Skateboarding Product Reviews

Almost – Lewis Marnell 8 “

Rasta. Rasta, Rasta, I have seen a lot of Rasta’s since living in South London for 8 years, and to be honest most of them are supper chilled weed heads. I think it has something to do with Gods plants or some old shit, I suppose I should have looked up the whole rules on the religion, but I couldn’t be arsed – I went skating instead.

The board is a little flat for me and after riding a Real board it took around 3-4 skates to get that front foot sticking again, however like a good woman I was soon finding my way around the clean curves and rounded edge’s of this fine rig. I do find Almost boards have about two inches of flat before the nose and tails rises and again this means it feels like you make contact too early at first. That said, everywhere I have rode this rig the kids have been really into it, you know, asking questions about it, saying they really like Lewis Marnell’s style of riding and the graphic. So maybe the Rasta colour tones in the ply and on the bottom have also attracted their interest as most teenagers love discovering the Rasta energy.

I would recommend any Almost board and I have rode a few and they do have great pop and always seem to take time over the graphic style matching the personality of their pro riders. I am sure Lewis would never smoke drugs as it would set a bad example to his young fans, and they are out there that’s for sure, However if he is a real Rasta and gets busted for smoking he can always use the excuse that it his religion. Get one and don’t forget to check out the Almost blog daily and a recent interview with Lewis here.