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Independent – Koston Low 129

Yeah, of course Koston was gonna bring out a signature truck when he was snatched up by Indy, but that’s fine by me, Koston’s amazing and so too are Independent Trucks, so I think all in all, this worked out for the best…FOR ALL PARTIES CONCERNED!

I’ve been trucking down this newly built Independent Low rider for a little while now, since word hit the cyber highways actually, but never got round to sorting a set for myself! Well, my old Indy’s eventually stopped trucking and gave up after nearly a year of grindage, so I headed out and got these black beauties straight away.

Truth be told, I rate Indy on every level possible, they are by far my preferred choice when it comes to trucks. The design on the low is very similar to it predecessors, with a few minor adjustments which makes it truly a very exciting set of grinders. For a start, the kingpin sits at more of angle to obviously compensate for a lower hanger, but the pivot angle remains the same and the original axle remains relative to the mounting holes to provide true wheel base and keeps the weight of the base plate which enhances tricks off the nose and tail. This from what I’ve experienced so far, is really not a problem at all and I actually find them very similar to all my old Indy’s, so that in it’s own right makes me very happy.

They’ve also rounded off the inside portion of the hanger to give the grinder a smoother and longer lasting smith or feeble grind area, now if that doesn’t impress you, then fuck off.

My favourite part though, is the light weight body of this truck, it’s rather impressive. They sport an all new light-weigh hollow body hanger that makes them 10% lighter that the lightest Indy’s on the market, that means, they are the feathers. The axle runs 129mm in length and they say that suits a 7.75 board quite nicely, but I normally rock a 7.81 – 8 inches and don’t find them to be hazardous in anyway!

Like all Independent trucks, new rubbers are always a bit of sore topic, especially if you’re going one way and your board another. I tried them once (school boy error) and then immediately stripped my old trucks and swapped the bottom bushings. This made all the difference, from then on; it’s been a smooth grind. I’ve been told before that colour coated Indy’s don’t turn as sharp as the raw/smooth ones, but I can honestly say, if you experience this kind of finicky turning problems, then you shouldn’t bother skateboarding, you belong at NASA, because the difference is unnoticeable and you’re talking plain old bulshit. FACT!

I’m not a big fan of graphics on truck, even though this only has name on it, it’s still my preferred choice to roll a naked truck, but in this case I’ll let it slide as it doesn’t affect my skating and that’s where its at!


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