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I have just finished Catherine Forde’s new book Firestarter and I have to say it was surprisingly refreshing and just what I needed to cheer me up in my post flu weariness.

The book is aimed at teenagers but I recon it will appeal to anyone 11 years or older looking to kill a few hours over a good, quick, and easy read.

The central character is fifteen year old Keith. Keith’s mum has to go on a week-long course so his dad offers to pay him to look after his little sister, Annie, while he goes to work. A nice simple little earner thinks Keith until his next door neighbour fosters a new boy called Reece. Blue haired, pyromaniac, Reece. As soon as he moves in strange things start to happen – like the pizza place burning down.

Reece is a suspect but Keith doesn’t want to tell Dad for fear of being sent to Grandma’s and loosing out on his pay. Keith has to make some difficult decisions as Reece’s behaviour becomes even more erratic. Should he face the truth about Reece or face the consequences of keeping shtum?

Read and see! Recommended.

Other books by this author are The Drowning Pond, Skarrs, and Fat Boy Swim (also recommended)

Firestarter is available via Egmont books here or you can check out

Chris Arundel