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Volcom Target Parka

Are you going through January blues, back to work, school or college, freezing your butt off in this winter weather front? If so, here’s a solution to find some happiness.

Volcom have unleashed a contender for Jacket of the Year to sort out your problems with their latest Target Parka that comes with a free feeling of being wrapped inside a baby lamb.

The warm, inner lining is soft, snug and also runs through the hood so you can keep your ears and head warm too. In fact, the Target is packed with so much of this lining that skating in this jacket would probably be a chore as it’s not lightweight enough for a shred and lacks the much needed breathing holes for any serious movement.

There’s no shortage of pockets inside this superb parka. Firstly there are 2 chest pockets to warm your hands in, filled with a super soft lining that instantly toasts your fingers. Two other button up pockets can be found on the front for gloves and the like, and there’s also a sturdy inside pocket for your phone and other technical junk.

This wonderful jacket is primarily designed to tackle the basic, day to day winter worries and does so with ease. It comes in both black and sandstone colourways and is guaranteed to keep you warm, so look no further than here this winter as Volcom have smashed it with simple, non-fussy, quality threads. Price wise the average is around £149 but these also vary in price if you search online. Go get one today and fight those cold days head on.

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