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Bam’s Or Bust – The Adventure Begins

Let’s face it, people have long since stopped looking to Bam for anything other than dicking around, which is a shame really as, all hijinx aside, he’s not a bad skater, which often gets overlooked. Unfortunately, this 15 minute promo, featuring a selection of Element’s pro and am team skating it up at Bam HQ for Halloween, doesn’t really do a lot to detract from that notion.

You must know the drill by now: as with all “Bam-Brand” video exports, expect male nudity, motorised vehicles with 8foot polystyrene cock attachments, questionable half baked plans that probably seemed like a good idea at the time and many examples of cranking it up to 11 and living out the rock n roll lifestyle of all proskater megastars, Lamborghinis and all…

Personally, I have nothing against Bam; given the choice of getting paid a lot to act like a retard with your mates or doing it for nothing, then I’ll take the easy money every time and I don’t blame him for doing the same. In addition to this I have never seen him without a grin on his face and unlike many other skate stars out there, you never hear him complain about anything which goes a long way. The problem lies with the Bamfans this DVD is marketed to and who will predictably gobble it right up. It’s a 75-25 mix of tomfoolery to skating, with a few tricks dotted here and there to prove that Bam himself hasn’t completely resigned himself to partymode. Overall its pretty predictable and it’s going to go down a treat with the target audience, but from a skating point of view, I feel it would be better showcasing the skaters talent on the boards instead of their lifestyles off them, but, hey what do I know right?

Pester your local skateshop for it if the mood to see it grips you, alternatively it can be found online at Element’s website and should be checked out for the comedy gold that is Darrell Stanton trying to remain cool on the back of a bright yellow moped whilst whipping through the Pennsylvania undergrowth! There are definitely worse things to watch on a wet Sunday afternoon, watch it below but switch to High Quality for the best viewing.