Skateboarding Product Reviews

Enjoi – Jason Adams (Bratrud Artwork)

I’ve always been a fan of Enjoi decks, well, as enthusiastic about them as I could be considering I had never actually stepped on one. Enjoi adverts never fail in making me guffaw whole heartedly, and I’m sure you’ll agree that Bag Of Suck was a video that mashed the barrier between pissing around and genuinely epic skateboarding perfectly. Plus I was always overly partial to that Jerry Hsu deck that did the rounds last year, the one with kittens and rainbows on it. If I weren’t so reckless with my money I happily would have indulged in 5 of them. But then, that would be equally as reckless as what I spent my money on instead. Ah well.

One paragraph and 124 words into this review, and I haven’t even mentioned the deck that I had the pleasure to take on a test drive around the newly laid concrete in Essex. No, not Saffron Walden, that’s far too mainstream. In true Enjoi style, I took this deck to a new crete park in Grays, consisting of a quarter pipe with coping the size of a trombone, and this horrid tarmac floor that sucks you in like quicksand. It’s already claimed the lives of four local groms. Probably because they’re abec rating was too low. Anyway. Considering I had put Enjoi on a pedestal, I was really eager to see how the deck played its role. I was stoked to find out that it was more than just a useless wooden toy.

What struck me first is it’s absurdly lightweight construction. Such a contrast from my last two decks, which seemed bulky and soggy, and made skateboarding more of a chore. This beauty put the fun back into zipping around parks, without having to lift the weight of a thousand planets to get onto a ledge. The resin 7 epoxy construction makes it more stable than so solid crew too, and helping it stay as light as it should be.

It has a tidy mellow concave, and keeps a good relationship with your feet throughout your ride. No awkwardness in getting used to a bizarre shape, just hop on and go. Cracking. And while it doesn’t have pictures of kittens and rainbows, the artwork by Todd Bratrud is pretty fucking rad anyway. Well, what’s left of it.

Overall, a great deck that didn’t disappoint at all, and makes the sound of buying 5 of them a lot more sensible that I would have thought. Shame that Jason Adams has done the offs though..


Joe Moynihan