Skateboarding Product Reviews

SUPRA Douglas boot

The clocks have gone back, the Autumn has kicked in and inevitably the Winter will be inviting us into the big chill here in the UK over the next 2 months. For some it’s a bleak period, for others it’s a joyful season, but for many of us, preparation for cold, winter nights ahead starts now in terms of clothing and shoes.

SUPRA are one step ahead of the other shoe brands this year and have released a series of boots so you can combat pretty much any weather system when off your board. Question is, are these for you? What do you wear when you are not skating? Are you the commercial sports style person? Do you like a shoe? Are you partial to a boot? If it’s the latter then get ready to be introduced to Supra’s newest range of footwear designed to heavy duty wear off the griptape. A boot that is so durable that you can hike in them, as i found out a month ago whilst visiting Lulworth Cove down on the South coast.

These Douglas boots are all terrain vehicles, designed to tackle hillsides, puddles, dancefloors and pretty much anything that this planet will serve up. So far, they are not even fazed by the tasks that they have been put through so far, they look exactly the same as they did when they jumped out of the box, and when they have got dirty, these boots are so easy to wipe down and clean up.

I have noticed that I have formed bigger calf muscles in these last 6 weeks of wearing them daily, as the Douglas are heavy but not like foot bricks. They are kind of like Black Sabbath, but within the first 4 albums. None of that (debatable) average shit they released afterwards that you can never actually remember. They come with tough metal eyelets, leather laces, heavygauge stitching, a gusseted tongue (ooh missus) and they are super warm and comfy once on your feet.

If you are looking for a winter boot this year, the Douglas could well be your best option. Keep and eye on Supra as they are making some big waves in an area where a lot of other skate brands are just repeating themselves right now. These come highly recommended this winter. Pick them up in the Supra shop as they now deliver direct to the UK.


Lulworth Cove, October 2011- no problem for the Douglas.