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Vans TNT II – Mid-Cut

I’ve had more pairs of Vans TNT 2’s over the last few years than the Tony T himself, I swear! Thing is though, when a shoe is this good, it’s easy to go with what you know and settle for quality every time! They remind me of the eS Koston 1’s, a beautiful piece of shoemanship, manufactured by one of our industry’s most reliable sources and a recipe that will stand the test of time.

Unlike all the pairs I’ve had in the past, this is to be my first pair in the Mid-Cut range. Even though the dynamics that drives this sneaker remains the same, it’s the love around the ankle that brings it to a new level and gives you a whole new perspective of what ankle support really means. This shoe ranges between the famous Half Cab, Skate Hi and the OG TNT lows, it’s a smooth blend of 3 classic skate shoes with explosive resulsts.

The tongue has been thickened with a padded collar for extra comfort and a superior fit. The sole is thin and allows you to exercise accurate board control, whilst the waffle sole keeps you safely attached to your jessup for piece of mind grip. The outsole is a Vans standard, sturdy and grippy, yet soft enough with a bit of flex. When you tuck your feet in for the first time, the padded ankle support hits home immediately and you suddenly wonder why not all shoes are made this way, I guess not everyone has the same taste.

It’s a winner if you ask my opinion, I’ve been riding this shoe for a good 2 months now and it’s got enough waffle left to keep me rolling at least another month, if not longer. Sure the suede is taking a beating, but the smallest drop of industrial super glue keeps yours stitching in place and the shoe lives on!

These shoes are guaranteed to blow your mind, give them a go, you wont be sorry!

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