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Who’s Your Caddy

Momentum Pictures

With an all star golf cart full of hip-hop artists, ‘Who’s Your Caddy?‘ is going to be the comedy to watch out for on DVD this summer.

When rap mogul C-Note (Big Boi) gets his membership rejected from joining and exclusive Gentlemen’s golf and polo club, he uses his own methods and knowledge to get himself in. With a wise cracking entourage at his beck and call, he proves the golf course can be a place for anyone, no matter how aristocratic you are. The golf course then sets the scene for a playful and disruptive set of events. There is more to this story than its comedy though. At times there are some real moving moments about making your father proud, following in his footsteps and achieving things he was unable to.

If I were to describe ‘Who’s Your Caddy?’ in two words, “Absolutely hilarious” are the only two I can think of at the minute. Featuring OutKast’s Big Boi, Faizon Love (Idlewild), Terry Crews (Everybody Loves Chris) and Tony Cox (Bad Santa) to name but a few of the famous faces you’ll see, the cast work together incredibly well, playing off each others comments and actions to create some hysterical scenes, mostly in the case of Faizon Love. I wont give too much away about but two particular side splitting scenes include one in the bathroom and another on the golf course when a vital shot is being taken towards the end.

There is a difference in what lies in this comedy in comparison to other films labelled comedies. In other films it is easily visible that the funny lines have been carefully thought up and placed delicately in certain areas to create as many laughs as possible. With ‘Who’s Your Caddy?’ the entire movie is a laugh. It would be quite easily believable that you could be watching a reality TV programme, some strange version of Big Brother or some other American reality TV show. The comedy is that real and tied in so well with the story it rolls off the tongue.

I wasn’t sure what to except at first. Musicians taking a turn at acting can be difficult to predict and like wise, actors singing is usually a bad idea. There must be something in the air however as these Hip-Hop musicians are incredibly good actors as well as musicians. If you thought that hip-hop musicians were only good at making comical music videos, you were wrong. They are just as talented at giving one heck if a hilarious performance in the flicks as well as the music. If you thought OutKast’s ‘Roses’ or ‘Miss Jackson’ video’s were funny, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Michelle Moore