Skateboarding News

What’s the colour of money…?

Well, what goes around comes around and the skate industry is no exception. It all works in cycles and the dizzying hammerfest cycle has been replaced by a smooth talking street skate phase. If you’re a gnarly skater, get a second job because rails don’t pay bils at the moment, like Ben Gilley, Jim Gagne, Jhovany Vidal, John Ponts and Kristian Svitak just found out as they got the boot from Black Label.

Elsewhere, super Suede Love Enroth has quit DC Shores to ride for Vox– the undisclosed reasons being similar to those that made Ronnie Creager leave Es. Oh dear…Someone who isn’t worried though is manchild, Andrew Brophy who has leaped up a level to full amateur status on Cliché! Expect to see why in the soon to be released Hello Jojo! DVD. Get well soon mate, we all missed you at the Xmas Jam…