Skateboarding News

Fastest skateboarder in the world hits 80.56mph

fastestskateboarderintheworldEver had speed wobbles? Canadian Mischo Erban has probably had the lot, especially when clocking an incredible 80.74 mph on a public road. This feat that broke the world record by just over 10mph was accomplished on a downhill road called Les Eboulements in Quebec.

“I came to the hill thinking I would be scared but at the end it was just a game. I didn’t really even feel challenged.”

Music News

Lower Than Atlantis announce new album

Lower Than Atlantis have released details of their second album, which will be called World Record.

The album will be released on April 4th with the single Beech Like The Tree out on February 14th on Wolf At Your Door Records. The tracklisting is below as well as the video for the single. Boom!

1.    (Motor) Way of Life
2.    Beech Like The Tree
3.    High At Five
4.    Uni 9mm
5.    Another Sad Song
6.    Marilyn’s Mansion
7.    Deadliest Catch
8.    Bug
9.    Up In Smoke
10.    Could You? Would You?
11.    Working For The Man By Day, Sticking It To The Man By Night
12.    R.O.I.