Heavy Shit

Heavy Shit – Aug 2006

You can search until you reach the end of the world but there ain’t nothing like catching a dose of Heavy Shit syringed into your ears from a height. That is exactly what you are gonna get if you click the flag above and unleash the beast that is ready for your lugholes this month courtesy of DJ’s Zac Slack and James Sherry who have tolerated pain and execution from fans to continue such a crap radio show.

Tell your friends (if you have any) before they get here first and if you have any requests for the next show, click here and leave one. You can also leave a message if you just wanna say hello to your mates or embaress them – best embaressing story story wins a Heavy Shit T-Shirt…you know you want it!

August 06 Show playlist

1. Terror – All for Revenge – Roadrunner
2. Send More Paramedics – Everything is not Under Control – In At The Deep End
3. Sylosis – Dark Revelations – In At The Deep End
4. Grave – Through Eternity – Century Media
5. Heaven Shall Burn – Counterweight – Century Media
6. Mastodon – Capillarian Crest – Reprise
7. Voivod – Mr Clean – Nuclear Blast
8. Sons of the Tundra – Caught Telling The Truth – Shiny Mack
9. Zao – Physician Heal Thyself – Ferret
10. Terrorizor – Legacy Of Brutality – Century Media
11. Napalm Death – Walls/Raging In Hell/Conform or Die/S.O.B – Strange Fruit
12. Sepultura – Beneath the Remains – Roadrunner
13. Noxagt – Coefficient Ascender – Load
14. Deranged – Torture, Rape, Cum And Kill – Listenable