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Skatesonic – Music To My Ears…

Ever wondered what a slappy really sounds like? Or perhaps the orchestra of urethane and aspalht is more your cup of tea..? Well, I just read about this on (Thanks!) and had to drop the news seeing as Crossfire deals with both music and skateboarding.

So, the Skatesonic is the brainstorm of two artist/musicians called Cobi Van Tonder and Sylvie Parent. The hi-tech board is a musical device that records the sounds of a good thrash around and composes the shred-sled notes into music.

With sensorial devices placed along the wheelbase and inside each truck, the skater can compose a melody that corresponds to the path he or she has chosen, then mix it or listen back.

Obviously the Skatesonic is just a project for the moment, but who knows? Could the I-pod/MP3 finally get budged by this new instrument?

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