Skateboarding Product Reviews

Creature – Death Card Deck 8.00” x 31.9”

The dark side is shining bright, very bright and rest assured, evil will once again roll our streets and we will bleed green again, oh yes, WE WILL BLEED GREEN AGAIN!

This company, like many other dark horses in the skate community, is making huge ripples in the pond, small waves to be exact. I’ve recently been on a week long trip all over the country and noticed the green demons surfacing on concrete all over the show, from all the way up north to way down south. I wondered if it was all trend related, but then thought to myself, how can it be, these guys are gnarly and don’t give a shit about the olympics, why would ‘Johnny Mystery‘ rather shred a toxic waste stick opposed to a LA Lakers graphic? The answer, which I’m about to unfold here, is simple, these boards are unbelievably good!

After recently having my skateboard pinched from a skate orgy, I thought the only way to get even with karma is to get the joker of Gotham city, a bright stick with a black heart. I got dealt the death card and this made me very happy, I made no peace with anyone and rolled out the gun straight away.

This board has a very strong back bone with a medium concaved upper body and shorter wheelbase, all the elements that contributes to this being a nearly perfect ride. Long wheel based boards just don’t feel right to me and I tend to snap them much quicker too. It’s quite a short board over all actually, any 8 inch rig shorter than 32 inches in length ticks the right boxes in my book, they’re much easier to handle in tight spots and gives you maximum control through corner pockets. The tail is slightly shorter than the nose, not much, but enough for you to know which way your board is facing at all times. It’s snappy and very light too, again, more reasons why I enjoy being stuck with this creation. I wish I could say bad things about the board, but I cant, it’s truly a great ride on both parks and street!

I don’t believe in following trends or Xerox-ing others, but as far as getting hold of one of these go, I highly recommend you try it out and get on board, it’s a nice ride and you’ll hate yourself for not doing so sooner.

My favourite thing about this board is the luminous green glow it gives off; very hard to misplace! Should any prick attempt to steal this from a pub, skate park, tree house or anywhere for that matter, he automatically deals himself an involuntary death card and this means you become his maker. You will be able to see the toxic glow miles away and therefore you could quite easily retrieve your stolen goods from the perpetrator after snapping a kingpin over the cunt’s face! I suggest you knock him unconscious, get a handsaw out and remove one of his hands. This will leave a permanent mental scar on his conscience and will most likely prevent him from ever taking something that doesn’t belong to him…just a thought though?!


Live FAST, Ride FAST