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The best skateboard part of 2013

May 24th, 2016 by Dave

David Gravette

Five minutes of total gnar came from David Gravette‘s full section in the Creature CSFU video this year. Lamb boy gets nailed, gets up again, and gets what he wants eventually. He is in this because he wants it. Scroll forward to 43 minutes into this full video for his part and then take in…


Ben Raemers

The all-terrain Bad Boy from Essex Ben Raemers had a plethora of footage out there once again this year. It doesn’t matter what you put in front of him, he rips it all. Enjoi.

Albert Nyberg

Sweden’s Albert Nyberg pushed tricks to the hilt in his part in the AB&A promo for etnies this winter. His technical prowess, fast feet and vision on a skateboard are to be admired.


Jim Greco

Deathwish rolled out their incredible new video in May that included this sick edit from Jim Greco who numbed everyone with his barrage of hammers. You could have only picked Slayer for this. Ridiculous. Pick your favourite from this and then watch it again. The full video is out on iTunes now.


Nyjah Huston

Nyjah Huston has delivered some really big stuff in this new ‘Fade To Black‘ part for DC. Endless hammers down massive sets and some incredible tech stuff too. “Some of the gnarliest skateboarding in history.” You decide.

Dane Burman

Australian ripper Dane Burman released incredible section from the new Cold War DVD from Zero Skateboards. Five minutes of absolutely gnarly skating went down with one of the best enders of all time.

Mark Sucui


Jon Sciano

Anti-Hero’s newest recruit Jon Sciano smashed his way into people’s computers this year with this ripping edit that had speed and gnar mixed with a healthy dose of Bad Brains. If this doesn’t make you feel that you need to skate after watching it, you may as well get a scooter.


Evan Smith

Evan Smith joined the pro ranks at Element with this stunning four minute edit where he took apart huge gaps, banks, stairs, pools, ledges and much more. Total all terrain vehicle.

Brad Cromer

Brad Cromer was one of the stand out skaters of this year without a doubt. This welcom video to the pro ranks at Krooked alongside some cameo clips of his team mates only pushed that claim further.

Clint Walker

Birdhouse pro, Clint Walker found himself leaked across the web before this section dropped legitimately. Skating like a bat out of hell to Holograms’ ‘Monolith’ track. Find this section at 6.55 in Ambig’s incredible ‘Modern Art’ video.

Kyle Leeper

Once again the Predatory Bird crew had a great year on a creative level. This dope edit filmed by Joe Pease featuring Stereo pro Kyle Leeper stood out from the crowd and transported many back to thinking about Mark Gonzales with this genius editing.


Alain Goikoetxea

Alain Goikoetxea ripped the Basque Country a new one in this full part for Volcom this year. Press play for European annihilation.. Alain Goikoetxea Full Part from Volcom on Vimeo.


Bob Burnquist

This legendary Dreamland section from Flip’s Bob Burnquist had more than 40,000 views on this site in 3 days and the most liked post of the year with 9.4k. There are no surprises as this absolutely jaw dropping 8 minutes of insane skateboarding is a game changer.

Nassim Guammaz

If Nassim Guammaz is not handed some sort of Euro award for his contributions to skateboarding this year it will be a crime. This section in Element’s ‘Hold It Down’ flick is stuffed full of commendable hammers.

James Hardy

James Hardy shook Alabama’s streets with this edit released back in July this year. The spots are raw as fuck, the ollies are never ending, every rail gets annihilated and this bloke just keeps giving – as did skateboarding in general this year.