Oregon Resurrected

Munson and Wilson Mess with the US!

Firstly if you ever go on a trip like this remember not to get so fucked up the night before you fly you leave someone like Carl in charge!

Carl has trouble working out how to wipe his arse and unbelievably even though we got to the airport 2 hours before the flight, we still managed to miss it!! At least I had the excuse of being super hung over and I didn’t really know where I was? Anyway we were fucked, the plane was sitting in front of us when we got to the desk but we were duly informed our luggage was not and we had no chance of getting another flight or any money back!! A good start to any trip? We looked at each other and I said “I don’t give a fuck how much it costs I am going to Oregon!“. Carl agreed and I got straight on the blower and got us on a flight to Vancouver! We didn’t miss that one and finally we were on our way even though we were 600 quid lighter each! But fuck it! It all adds to the story!

We flew into Seattle and chilled for a couple of days to get over the journey, until we were ready to skate! We checked out the sights of Seattle and managed to find a gay bar and got called beautiful! But our new friends were a bit keen so we got out of there pretty sharp!! The next day we took the short ferry ride to Orcas Island. The scenery was amazing and by the time we got to the park we knew that the 1200 quid on the extra flights was worth it! The park is amazing it has a fun snake run type thing running all around the place which goes from small flat banks to over vert berms! In the middle of the snake is a beast of a bowl complex. Hips galore a vert wall with a love seat, tombstones and the biggest death box in the world to grind over! It goes from 5ft to about 12 ft and is perfectly smooth with concrete coping all-round!

The place is endless fun, the island itself is a great setting its absolutely beautiful, super chilled. We hit the jackpot and managed to rent a condo at smugglers resort an amazing place right on the beach. The place is surrounded by wildlife we saw, sea otter’s, dolphins, seal’s and even vultures during our stay! Mike the guy who runs the Smugglers resort was super cool and couldn’t help out enough, we borrowed his boat to check out the other islands in the area and had a great time there! What a perfect start to the trip!

After 4 days on Orcas We came back to the mainland and hit a small park at Bonney lake (WA), this one was on a much smaller scale and had a street feel, plenty of fun things to do there but nothing in comparison to the masterpiece we had just skated! Still if that park was in the UK you would drive hours to skate it! We moved on later that night to another of Grindlines parks Milton. Another small park, but this one was super fast and really well laid out, from 5 ft to vert it has linked bowls, an over vert clamshell, a doorway to get over and a small street area with blocks, rails and banks. For a small park this one is a lot of fun. Milton has some sick lines and most of the bigger bowls go to vert so airs and inverts are possible everywhere and the concrete coping grinds super good!

Next our plan was to head out to the Oregon coast and travel south hitting as many parks in the process as possible. We headed over the bridge in to Oregon and went over to
Astoria in the North of Oregon, the place is a small seaside town, which is home to a huge seal population, which live at the main dock’s area, although you will probably hear them from wherever you are in the town! The park itself is pretty good, quite basic compared to many of the newer parks, its basically one bowl going from 5 ft to about 13ft with hips an over vert corner and some weird pump bump tombstones. It also has a square corner in the vert end of the bowl, which is fun. It’s pretty easy to get on with and fun for a few hours.

It’s really easy to overlook just how good these parks are as you are so spoilt being in Oregon as you know there is probably another amazing park within half an hours drive!

There are loads of parks all down the coast and some days we would hit 3 others we would get to and know we wanted to stay for a couple of days! Its perfect. After Astoria we headed further south to Lincoln City, there are two parks here, both are really good. The top park is the older of the 2 and is one of dreamlands 1st parks, there are loads of lines and has been described as “Marseille on steroids“. Most of the park is less than 5ft although the transitions are pretty tight. It also has a cinderblock wall in the deep end, which has a good few feet of vert. Once you get used to the lines it just gets better and better. Realistically you could spend days there and never get bored!

The new park there is below and undercover; it has a cradle and is mostly around 6ft, with a vert extension and a small street area to one side. It’s perfectly smooth and fast as hell, I preferred the top park for the lines but to have both there is a real bonus!

Newport was next and this one was super fun, really well laid out and small but a great one for cruising. Carl took a best of a slam on the vert wall and was all over the place for a while and that sort of stopped him doing anything but cruising for a few days! All of Newport Park is around 5 ft and pretty mellow, apart from the cinderblock wall which is a bit lumpy and about 8 or 9ft but pretty fun and the locals were really cool!

While we were there we heard about a brand new park at Toledo only 7 miles away and decided to check it out. The place was only a month old and super smooth with some fun lines and quirky obstacles, its well worth a visit! Then on to another tiny town called “Waldport” this is home to I think the worlds only Parrabalar over vert bowl, it’s a crazy contraption, a bit like a cradle, but where it should keep going over vert it turns into an upside down curved flat bank!If it sounds strange, it’s even weirder to ride it! It felt like a wall of death while you were carving the thing, you felt pinned to the wall! Mental! I got spat off the back the first time over; it felt like you were fully pinned to the wall!

Another Park that is new is Florence again less than 30 miles down the coast; this one is off the hook! Built by Airspeed the finish is not quite as good as the Dreamland and Grindline parks, but this one is worth a visit just to try and imagine what was going through their minds when the built this beast! It has everything from curved 8 stair rails down stairs, hubba’s over vert bowls, a 13 ft deep bowl with a full pipe type thing you can carve over! Hips and transfers all over the place, this place has to be seen to be believed!! We were still both a bit hurt when we got there and decided to cruise but I cant wait to go back there as its eating away at me still now. The place had some crazy lines!

Next stop was another of the Airspeed parks “Reedsport“. This place is home to a decreasing full pipe, that Mark “Red” Scott did the 1st skatepark loop in. Since Red dropped the bomb, plenty of other heads have looped the beast but it is still unbelievable it ever got done at all! The thing is gnarly. Along with the vert bowl including the full pipe there is a smaller bowl with a 4 way pyramid in the centre and a few hips, the transitions are a bit all over the place but it gets better the more you skate the thing, there are also a couple of wallie poles and weird and wonderful streety obstacles around the outside. One of the best things is a wallie pole right next to a 10ft deep pool section! When you wallie you can see into the bottom of the bowl!! It’s a pretty fun park overall!

We took a fleeting visit to one of the older parks in the area at “Port Orford” this is a really basic but functional design with a cradle in the deep end, which hips on to a square 6 ft or so shallow end! If you a fan of vert and want a good cruiser this one should be on you list!

Finally we reached the south of Oregon and paid a visit to “Brookings” where you can transfer over the whole bowl in the middle of the park! This thing is loads scarier than it looks, but think Danny way and anything is possible! Once you jump the gap once you know you can clear it, but the speed when you land is also pretty hairy! It got done though and we moved inland! We then headed down through the Redwood forest, which was awesome in a truly un American sense!

After making our way north through the redwoods we hit Grants Pass, another small town with an amazing park, this one has something for everyone, from banks to vert and back again its super fun and you could stay there days and not get bored, the town itself was cool and really chilled we managed to get pissed with the whole town it seemed as the next day nursing hangovers we bumped into everyone we met in the club the night before! Even a 71 yr old guy called Jim who was fresh back on the dating scene after his wife died!! Go on Son!!

Just down the road is another huge Park at Medford, this one is really good it has a vert combi bowl, a huge street course type set up with loads of lines even a Burnside pillar, loads of transfer lines and no pushing at all! Although we hit the place on a weekend so it was full of Kids, one thing to note is that if you visit the NW is to avoid the parks in the bigger towns at the weekends, as it gets hectic sometimes!Next stop was Ashland another really small but fun park although the main bowl here has been killed by the local Bmxer’s the park is still worth a visit if you are passing through., their was crazy jailbait there and I got chatted up by a nice Milf and had to do some hand plants for her kids!

Next to Klamath Falls home to one of the largest parks in Oregon, this place is major, it has everything and is perfectly smooth, a mixture of concrete and metal coping and from flat banks to 13ft deep vert bowls, you can cruise here or get as gnarly as you want and it all fun, while we were there it was super hot, so the sessions were later in the evening. Plus while you are in Klamath you can stay at the rivers inn motel, one of the only motels in the states that actually let you skate their pool!! Its pretty gnarly though, at about 9ft deep in the deep end and with about 4ft of vert the thing is no joke! But how many times do you get to skate a pool coming from the UK?!

After that we headed north again up to Portland, home of so many good skateparks and skaters it’s not funny. We hit Donald, which is rad as hell. Donald itself is a tiny town with only 750 inhabitants! How the hell they got a skatepark with a pool I don’t know? But they did and its really good although the coping needs a bit of work, it also has a mini ramp with a pump bump in the flat which is pretty good fun! I would love to have Donald in my garden! Just to carve over the stairs every morning!

The next day we visited Newberg, what a park! This place is huge it is so much fun its hard to describe. You can cruise here all day, it goes from 2ft to 13ft and has everything you could ever want in a park, the lines are endless and you can cruise or get as gnarly as you want! We met up with Local ripper Ben Krahn and Ultimate Phil at the park and they hooked us up! We stayed with Phil and skated Burnside the next day with them, I loved Burnside, and the place is loads smaller that it looks in the videos but super fun.

The whole attitude there is rad, it’s a real proving ground there are so many lines in the place and its cool that everything in there is all over the place. I think if I lived in Portalnd even with all the other parks I would still skate Burnside more than any other purely because a session goes off there all the time!! Burnside is everything its cracked up to be.

After Burnside we went down to West Linn only 20 min’s away this place is really good too! It has a street course round the outside of the main bowls and you can cruise all day. Then the main bowls go from 5ft to about 11ft and all of it has concrete coping, there is also an over vert clam shell a few good hips and some serious speed lines too. After West Linn we hit the city, Portland is home to more strip clubs than any other in the US so obviously we had to check some of them out for research purposes alone!

We got Carl a private dance, which was funny!He said he didn’t look but he was so close to the money he could have smelt it! The strip clubs in Portland are perfect Free to get in, they serve good cheap food and you drop $1 and girls take their clothes off and shake their arses in your face! Result!

In 2 days and we only saw a fraction of what Portland has to offer, Its probably a good idea to hit Portland on the way back as other wise you will never leave!! I can see why there are so many good skaters living there, its incredible!

Overall the trip was amazing, not only for the skating but the whole deal in the NW is really relaxed, everyone we met was super friendly and helpful, the scenery is out of this world and with the £ being so strong everything seems pretty cheap Really we didn’t have to much of an idea what to expect, but it worked out really well! For sure the best parks I have ever skated and our skating has got better because of going there! I just can’t wait to get back over there!!

Go visit Resurrection Skateboards by clicking here and watch the video on this page. In fact, do us and yourself a favour to help our bandwidth situation and download it….

Deathrace 2005

This was quite possibly my stupidest idea ever and |’m a man that has a lot of stupid ideas. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to run a race round a skatepark, I can’t remember why.

With MC Bob Sanderson manning the microphone and the starter pistol anything could happen. You want a kid dressed as Santa to boardslide the handrail Bob’s your man “Come on Santa get down that rail you fucking tit!”. Some kind of best trick comp was held Eddie sort of won but Kris Vile threw down some hammers too. Woodley got kicked out and in the end got the bar shut down, so no change there.

Up until it happened I don’t think many people believed the race thing was for real.Rounding up recruits was surprisingly easy, mostly because everyone was well pissed by this stage.

I can’t even begin to put into words how funny this was to watch, I had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt the next day from laughing so much! In the end Woody won due to some serious tactical skating rather than just pure power barging. I”m sure footage will emerge somewhere in the fullness of time.

The evening rounded it off with a mini jam with prizes being randomly given out and people randomly being shot with the starter pistol!

Respect to Rob Smith who gave himself whiplash by trying to early grab off the vert wall into the mini.

Look out for round 2 soon. Thanks to sponsors: eS shoes, Potato Wheels, Creme Skateboards, XBox, Snickers, Death, Third Foot, Independent, Sidewalk, Eastpak and Big Woodys skateshop.


The Harmony Once Upon a Time Premiere

Written by Gorm on 15 December 2005
Pics courtesy of Floor Odoriser

Harmony! Harmony! Let’s all join in Harmony!

So yeah, it was The Harmony DVD premiere and David Dixon’s (aka Dist.One) art show at Cide.

Was this going to be the new world order of skateboarding in the UK?

God bless us All” is the name given to the art show, I can tell all you skate art folk out there in internetdom it was a wondrous and righteous thing. My favourite piece was painted directly on the wall – so will need hammer and chisel to remove. I like the unique style ‘The Harmony’ offer which does not offend this dorks eye. You feel like you want to hug the wall when you go see this show (especially the piece with breast). Get yer bad self down to the 88b Gallery at Cide to check it out. It is on till mid January 2006.

Anyway you little freaks, on to the film. It’s entitled “Once Upon a Time” and is by Adam Mondon and David Dixion. Plenty of heads showed with a good turn out from the usual suspects both far and wide, even my friend Skypager showed up who was one of a group of filmers who contributed.

The film itself is a beautiful visual sound – I am not going to talk about who did what and where, why should I when the film documents this so well? What we need to discuss here is the feeling, the vibe of the film. You know when you have been out on a fine day, with your mates, maybe you’ve been to your favourite spot, or on a road trip, at the end of the day you ache a bit, but it is a good ache because you landed some tricks, got some lines down, and saw your buddies do some good shit. Then later that night, just before you go to sleep, you think back at what a good day it was.

This is exactly the feeling that ‘Once Upon a Time‘ encompasses. Each of the wood pushers featured in this film perform all manner of special things at a variety of spots. You will of seen a lot of it in the mags already, but there are a lot of places and fancy trickery not seen before. Some crazy hocus-pocus goes down. The team have the hardest names to spell in all history of skateboarding they include: Danijel Todorovic, Tom Harrison, Eddie Belvedere, Jak Pietryga, Veran Tull, Adam Howe, Joe Gavin, Danny Jack and Paulbest not end up on limewireSilvester.

It has been a good first year for these persons of intent. Let us hope they have many more good years. Oh yeah! Remember how I wasn’t going to tell you about the tricks? I lied, get over it, but I’ve got to mention Monsieur Gavin’s 360 no comply, like a speed freak and at the end.

Well what are you doing? Get down to Cide or your local shop and ask for….nay demand for “Once Upon a Time” by The Harmony!. It’s one of three videos you should own this year and there are only 250 being produced in this first (hot) batch.


Crossfire & Xbox Xmas Jam 05

Sponsored by Circa Shoes and Snickers
Written By Ralph Lloyd Davis

Get the beers in!” were the first words I heard from the Boss’ mouth.

I had just endured a five hour trans-continental train journey and fought my way down Portobello Road in full Christmas shopping swing, narrowly avoiding bartering for a pound of bananas, some cheap lingerie and the stench of a rubbish truck.

Obviously the beer was the missing ingredient to what would be the greatest Crossfire X-mas jam to date!

After having cleared the local booze shop of all it’s Kronenbourg (And I got one can free-Bonus!), I made my way into and through Bay Sixty 6 which was already heaving with kids, parents, a couple of lost tourists and one rollerblader. I overheard the last one saying, “All day skate jam? Bugger…” Atop the platform that connects the midi ramp to the huge banks, I found the man at the helm of such an event: Mr.Zac Slack, accompanied on the electrical piano by DJ James Sherry. The two of them looked relieved at the sight of my copious amounts of beer, but I politely declined the offer of a cold one due to a slight hangover that kicked in around 3am that same morning, when I had left another Christmas party of no great importance to us now.

So, who was killing it? That’s all you want to know, right?

Firstly, I commend the skatepark crew for sorting out some ramps at the far end of the park which less than a month earlier had been reduced to smouldering ash. Like the highest level of Space Invaders, the park was a swarm of speed freaks criss-crossing and popping up all over the place. A collision with any one of them would mean game over, as a couple of less fortunate players later discovered. My legs were shaky to say the least but I still managed to get across, ollie up, ollie down and back again a few times. I felt a little old (not as old as Gus’ dad though who I spotted nursing a beer on the sidelines), but that was because the kids Best Trick Jams were about to begin. Off the course oldie! Make way for the Mispelt Yoof!

As Zac made the best of such controlled chaos, parents watched in shock from the bleachers as little Johnny made his leap of Faith and in most circumstances-crashed! No, I lie. There was a pretty shockingly high level from the kids. Leaving aside the point that some kids were just skating their local, so they had the lines wired, a little mention must go out to Daryl and Trevor Beasley for putting on a good show. I remember when Trevor was just a likkle yoot flying over that ski-jump…

It’s amazing what level of skating and sheer madness that the offer of free product can produce! I spotted rewards going out for well executed hardflips on the new driveway, and backside bigspins the hard way over the hip. I did have one kid biting my ear off about a frontside flip being better than a hardflip, but my opinion could not be swayed. Did I forget to mention? I was judging. Complaints can be sent to: idontenjoyskating@hotmail.com

Once the next generation of rippers had exhausted their energy and went in search of more sugar, the pros took to the terrain. Spotted on the day were the entire 50-50 squad, the Blueprint squad, Death of course (Does Cates miss anything?), the Crème team, Stevie Thompson, Chris Ault, Ben Raemers, Jak Pietryga, blah blah blah… and two yanks: Colt Cannon and Pete Ramondetta. It’s always a pleasure to see so many UK heads under one roof, I mean motorway flyover, enjoying one another’s company and producing some amazing skating to boot.

Unfortunately I couldn’t assist the entire session because my judgemental skills were needed over at the ramps. The midi ramp is the first thing you see when you step into Bay66, and it is definitely the centre of attention when it comes to mad trickery. Waiting to drop in and snake one another for the chance to win some dough, I spotted Danny Wainwright, Churchill a.k.a. Wade Speyer (c.f. Handlebars), Greg Nowik, Stevie T., Ross and Raemers, Bearman Joe Habgood and a handful of others. When you’re judging a best trick jam, the rules are like those of downhill slalom skiing: best trick will win until someone does something better, sort of like fastest time wins until broken. So, what was going down? Mr. Nowik had all the photographers setting their apparatus to mutli-shot for a possible sequence of a blunt 360 flip in, whilst Danny braved another attempt at connecting board and ceiling with a ridiculous frontside nosebone. Sadly though, they both had competition…

The competition came in the form of a bobble hated styley geezer named Ben Raemers. Ben fully flared it with some backside crailslides and a miller flip to fakie. The crowd love the miller flip, so when the inverts were going down, they went nuts! “Alan Christensen to filming duty. Christensen to filming duty please!” sang out of the speakers as DJ Sherry played Slayer at 12. Somehow little Ben didn’t count on a counter attack, and fell short of 100 bones due to Flynn Trotman’s amazing 540 ollie. Where did that come from??? Time at the bar- Over to the vert ramp for more!

Just before the Vert best trick, I was speaking with Vaughn Baker (Get well soon lad!) and Steph Morgan. Steph was a vertical transition novice, whereas Vaughn already knew his way around a ramp. Vaughn left this wisdom with his fellow Blueprint rider: “Once you’ve felt the speed of a vert ramp, street skating is a piece of piss!” And with that the show commenced: Pete King was going for a huge kickflip melon over the channel, Mark Munson grabbed 3 inverts over the channel whilst a little ripper called Sam tried it indy and made it. Indian Matt (aka Steak), the new Death flow rider went padless, but the darkman himself, Lee Blackwell took the prize money with two alley-oop cabellariels over the channel in signature hell bent style! More tats Lee?

Right, and now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Pro street Jam! Let’s get ready to ruuuuuummmmmbbbbbbllllllle!!!!!

I thought I could squeeze a lovely warm cup of tea in between two jams, but being a judge is no joke, so the steaming hotbox of culinary delights would have to wait a little longer for my dosh… I know this might seem like lazy journalism, but so much crazy skating was going down over the next half an hour, that for your benefit and mine I shall simple state the obstacle and a few of the things that were put down on them. Trust me, its better this way!

The Longest Grind: First place Danny Brady with a Looong nosegrind. Joey Pressey was getting so close to doing this, but just couldn’t reel it in. Paul Carter was attempting kickflip frontside noseslides, Trottman had a go at 360 flip noseslides and Dan Wileman pulled a fast 360 flip 50-50! Ramondetta went for a heelflip backside tailslide, but only landed it after time at the bar- Sorry.

The Koston Block: First place for Danny Brady again (We’d been warned he might try and sweep the contest…) with an exquisite backside 180 fakie nosegrind revert and a frontside bluntslide at mach ten- Shocker! Zak Pitter almost toppled Brady with a nollie crooked grind to fakie if wasn’t for that bluntslide…

The Wembley Gap: Little Dan Wileman represented with a winning backside flip late flip: Not something you see every day. Meanwhile, Ivan pulled a mean inward heelflip manual and Pressey tried to keep balanced during a switch frontside bigspin manual. Oh, and Brady got cheeky with a quick kickflip nosemanual frontside revert.

The Rail (a.k.a. the paparazzi prize): This is where Pete Ramondetta suddenly came alive because in the space of five minutes he put down a frontside nosebluntslide, a kickflip 50-50, a frontside 5-0 frontside 180 out, a nollie frontside 50-50 and a nollie frontside lipslide to fakie. Woah! Despite this amazing bag of tricks, some skaters still tried to comp him for his £100 (Approx.$175)- Wileman got oh-so close to a 360 flip lipslide, which in my honest opinion would have taken it, Daryl looked like Bastien with his attempts at a kickflip frontside boardslide, Korahn Gayle landed a smooth frontside boardlide shove-it, and unknown ripper David Davies put down a flash and roll attack of Backside smiths, feebles and a tailgrab feeble! Honourable mention must go to Chris Ault who looked like he was taking a stance against the current handrail trends by ollieing over it to manual down the bank.

The Wallride: Ah! This is where the older heads had a go for some cash, and Bearman Habgood came correct with a huge air to wall ride to fakie pullback in. Ivan had everyone worried when he fell and writhed on the floor in agony, clutching his knee. It turned out the poor chap was victim to the worst case of cramp known to man! Blackwell tried some kickflip footplants to fakie, and young Beasley spun the smoothest alley-oop wallride across the entire vast transition. Good stuff.

The Channel of Death: Now, if you had enough energy after that marathon, then you could program the ambulance for speed-dial as we explored the unknown via a massive kicker to kicker chasm known as the Channel of Death. With 7feet between each ramp, the riders took it slowly at first because any miscalculation could result in pain. When shit like this is about to go down, the judges vote is pretty pointless because everybody deserves a prize. Zac and I counted down the Crossfire minutes- Not shitty soppy ‘New York Minutes’ like the Eagles sang about!- as Trottman, Rodney Clarke, Ross McGouran and Ben Raemers went to town.

Flynn Trottman came fourth with an amazing backside heelflip, whilst fellow Crème teammate, Rodney Clarke got a little old-skool and spun a sal flip and a one foot over the gaping jaws of danger. The sal flip and heelflip were definite contenders for a whopping £300 and an Xbox 360, but the youth had other plans…

Little Ben Raemers was not going to go home empty handed (and in my honest opinion I think Ben was the MVP of the day!), and managed to get second place with a huge backside flip melon! Why would anyone in their right mind try and roll away blindsided on this obstacle, I do not know..?

Check this out below for proof courtesy of Sidewalk Magazine’s finest, Leo Sharpe.

Anyway, the winner for this last demonstration of balls was Ross McGouran who proverbially ‘murked it‘ proper by proceeding to ollie one way then 360 flip the other! The crown went bananas and voices were lost, but Ross had more: He continued by doing a kickflip melon one way to 360 flip back again, and finally landing a mental varial heelflip. This kid is on a road to glory, I tell you…

The on-looking younger generations were absolutely amped by what they had seen, whilst grown men wept as they caught a glimpse of what the future beheld. It was time for Santa to roll in off the flyover and the product toss was announced: “All kids under 5 feet please make your way to the bottom of the vert ramp! Alan Christensen for camera duty please!” The kids screamed and jumped all over the place as the Heavens opened up with free product aided by the traditional theme of Slayer’s Reign in Blood, however some little tykes didn’t have that warm Christmas spirit and thought they could get lucky by robbing a few decks! Luckily they were caught red-handed and shall now suffer the consequences. Next time they can get thrown to the pre-pubescent wolves below!

After a hard days judging and orchestrating mayhem, those over 18 made their way to the local bar where many a beer was had and pizza was munched upon. Obviously these moments are quite hazy, so nothing should be taken seriously, but I think I had Pete Ramondetta worried when I quizzed him on dentistry, and an open invitation was made to some UK pros to come sleep on foreign floors (but I think that last bit still remains…).

A huge thank you must go out to everyone that came down and supported British skateboarding, and that includes you if you came to represent and all of the pro riders, skate company owners and team managers.

Without your support none of this would have been possible! Also big shouts to DJ’s Simon Currage, Kris Drew, Phil Proctor and James Sherry for the copious amounts of music during the day and at the party and a huge thanks to Xbox, Snickers and Circa Shoes for their support and generosity and all staff at Bay 66.

BTW, if you are reading this and you won Circa Shoes on the day and are wondering why your feet are not sporting them yet, please bare with us as the addresses are on a piece of paper in my flat in Belgium that i can’t get back into until January 3rd, so please be patient, we have no way of getting the piece of paper with them on over Xmas, but you will get your shoes! We promise!

Enjoy the pics below from the afterparty…if you were snapped there and are not featured below, sorry but blame Cates, he will explain why!

Ralph Lloyd Davis

Death Skateboards – Escape From Boredom Premiere

The Trinity – Harrow
16th November 2005

The only reason I hate Harrow is that I always get lost there. Every time I go to visit the Death lot, I’m always phoning a few times to Aneka Rice me in, next time though I will rent a stretched hearse and do it in style, theme it, it would be worth the money as I’m sure we could get use out of it after the event, even if it was hotwired and smashed into a parked police car or something, as that is the usual outcome of these Trinity visits.

They are usually funny as fuck and this one was no exeption.

This will never be like the corperate, over expensive premieres like the usual boring ones at the Prince Charles Cinema with a few bits of popcorn flying around and some tame abuse. No, that will never happen. Put it this way, the movie started after a full punk rock assault from Brandon’s band and a good few lagers, the sheet was attacked with bottles from the off and by midway, once Zorlac’s part kicked in with Nazi Punks Fuck Off by the Dead Kennedy’s (that screamed through the JBL’s) the place erupted into chaos and a mosh pit spawned the dancefloor and met the bar within seconds knocking people everywhere! Ben Cundall has a full part which rocks, new flow rider India Matt aka Steak has a rocking section, Cates gets tech everywhere and kills it, Zorlac has 1 minute 45 secs of gnarly shit, Munson and Potter star as Oregon concrete slaves and rip the arse out of it, Wag, Horsey, Snoopy and Nicolson have bangers and some fuck off slams in this film, the Aussies put themselves on the map with bowl madness, Richie Jackson hammertime and plenty more. It was quite hard to actually watch the film but who cares anyway when it will be in the shops in a few weeks and probably for a fiver or something so you can see it then.

All I remember is that Cates head gets blown clean off, there’s some shit hot skating all the way through and raw as a badgers ass which is the best way to be, the music is punk as fuck featuring all sorts of classics, some 80’s pop and special appearances by Billy Idol and a few other borrowed clips, plus Death mascot Dibble does not star in it….Yep, sorry Dibble fans but Death Skateboards and The Death Squad are 2 completely different entities, so sorry to disappoint, but I hear he does have a star role in the new Motel 6 DVD that if all goes to plan should be an extra DVD with this release before xmas, so you will definitely be wanting a copy.

The one thing i have to say though is that Death is one of the few companies out there that do their own thing and attract thousands of people’s interests. Over the last year or so they are not being slagged off by the sports wearing skateboarder types, purely due to the fact that they make an effort to have fun. Finally this company is being respected for just doing their own thing and this video stamps it authority on those words but without having to say a thing. The closest statement you will get is from Zorlac’s part in the film where flashed text appears and leaves a message clarifying the commitment to the cause but also so you know that they don’t give a monkeys about the haters…but it seems those days are long gone. Give Death a chance before it takes a chance on you..

Enjoy these gay photo’s visit www.deathskateboards.com for more info and for other recent Death related news, click here.

A Third Foot: Spotlight

with owners Joel and Ken
By Ralph Lloyd-Davis 11/14/2005

One of the first skateboard videos I ever saw was Powell Peralta’s “Public Domain“, and during the intro the viewer is taken on a guided tour throught P&P’s manufacturing plant. The scene is dusty and noisy as hordes of little underpaid immigrants sand away at the next hottest shape. I was too young to know for sure that I would one day work within the skate industry, but I knew for certain that I didn’t want to be one of those poor sods!

Skateboards today are manufactured by only a handful of factories- most of which are bickering over scraps since the fantastic Chinese Manufacturing Coup- so it’s surprising to hear about an outfit in Britain that does it too. A Third Foot was the brainchild of Ken and Joel who have worked long, hard hours since 1997 to bring top-notch product onto the market. Understand that ATF is a hands down unit that prefers quality over quantity when they follow a skateboard process from 7 raw plies to a finished product. The team consists of Kris Vile, Ben Blake, Tom Brown, James Woodley, Rich Lewis, Norm, Bob Sanderson and Damon Levanthal.

Please state your name, age and what you do for a living?

Joel, 34, & Ken, 33. We make skateboards

When did you start A Third Foot?



We were always interested in deck production as skaters, and we wanted to have a go for ourselves.

Did you have any previous knowledge of skateboard manufacturing before you began?

Some – bits from magazines here and there.

How difficult was A Third Foot to start up?

It wasn’t too difficult. We had to go to the Prince’s Trust, submit a business plan and get awarded some funding. Then we had to get some fairly crude early presses made, buy some tools, find a premises etc and get started.

How has competition reacted to your manufacturing techniques?

Our techniques don’t differ much from anyone else’s, so we don’t warrant a reaction.

Do you know of other European companies that make their own boards?

As far as I know, there are, or were, factories in Spain, Italy, Germany & Switzerland, I think.

How has the China situation affected A Third Foot?

I suppose it has to some extent. We may have a few more bulk Customers, but at our size it’s hard to gauge. We weren’t really competing directly with US factories anyway.

Who/what inspires you in your production of boards?

Just to make the best decks we can.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to manufacture their own boards?

Go to China, or somewhere with even cheaper labour.

Will skateboards always be made of wood?

For the near future-Yes. Some experimentation will go on, and someone might find something that works. Who knows?

If you weren’t manufacturing skateboards, what would you be doing?

Making more money.

What are the good sides to running your own company?

No fat fuck to tell you what to do, doing art, talking shop, new projects, buying new toys-tools, and having days off.

What are the bad sides?

It’s damn hard work! The fumes, the splinters, dry skin and of course the team getting hurt.

Your team contains some hidden talent (Tom Brown, James Woodley…)- How do you spot it? Are there any requirements to make the team?

The team’s organic: people come and go but it always maintains a high standard. The team picks itself…

Do you feel a certain affinity with those poor Mexican sods sanding down endless piles of wood in the ‘Public Domain’ intro?

Sure do! It could be worse…

Were there any other names floating around before ‘A Third Foot’?

No, the name fitted like a sock.

If the skateboard manufacturing industry ran a Miss World comp, what would be your pitch?

Just look at my hot curves, my make up is perfect, and my holes have had a good hard drilling!

Go to www.athirdfoot.co.uk for more info…

LG Action Sports Championships

Manchester MEN Arena
21st-23rd October 2005

So, the world’s largest event finally hit the UK and landed in Manchester. It seemed to come out of the blue without much notice but it did not stop people from taking their kids and filling the place out to witness some of the best skating you will see anywhere.

Chris Gentry was pipped at the post by Pierre Luc Gagnon who hucked out a monster run in the finals to take $30,000 home on a night when Sandro Dias could not compete 100% due to an injured shoulder. So the much sought after 900′ was just a number on pieces of paper in the crowd instead of a reality which was a shame as we all wanted to see one go down in front of us. Rune Glifberg was killing it but could not take out PLG’s monster final run and hang in there on the night but did get a cheque for 4th place. Andy Macdonald who was on top of his game until the final run came in 3rd. The vert skating overall was huge. Anthony Furlong has some incredible skills and one of the best madonna to tails in the business. Tas Pappas with massive 540’s, Lincoln Ueda killed it, (check his late flip out on the video on this page) and Chris Gentry won the bling award on the night for sure and got 2nd…

The street course was built for rollerbladers, BMX riders and skaters mixing large trannies with ledges, banks, rails and roll ins. UK rider Ross McGouran managed a 3rd place spot for $10,000 with Daniel Viera in 2nd and Wagner Ramos taking the main prize. Greg Lutzka could have rinsed it if he had used the entire course but managed 5th behind Chris Dobstaff on the night. Lutzka’s skills on the ledges are incredible…one by one he laid hammers down in the warm ups…it was a treat to watch.

Some of the best skating was recorded for you to see on this page, feel free to download it by right clicking the file and save as onto your desktop and visit www.lgactionsports.com for all info on future events.

Penzance Concrete Carnival

We were there – where the fuck were you? You missed some of the best bowl skating that there’s been in this country. The weather was off the hook, the beer was flowing and fun was had by all who were there. Saturday morning was the turn of the unsponsored crew and it certainly wasn’t boring. Complete gnarl with James emerging winner after a serious assault on the bowl. Their followed a best trick comp in the afternoon with Nicky Cornell Frontside blunting the vert wall and F-S 5-0 to fakie round the bowl corner as well as Ben Raemers, Carl Wilson and Mattias Nylen all going ballistic. Saturday nights partying was predictably riotous and a Skinny man gig provided the venue for our misbehavior. Woody was probably the worst for wear but that’s a big claim considering the state of the whole crew! The next morning it was the turn of the old boys aka ‘masters’ and they rose to the occasion entertaining the crowds with some ‘back to the old school’ routines. Names such as Dave Davies, Gary Lee, Trawler and Barry Abrook were all in attendance and were encouraged by their mate MC Sean Goff on the mic (often whilst skating too.) Not that it matters but Pete Dosset was a clear winner making almost everything he tried first go including a stupidly good invert to fakie on the vert. Sunday afternoon was hotting up, both in terms of weather and skating as the event neared its grand finale. It was pure carnage but if you weren’t there you’ll never know, neither pictures nor video could show the pure mentalness and frenzy that went down in the final jam of the day. Trick lists just aren’t appropriate here, needless to say Mattias did a ridiculous transfer, Raemers learnt about 3 new tricks in his runs and Cornell skated faster than anyone else. After this Goffy pulled together one of the most ridiculous best trick comps I’ve ever seen while the judges totalled scores. When the dust settled it looked like this:

1: Mattias Nylen
2: Ben Raemers
3: Nicky Cornell
4: Carl Wilson
5: Ross McGouran
6: Jasper Tattersall

Prizes were dished out and we hit the pub before the serious journey home.

See you all same time next year!

Nic Powley

Girl Skate Jam

Following on from the success of Girl Skate Jam UK 04, Pioneer Skate Park played host to GSJ 05, attracting over 25 female skaters from all over the country. A good size crowd was entertained by the girls who had travelled to St Albans to take part.

The day started with a two and a half hour jam for girls of all ages and abilities with riders ranging from 10 year old Faith Trounce to possibly the most well known female skater in the UK, Lucy Adams.

Competitions kicked off at 2.30pm with the Amateur Street section. This was a jam format with girls skating in groups of four and the level of skating was pleasingly high. Third place was taken by 14 year old Kim Lewis who showed great promise with 180 ollie nose grabs and kickflips to fakie on the driveway. Becky Wood impressed the judges, Andy Willis and Phil Proctor, with her run that included a 180 ollie, boardslide down the kinked rail and kickflip to fakie on the flatbank. But she was piped to the post by her friend Kerri Dennis who bagged herself first place with a floaty ollie to fakie on the quarter pipe, 180 ollie over the driveway and smoothly caught kickflip to fakie on the flatbank. Both girls had travelled down from Derbyshire the same day, yet still managed to throw themselves around the park with enthusiasm.

Next up, the comp moved outdoors to the miniramp, where MC Jack Wiggins from the Oxford Wheels Project amused the crowd and skaters – especially Lucy who was all most crying – alike with his unique brand of MC-ing. “In her spare time Faith is a Racing Driver and Demolishes buildings” he announced of the 10 year old “But she also throws the best parties that go on for days if not weeks”. In fact the skaters were so amused they began making requests for topics for him to comment on them. Third placed Lucy Adams “is into cloning, and has cloned herself seven times and today we have the Sunday version which is much better than the Saturday version”. She flowed effortlessly, apart from trying not to fall off due to laughing too much, with front and backside 50-50s, boardslides and lipslides and even attempted tasty looking Indys out of the coping.

Meanwhile Bowl local and Vans grom, Sam Bruce “who is a budgie smuggler and her getaway car is a Ford Mondeo” took 2nd place with a solid run of 50-50s, disasters and also included some quirky tricks such as footplant impossibles and ollie to nose tap.

But it was 12 year old Rebecca Aimee Davies who stole the show, proving once again her undeniable skill on the ramp. She pulled off tricks skaters twice her age would be proud of, “and she still has all her teeth,” including a sick 360 early grab, ally-oop 50-50, handplants and boardslides to name but a few! In short she killed the miniramp and left the crowd in no doubt who deserved first place!

It was then back to the Street course for the sponsored riders street comp. Once again it was jam format with one group of three, followed by a pair. Essex girl and Rogue rider, Sadie Hollins deservedly took third prize with her impressive tech tricks on the banks of nollie flip shuvs, switch flips, nose manuals and k grinds. She also took best trick with a brilliant boardslide shuv out down the kinked rail.

Brum lass, Emma Richardson flawed round the park with a confident run consisting of backside kickflips across the flatbank, ollie over the hip, kickflip over the driveway and boardsliding the rail. But she was beaten into 2nd by an emphatic run by the ever consistent Lucy Adams who impressed and excited both judges and crowd.

Refusing to start her run until the right Queen track was played by the DJ – Don’t Stop Me Now, her run included a perfectly caught fakie flip on the steep bank, back-to-back boardslide and switch boardslide, 50-50 on the top ledge of the Koston Block and finishing with noseslide down the driveway ledge. Not intent on just winning the comp she also decided to have a hand in the DJing whilst the best trick comp was underway. The girls skated to the sounds of Madonna and Van Halen, Lucy would like to make it known that she is available for hire for comps or even weddings.

To sum up, a great day was had by all. The girls stepped up and took their skating to the next level.

With big thanks to all those who supported the jam: Carhartt, Gallaz, Etnies Girl, Rogue Skateboards, Eastpak, Heroin, Crème, Nikita, Greed and Conspiracy Skate Shop. Also a big thanks to Pioneer Skate Park for funding the event and the Selby family for putting up and feeding a lot of drunk and sweaty skaters.

We look forward to next year.

Jen and Jen

Marseille Bowlriders 2005

June 24th-27th 2005

So here it is, another skate trip, another visit to France for the gnarliest event on the European calendar, another pickled liver and another bruised body! Some people say “why do you do that for your holidays?” and the reply is simple. Because there is no comparison! Every year Crossfire recruits as many bodies as possible for this event. This year we met up with 24 of the UK’s finest explorers in the South of France for this mission and it was a total success. Every comes to this country to skate like a bastard and to rock and fucking roll for an entire weekend, not caring about sleep deprivation, hangovers or bruised heels. THIS IS GNAR and by the time you finish reading this feature, you should be ready to book your ticket for 2006 in advance. No shitting you, 2005 was off the hook and this is what went down….

Gerald Roche and I were first on the scene on the Tuesday morning. We checked in, chilled out, got some beer and headed down to the bowls. The local riders who we know well now after 4 years of visiting this amazing skate park had reached an entirely new level. You can talk about Julien Benoleil, Alex Geraud, Mehdi Salah and Alex Cocciniuntil you are blue in the teeth as these guys own this bowl, but if you look deeper to the youth uprising that study the comp every year and emulate their heroes, you can see a new class of skateboarder popping through the ranks. I’m talking about Mini Tony T. A kid we saw imitate Tony Trujillo’s skate style and fashion sense last year, who is now a clone of the Anti-Hero bowl wizard…it’s crazy to watch. If our local park at Meanwhile had big transitions that flow for miles, then we would have a similar batch of new skaters killing it, but we don’t, so the kids here will never be as good, it’s just a fact. Build great parks, breed great skaters. No myth I tell you, it’s straight up.

We sessioned that place until we sweat buckets, and of course it was International Go Skateboarding Day so we had to get in the mix for obvious reasons. That night, a DVS premiere of Skate More was shown on the beach in the sand. It was electric when Daewon Song bust out his part, the place was a wreck after that and Neil Kirby was stoked he had made the hour long journey from up the coast. The Red Lion brought us Stella and music and we got served all night long! Welcome to Marseille bitch!

Our friends Jaydog and Claire from SF turned up with Richie Hopson and Anna, plus the addition of Wingy and Emma, Seth and Ryan from Meanwhile, Lucy Adams, Lek and Matty, Rees and Matt, Andy Scott, Lois, Pete King, Crossfire film crew Alan Christensen and Jamie O’Brien, Howard Cooke, Ross McGouran, Roe, Mattias and the addition of the Irish Crew with Jay, Rich and Bruce The Ox (who skates the gnarliest i have seen yet!) all in the hood caused us to turn up the heat. The Thursday night was full of beer, hash and night skating, just what the doctor ordered! But was this gonna get out of hand? YEAH OF COURSE IT WAS! The Red Lion was rinsed once we left that joint!

So, the Friday was hungover and the event had only just started….Christ! It set the precedent for the entire weekend! The heat baked down on sore heads as the skaters managed to huck out some of the most amazing lines all day long. Our UK entrants included Andy Scott, Howard Cooke, Ross McGauran and Pete King but Pete and Ross were injured after the Brixlegg battle in Austria the weekend before so Scotty took the mantle as he always does here and got through with Howard for the quarter finals. Howard was put up against Tony Miorana, TNT, Emilio Arnanz, Mehdi Salah and Roman Hackl whilst Scotty faced last years winner Omar Hassan, Daniel Cardone, Chad Bartie, Julien Benoliel and Kyle Berard.

That night, we started to rage again. A night session brought out the likes of Brazilain World Industries rider Carlos De Andrade who hucked massive frontside ollies over the hip and crazy tech shit in the reservoir. It was a pleasure to watch. Rees managed large airs over the foot of the spine (pic opposite), whilst Seth ollied the hip at large and Matty crail slid his heart out. We had met up with Rhino from Thrasher during the day and shared a few beers together. This dude is one of the nicest fellas you will meet on your travels, so if you know he is on town, make sure your beer is cold and your arms are open. He took this pic of Matty whilst he taught me how to take photo’s. Dude, if you are reading this thanks for the tips…next time I will make sure I’m not wasted for 3 days and take on board what you told me! Haha! This guy is the Dingo’s bollocks! Yeah, did you click that link? It’s 100% true. The night went on. Tony’s pentagon shrine was made out of beer bottles accompanied by 2 upside down crosses whilst Slayer boomed out of the i-pod. We were so drunk it was a joke and managed to crawl back home to the hotel rooms after annihilating anyone we saw down at the Red Lion!

But it was all about to be moved into another level. A quick swim in the pool revitalized the bones whilst the head was still in total pieces. Kirby picked us up in the vehicle, we headed for the holy place, our deadly secret, the cure for all hangovers. Yes folks, step right up, you are about to learn a serious secret from the depths of the Crossfire vaults, for this is the time when we share the Wisdom of the Ocean. If you have the hangover of hell and have no idea how to quell it, then get your arse down to a seafood restaurant that serves up raw shellfish and indulge in King Prawns, live Oysters, Mussels, Clams, and Sea Urchins! Wash them down with a carafe of white or rose wine accompanied with mayo and French bread and you will be laughing! Put it this way, Gerald ran a mile when we mentioned where we were going! The thought of seafood made his stomach curdle so Jaydog took his place. 10 mins in and Jay is freaking out a bit after myself and Neil had parted with 2 Sea Urchins each. These slimy bastards look like they could rape your old lady! We forced Jay to join our gang and he dribble puked all over the table! I was sat opposite and luckily he held on to that one for dear life, so much so his eyes watered like rapids! Good lad!

But this is where it all goes wrong, because after this meal, we were seriously up for it. We ran to the supermarche and bought champagne, rose wine, beers, coolers and ice and raced to the hill! People are just waking up, others are watching the comp that had only just started, Alan and Jamie were fighting other photographers for the space and we were about to let rip a whole new day of chaos! The Hills Are Now Alive With The Sound Of Music! Tony T and the entire Anti-Hero crew are with us on the top of the hill, playing grindcore and strumming an electric guitar covered in Thrasher stickers. Champagne flutes were passed around, doobies were rolled and the rest is history! I managed to interview TNT in the middle of this chaos; it’s on this site here somewhere if you wanna find it. It has to be the most piss drunk interview ever performed! In fact a football was kicked at us by Matt Moffet’s girlfriend Janine at 100mph and it stuck Tony right on the forehead and then did the same for me, leaving us feeling like we were pissed up pin ball heads!

By the way, Matt Moffet’s skating was amazing over this weekend. He did not make the cut but that bloke can rip style holmes! The only bad news of the day was that Emilio Arnanz had broken his kneecap and he was skating so well in the comp, it was not deserved.

At about 6pm, the days event skating had finished and we head for a drunken swim in the Mediterranean ocean. As we walked down the hill, Gerald was rugby tackled at mach 10 by Kirby and he flipped onto his head and did a scorpion on his face! He was knocked for 6 so we revived him then watched him puke up in the sea whilst the entire beach looked at us as if we were pikeys or something! I had to rescue Gerald in the recovery position…kids, take note, this is not fun! Well, only for 5 mins, then we all laughed our pants down. The party session was on fire, it felt like 4am but it was 7pm and most people had only just started. A fire was born from Jake Phelps hands and boards were chucked on top, then crates, then a security guard went ape shit and it calmed down a bit. By this time a session was going off in the bowls. Benji Galloway was skating this place padless at 10pm and raging like a bull in there. Not many pro skaters would join the night sessions fearing for their safety and the possibility of losing the cash up for grabs but Benji is about mingling and getting amongst it and the crowd loved it hailing his every backsides disaster, invert and indy transfer in the deep. This is what skateboarding is all about, just letting go and having fun. Train loads of people cruised round the reservoir throwing massive ollies over the hips, carving low and high and slashing at the coping, this is the best place on earth for that and I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

We partied hard with the likes of Blair Alley, Pat Duffy, Kyle Berard, and others. The Red Lion had some crazy shit going on tonight. The bar staff were all moshing, beer was being sprayed everywhere and people were loose! Once we were all kicked out of there at 4am, we took to the car park opposite where we had back up beer crates in the boot. 3 skaters, one with a broken leg were asleep on the grass under jackets. All of a sudden the sprinklers came on and all hell broke loose! They were soaked and we could not help but laugh ourselves into the tarmac! Cruel really but we had to all run for cover. I just remember diving through the window headfirst into a part rolled doobie on someone’s lap! We all got soaked whilst David Martelleur found refuge on top of the phone box! We staggered in zig zags back home. Alan found Gerald asleep at a bus stop on the way home and rescued him! It was total carnage!

Sunday morning was unlike any other spent in London. We all surfaced at midday ready for the finals in ribbons! Not even the pool could save bones today. The seafood place was shut so there was nothing but OJ and vitamin C on offer before the big guns fought it out in 35′ heat in that bowl.

It was whittled down to Omar, Alex Giraud, Chris Senn (who was a wildcard) Benji Galloway, Alex Coccini, TNT and Julien Benoliel (pic opposite) and it was on fire! Everyone gave all and the place was electric for 30 minutes! The rock reigned from the speakers courtesy of Ed Lee and Christian Stevenson who played so many classics and eventually after watching the gnarliest skating ever, the results came in and it was all over for another year.

1. Omar Hassan (USA)
2. Alex Coccini (FRA – Marseille)
3. Tony Trujillo (USA)
4. Benji Galloway (USA)
5. Alex Giraud (FRA – Marseille)
6. Chris Senn (HAW)
7. Julien Benoliel (FRA – Marseille)

Omar won this comp just like last year with his trademark 540 in the deep bowl, heelflip transfers, vert wall madness and lipslides over the spine from the teardrop. You just cannot beat that stuff, it’s fucking monstrous! Coccini deserved his 2nd place as he was incredible with height, lines and tech skill at speed. TNT rode with KISS face paint all weekend and won 6000 euros with fastplants, bonelesses into the vert wall, sick transfers and his usual crazy style of skating.

Benji ripped with transfers off the wall into the 8ft, a barrage of 360 shit over the spine, switch transfer chaos and much more, but got ahead of last years runner up Alex Geraud whose transfer from the reservoir into the Heddings Gap is still one to cry for. Add his stylish kick flip backside lipslides over the hip to that and you have your man alive. Julien Benoliel was beaten to 6th place by Chris Senn whose style and different approach is still a pleasure to watch anywhere but the Marseille local is killing it and when he skates he does not flinch an inch and is tough as nails.

The party afterwards was debauched. Good old Dave Duncan made sure everyone knew it was a free beer party and led by his usual example. You should watch the Planes, Trains and Automobiles video that the World Cup Skate crew released this year and watch the entire tour this man delivers…first one to the bar, first one to work. How he does this year after year is beyond me but I tell you one thing, the auction for his liver when he goes will bring some of the best collectors in the alcohol business as this one will be gold dust!

Big thanks to World Cup Skate crew, Jasper and Tommy at Quiksilver and Cathy Roure for their amazing hospitality once again. Roll on 2006!

Download the video on this page to watch the skating courtesy of Jamie O’Brien and Alan Christensen.