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Globe Shoes – Magnum – Puzzle Series

Let’s face it, the Magnum 1’s are probably one of the most praised shoes of 2006 so to follow up such an achievement, Globe have come back with a shoe that is even better, the Magnum Puzzle Series.

These Puzzle series Magnum’s have more padding in the sole and heel and have a bigger tongue making them a desirable and comfortable vehicle for your feet to ride in whilst you ride your skateboard.

The grip underneath is second to none, the flexibility is much the same, leaving you with a skate shoe that will generally make most skaters appreciate what has gone into the production of this model with it’s vulcanised sole and a simple, but cool appearance.

There’s seven skaters involved in this ltd edition Puzzle project – Globe giving each of them the chance to pull out their own colours on the Magnum skate shoe but the preferred burgundy red colourway picked by myself to review is sported by Darkstar rider and all out destroyer, Paul Machnau.

These Globes are probably the best the Australian based company has come up with yet, go check these shoes and their staunch skate team out at and look out for more collaborations with Magnum 2’s in the not too distant future.

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Chuck Bangers