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The Harmony – Paul Silvestre 8.0″

7.65″ – 7.875″ – 8.0″

Now I know some of you guys will shun the idea of riding a deck wider than your wang. Myself, I can’t be comfortable skating on a Popsicle stick, so it’s about time a company have produced a deck wide enough to support my Sasquatch feet without sacrificing smooth flippery. Thankfully, the cheeky geeks behind The Harmony’s wood production have made just that. And it handles like a dream.

What strikes you first is the lightweight design. With every bigspin carving circles into the air like a samurai sword, the feather mass of the deck enables you to invoke rapid movements with just a wee scoop. This at first is a fucking nightmare when the last deck you’ve been skating was like a fat bitch at the dinner table. Immobile as an anchor and was like a sorcerer of cramp or some shit. Nuff o’that blad. But when grown accustomed to, it’s Christmas come early, providing of course you get your mitts on this deck before the next one.

So while this lightweight model will be any tech, ledge-nerd’s best pal, it may mean nothing for the Gnarly Barkley characters who add another step to every session. Not the case. I flung myself and Harmony’s secret weapon off a Mark Baines style kicker to flat. A good half hour of landing on rough council park floor from a head height ramp and it still took a beating like Rocky Balboa’s punch bag without wincing. Go take this to your local leap of faith, you might have no legs left, but the deck will be unscathed.

But I can’t finish the review without subjecting this harmless piece of wood to the snap, crackle and pop test.

Snap – Week of skating, solid as a rock. I can see this one living outside the month barrier. Good choice!

Crackle – No deep pressure cracks emerging yet, hard as you like son.

Pop – Claims the trophy like Andrew Brophy.

Not much more to say really, other than this Art Drop series is out now with other pro models from Joe Gavin and Danijel Todorovic.

I rate The Harmony’s efforts here. Click here to see all.

9/10 Boyyyy.

Joe Moynihan.