Watch: Hold Tight Henry – HD Retrospective

slam city skatesHenry Edwards-Wood, one of the busiest filmers out there this year has released an HD Retrospective on 2 years of graft documenting the lives of some of our best UK skateboarders and many more who have visited these shores.

Enjoy this footage with some unseen clips featuring Nick Jensen, Lucien Clarke, Chewy Cannon, Justin Brock, Flo Mirtain, John Tanner, Klaus Bohms, Rory Milanes, Chris Ault, Casper Brooker, Kurt Winter and many more…

Hold Tight Henry – HD Retrospective from HOLD TIGHT LONDON on Vimeo.

Watch Justin Brock in ‘The Skateboard Collection’

How often do you see people f/s bigspin down triple sets? Now think about how often you see them do it whilst weaving through security guards? Never, right?

Watch the clip below to see Justin Brock do just that as well as one of the sickest lines you might see this week in his chapter in Quiksilver’s The Skateboarding Collection video series.