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Best Of German Graffiti

M. Uyer
Hauschild H.M. GmbH

Opening a present at Christmas is fun in itself, but when the wrapping paper was removed and thrown onto the ever growing pile and a graf book from Germany sat in my hands, the fun augmented tenfold.

Though my level of German has slipped in the ten years or so since taking Deutsch GCSE, I can pick up some of the commentary on the pieces laid out within the covers, but even with no German, it is a great addition to my collection.

The variety of this book is what makes it such an interesting read, with the pieces often spanning two pages including an intricate piece by Won in which the artist’s jigsaw style piece asking the reader to “Solve the criminal graf puzzle”. There is a good selection of burners throughout the book as well as some fresh styles from the likes of Angel, CES, DARE and RESO.

With Berlin fast becoming the most artist city in mainland Europe, it comes as no surprise that Germany’s graffiti is impressive and this book’s brilliant collection of work is the perfect showcase for this talent.