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UK Skate Edit of the Year 2012 Vote

May 24th, 2016 by Dave

The Skate Edit of the Week homepage features have now run their course for 2012, so it’s now time to vote whose footage was most impressive throughout the year.

It was obviously very difficult narrowing down 48 edits to just 12, but the featured edits in this vote reflect our favourite individual sections from the UK scene as a whole, whether they were filmed in parks, on street, or wherever. It’s all skateboarding.


Vote for your favourite edit by clicking onto each skater’s photo or name, watch the edit, then ‘like’ the videos of your choice. You can vote for as many as you like, not just one. So reminisce the footage that has kindly dropped onto your screens and we will cast the winner on January 14th 2013.


Jed Cullen

Southampton ripper Jed Cullen returned from Barcelona’s DC Embassy with one the most enjoyable video edits we have seen in their warehouse to date. Following his sterling performance at this year’s Xmas Jam, we would like to award Jed as title holder of the Best UK Skate Moustache of the Year. Watch Blakey get stuck…


Daryl Dominguez

Daryl Dominguez has had some great footage out there this year, including a Dutch edit that was also Skate Edit of the Week. This Vans section proved that Daryl is destined for much bigger things to come in 2013. Vote for him here.


Kyron Davis

If you have ever seen Kyron Davis skate in the flesh, then you would know why he has ended up in this vote. He has a huge bag of tricks and will be one to watch in 2013 without a doubt. Whilst his Fresh Blood relaxes with injury over the festive season, you can vote…

Ben Raemers

Essex dagger Ben Raemers graced the cover of Kingpin this year backed up with this killer collection of footage shredding Harrow, Rom, Tottenham, South Bank and a monster cradle gap air at Victoria Park. Vote for Ben here.

Barney Page

Exeter’s Barney Page continued his incredible journey of skateboard success in his trademark shorts in this amazing RVCA edit this year. Vote for Exeter’s golden boy here.

Joe O’Donnell

Landscape Skateboards welcomed Milton Keynes skater Joe O’Donnell to their re-invented team this year. This 4 minute edit by Jim Craven saw him move up the ranks. Vote for Joe here. Welcome Joe O’Donnell from Landscape Skateboards on Vimeo.


Joe Gavin

Joe Gavin has seen another year of hard graft delivering his art of the UK skate scene. His Landscape welcome edit by Sean Lomax featuring Joe and the rest of the team skating in various spots across the country and abroad was a winner. Vote for Joe here. Joe Gavin – Landscape Welcome Part from…

Neil Smith

Neil Smith‘s section in Henry Edwards-Wood’s City of Rats video also featured smooth skating from Jerome Campbell. This part went to web so it can officially be included in this annual round up, and more to the point, these two come through every year with great skateboarding. Vote for them here. Neil Smith ft Jerome…

Ben Nordberg

Ben Nordberg‘s first full section for Flip Skateboards was much anticipated and delivered thre minutes of goodness filmed and edited by James Gardner. Vote for Bath’s most asleep at the wheel skater below.


Chris Oliver

Superdead Skateboards recruited Chris Oliver this year and unleashed this edit filmed at Tottenham Hale’s jagged DIY ‘crete. ‘That’ tailslide was one of many mentions this received once it hit the web. Vote for Chroliver below.

Danny Brady

Danny Brady kicked off 2012 with this fantastic edit for Lakai to celebrate his Belmont signature shoe before injury took out a fair chunk of his year. With an operation to get himself back on board for 2013 complete, and a new board sponsor incoming due to the implosion of Blueprint, Blackpool’s finest should be…

Mark Baines

Mark Baines started the year by switching to Fabric from Blueprint and joining the Etnies UK team from DVS. This winter edit took the homepage in January. Vote for Mark here.