Cow Slayers!

Omar Hassan: Huge ollie to fakie over the channel.
Dave Bachinsky: Kickflip El Toro 20
Lee Smith: 360 pop shove-it
Deric : Long Nose manual
Vincent Bressol: Backside nollie 180
Pat Smith: 50-50 Barrier

Top 5 Skaters keepin’ it ‘Real’ elsewhere:

1. Drake Jones
2. Joey Bast
3. Johnny Fonseca
4. Coco Santiago
5. Lil’ Oneo

Homework from The Cow’s Udders.

This week you must:

1. …watch Search for Animal Chin to the end.

2. …skate switch at your local spot.

3. …help a grom to learn something new.

4. …not eat shite food like McDonalds.

5. …kickflip a dog turd.