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Hit A Rock with Div, Tom Remillard and the Predatory Bird


John Rattray may have injured his arm a few weeks back at a Zero demo but The Predatory Bird is still flying.

“This video, of Anti-Hero alumni Div Adam and Tom Remillard, is inspired by the notion that we do not ultimately have any control over our decision to do anything.” More here.

HITAROCK from predatory bird on Vimeo.

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Fresh John Rattray footage

More fresh footage from John Rattray has dropped onto the Predatory Bird within the last week covering many aspects of skateboarding that goes down in his life. Sit back and enjoy more goodness from Scotland’s finest.

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Bearded and Slightly Beweirded with John Rattray


Scottish pro John Rattray treats us to a different perspective of himself skating today and growing a beard in this new clip from his Predatory Bird blog. In his own words:

Every now and again Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction in the western sky. Rare shit like that occasionally coincides with me getting a trick that might be worth dropping off at Zero and dumping into the Cold War folder. In between those scarce moments, in order to avoid plunging into the deathly-dark pit of boredom and depression, I tend to make videos inspired by skateboarding. This video is a collection of self-portrait clips shot over the course of a 3 month period in which I completely forgot to shave. The more observant among you may glimpse flashes of severe joy and inner pain throughout.

P.S. It doesn’t have to be Jupiter and Venus, it could be any rare celestial configuration, a blue moon for example.

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60 minutes in the park with Chris Cole

How much footy can you get in just one hour at your local park? Ask that question to Zero’s Chris Cole and you end up with a 2 minute edit. Watch this…

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Jamie Tancowny Insight edit

Zero’s Jamie Tancowny i welcomed to the Insight clothing team this week with a new edit. Enjoy one minute of Canadian goodness here.

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Watch: Jamie Thomas’ BANGIN’

Jamie Thomas dropped a Bangin’ this week. There is no stopping The Chief; this is the best one of these we’ve seen in a while.

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Chris Cole partners with Zero

As previously reported, Chris Cole made a slightly unexpected move from Black Box footwear brand Fallen to DC Shoes. This caused a few to jump to some needless conclusions, most notably the assumption that his loyalty to Zero isn’t as strong as we once thought. Far from it, as Black Box have just announced that Chris Cole will now be business partners with Zero chief Jamie Thomas and will have an active role in directing the future of the company, while still ripping it professionally of course.

Here are some words from The Chief himself…

“Cole’s loyalty and support have always been an integral part of Zero’s success for the past decade. I’ve always included him in important decisions and brand directions, so it’s exciting to know we’ll get to work together for the life of the brand. I couldn’t imagine a better partner.”

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DC Welcome Chris Cole to the team

After a week of teasing, rumours and leaked ads it’s officially official. Chris Cole is the newest member of the DC Team. Click his picture below to see his rider profile via the DC Shoes website.

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Reflections 2010: Gav Coughlan

Photo: Michael Feehan
Homepage image: NOB

The Irish skate scene has been stronger than ever in 2010. Not only that, but the impact that Irish skaters have had on the UK scene as a whole cannot be overlooked as more or less everyone with a good taste for rad tuned their radars to those emerging from the Emerald Isle. Amongst them, Gav Coughlan killed it as hard as any potential UK skater of the year candidate, appearing in countless web edits, merking it at NASS and landing himself a spot on IPath and racking up a wealth of good footage for the shoe company’s Big Push edit.

We catch up with Zero’s Irish connection as he sheds a little light on his personal highlights from an impressive year by anyone’s standards. ‘ave it Gav.

Best personal moment of 2010?

Coming 8th at NASS, was so stoked to win some money and get to skate that amazing street course, was also a sick afterparty in the Relentless tent on the Saturday with free beers!

Favourite skate trip?

Volcom UK trip was so sick. Getting to chill and skate with some of the US team was insane.

Favourite song or album?

Marlon Asher – Ganja Farmer

Most satisfying trick filmed and at what spot?

Laser Flip down Grattan 9 in that welcome to IPath clip, was so stoked to go there and do it quick without hurting myself at all and leave!

Newest trick learnt?

Nollie flip crooks.

Best trick you witnessed firsthand?

Harry Lintell’s 5050 in Leeds on the Big Push, never thought I’d see something that insane and done so easily!

Skate DVD you watched the most?

Stay Gold. Brandon Westgate’s section is so good, he skates so fast and he’s got so much pop.

MVP of the year?

Harry Lintell, smashed it in all the footage I’ve seen, and absolutely killed it on the Big Push, and makes it all look easy.

Fresh Blood tip for 2011?

Peter Buckley, from Dublin and lives in London, absolutely killing it lately so watch out. And Cian Eades, expect to see more of him in the year and hopefully some of him in England.

What are you looking forward to most in 2011?

Hopefully getting to somewhere sunny and away from all this snow and ice, I’m over it already.

One of the many edits from the Limerick loacals including Cian Eades, all the Limerick lads kill it and this edit shows it, some really tech stuff.

Floody is so sick, these 10 tricks are amazing, he’s also one to watch out for in 2011. He’s been killing it for the past year in Ireland.

LiveRockSkate is a crew from Dublin with a few of the younger skaters in it. Watch out for Michael Fitzpatrick, he’s a ripper. Check out more of their videos, they gots lots!

I feel a bit weird posting this one cause there’s a lot of myself in it, but this edit has probably the highest standard of skating a comp in Ireland has ever seen, Anto Thornberry’s heelflip noseslide on the handrail is unbelievable! Keith Walsh killed it as well and came in 1st place in the comp.

Have to put in that Paul Rodriguez online section, everything he does in it is taking skating to a whole new level of techness and ridiculousness. Song is a bit head wrecking in it but the skating makes up for it.