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Coming Undone
(Virgin Records)

The last few years have been tough for Bakersfield boys Korn. Previously hailed as the godfathers of a once revolutionary movement in the now loathed “Nu-Metal”, the band found themselves seemingly shunned by much of the music press, their then record label Sony, and even long-standing guitarist ‘Head’ who swiftly exited from the fold after discovering the joys of Christianity.

While many bands may have crumbled and withered away in the aftermath of such events, the four remaining members united with much revered production team The Matrix to produce their most diverse offering to date in 2005’s Virgin Records released ‘See You On The Other Side’. Steering away somewhat from the previously angst-ridden formula that many had since begun to loathe, elements of pop and hip-hop were thrown into the mix to create a sound that would surprise and silence the vast majority of critics and doubters alike.

Released on June 12th ‘Coming Undone’ is the follow-up to previous chart-bothering single ‘Twisted Transistor’, and is yet another reminder of just why Korn have been at the top of their game for more than a decade.

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