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Lords of the Swords 2014

May 24th, 2016 by Dave


So here it is, 2014’s Lords of the Swords vote is ready! The 15 teams below made it through the cut of 22, all competing across 18 different locations to conquer over 800 challenges that included necking a whole bottle of Tabasco sauce, swimming to plant a team flag to this year’s firework engulfed Crossfire challenge. It’s all here in this footage thanks to all teams involved that endured pain across a full weekend in Essex.

Thankfully there were no big injuries, although a wife of one of the guys from the Too Old To Die team sustained a heart attack whilst they were skating at Dunmow. Thankfully she made a full recovery.

Note that you can vote for as many edits as you like, by pressing ‘like’, but also don’t forget that there are two ‘pro teams’ here: The Zombie Crew and Triple Sword so you have to vote for at least one of them as usual.

The winning team will be announced on Saturday 27th September at 4pm. VOTE NOW!


It was an awesome weekend! We were unable to get transport for some days but we carried on skating regardless. I definitely want to get involved in next year’s Lords of the Swords, enjoy our edit consisting of me, Tom Sugrue and Kyle Mortley, Adriane Jackson and Jack McConnell. We had a good team and…

Triple Sword – pro team

Team Triple Sword is made up of Jordan Thackeray, Toby Gozzett, Elliott Simmons, Lewis Hall, Jack Kenwood, Harry Wilson. We kept it really chilled this year! Always so stoked to have the weekend off from the park to be together and skate as a group. The challenge book was left in the car and we…

Classy As Fuck

‏The team was Matt Green, Niko Kaczmarek, Brian stock with guest AJ Martin, filmed by all of the above, Jessie Codling and edited by Matt Green. “I found that Lords has been a great skateboarding experience. It encompassed all the different aspects of skateboarding spirit; fun, team spirit, challenges and sharing. Definitely up for it…


‏12 months is a long time and a lot has happened since last year’s event. Captain Norton has reached the dizzying heights of fatherhood, Digital Diss has delved in to the dire commitments of full time employment, whilst Far-Out Forrest has fucked off to America to shoot guns and teach little brats to snowboard. With…

G-Spot Crew

We are the G SPOT CREW. The name came from the local area where we all know each other from, which we call G-Spot. We heard of Zombie crew taking part in this annually so we thought it would be an awesome experience as skaters who do it for the thrill, to go venturing around…

Zombie Crew – pro team

Vote for the Zombie Team here.

Three’s a Crowd

‏Cornish rippers Batfink and Tim Parsons from last year’s Pasty Attack Force team trekked all the way across the country bringing along their Oxford based filmer Simon Denny to complete the Three’s A Crowd team for 2014! Like any true Cornish folk there was plenty of cider flowing, skating going down and even a night…

Green Team

So this year the Green Team were up to their usual antics of creating a bit of havoc whilst trying to get some skateboarding done at the same time. This lead to a lot fun and not so much skateboarding and of course the usual procedures (you know what I mean :) ). So enjoy…

S Club Stefan

Imagine a team based on stupidity, old farts and kids still with the umbilical cord still attached. Now imagine that on a piece of wood with 4 wheels. That statement sums up S-Club Stefan perfectly. Paul Jackson and Stefan Giovannini being the “papas” of the team, Josh Bartley, Jake Bolt and Vince Condon being the…

Odd Fellows

Oddfellows Skateboards was founded by Martin Bass and Ralph Overill in 2005. With decades of skating behind them, Martin and Ralph use Oddfellows to promote raw, creative skating on strange street architecture and obstacles. 
Between them they have filmed, edited and released numerous DVDs and webclips, they now design and hand-print t-shirts alongside going on…

Pork Swords

‏Pork Swords is Jed Jolly, Luke Jarvis and Noah Pettit. Filmed by the team and edited by Max Melwani. We came from Suffolk ’n got rad in Essex.


‏Team RSPM orginates from the high rolling town of Rayleigh. This entry edit features ‘Filmer Tom’s’ look on his and the rest of the team’s Lords of the Swords weekend of 2014. Is it gonna be Best Edit 2 years in’a row? Vote for us to win! VOTE NOW! ‏Featuring: Chris Wiseman, Phill Man, Bill…

Michael Barrymore’s Skateboarding Dream Team

‏ Spread across the far reaches of the East, come together once a year. As the stars align over the sacred ground of Saffron Walden, Michael calls upon his most trusted companions to fulfill a momentous task. This is the recorded journey.

Death Destroy

Death Destroy presents “Luvenes Fistulae”, a skateboarding film by Cerven Cotter. Associate Producer: Tony ‘El Guapo’ Walters. Featuring music by Hounds & Harlots, Jaya the Cat, Fuzigish, AMEN and No Fun At All.


‏GERMAN DAGGERS slams and slides and footplants all day, PHAAT! We didnt have the whole team with us on any one of the three days but we did manage to pull off a gnarly weekend with what we had with Piotr Ostrowski, Sam Costigan, Elliot Wright, Jack Hawes, Rodrigo Kresch and Charlie Nimmo. We were beaten…

Too Old To Die Young

Clearly some members are getting a bit too old as one of the group ended up having a heart attack on day 3! This resulted in them having to be carted off to hospital in an ambulance. Perhaps some wheelchair challenges for next year?! Other than that everyone had a great weekend with plenty of…