK’s own Death skateboards.

The book is a must for anyone interested in the world of Skateboard graphics from a design standpoint or just to take you on a trip down memory lane! The book is published by Laurence King and is available now.