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Girl ‘Rick Howard Loves Shoes’ Deck – 7.875“

Girl Howard deckTo be perfectly honest, I still can’t figure out how having a comic strip painted across the bottom of a skateboard resembles Rick’s love of shoes, but in all honesty, who gives a flying fuck; It’s a skateboard at the end of the day and the graphic is the first thing to go!

This particular model, like many other Girl pressings, comes to you flat footed and has hardly any concave to it at all. To most skaters who like to diversify their skills across street as well as transition, this board would seem the impossible choice, but I happen to think its all a pile of shit and you should try something new from time to time, you might even like it! This isn’t the first time I’ve unwrapped a girl and probably wont be the last either, I liked the one I rode a few years back and this one was no exception.

Howard’s design on this piece is border-line to flawless; it’s got a subtle tail lift with slightly steeper nose and fits the criteria of the classic 90’s skateboard, crafted with passion. Nowadays people are ingesting all kinds of useless shit into finding the perfect ride, but I’m too old fashioned that way and stick to classics made from organic materials…WOOD! It’s a really poppy bastard too and has lasted me whopping 3 months, that’s beaten the last board I killed by almost a month and is still fine for a few sessions. It’s a good size too as it comes in just under and 8″, but is slightly bigger than your average tech deck.

I don’t know what Girl boards retail for these days, but if you can get your hands on a nice one, then I suggest rolling with it! They are excellent skateboards, produced by this industries more knowledgeable heads, thus giving them the upper hand as wisdom clearly prevails throughout their product range.


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